Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Armarillo, Texas 1932

Dust Pneumonia was this a cause of death or what my family used as the cause of death.  My paternal grandmother died in 1934 of this diagnoises.

Sunday night PBS had a documentary about the dust bowl.  They had actual moving pictures of the dust clouds that blocked out the day light, so that people turned their electric lights on or lite a lamp.I was surprised by a moving pictures of a hugh cloud outside of Amarillo, Texas in 1932.

This is proof positive what the climate was like when and where I was born.  I was borm about 40 miles from Amarillo in the year 1932.  If my grandmother died two years after that of dust pneumonia, how many years did my family live in those conditions.

My family moved to Manitou Springs, Colorado when I was two.  I always thought this was an economical move but maybe it was to get out of the dust as well.  My mother always wanted to go back to her brick house.

My father ran a route of slot machines.  They were owned by someone else but he found locations for them, serviced and repaired them.  At a very early age I learned to feed nickles into them and pull the handle,  I thought this was great fun.  They had to be tested to make sure they worked proper.  I am not sure they were legal in Colorado at that time.

My experience in Las Vegas was very different to what I remembered.  I was playing the penny machine, but the smallest bet was 50 cents.  That machine could eat up $10.00 in a hurry.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Back to PostingI

The last 4 days in Las Vegas were super.  I spent the time with hubbys family.  They really listened to family stories.  I have deceided to post all of my family stories, so that they won't be lost to the future.  The family might want to have them.

Carter was 18 months old when number one son was born.  On the way hom from Denver to Pueblo we stopped to visit Uncle Chuck and family, my parents were with us and we showed the new born off. Carter sat in the middle of the floor and was happy to just check us all out.

Meeting her 59 years later was amazing.  We traded family stories and filled her in on where her father came from.

We visited with hubbys sister, grandaughters and the two great gran boys.  Loud and busy in a small hotel room.  So so good to at least see the coming generation.

I am concerned about the finances of that line of the family, as well as the finances of some of my grand kids and there little ones.  I know my mom was so concerned about the economy at the time I was born.  Now is my time to worry about the same thing.  The grand kids generation is not secure enough in there ability to support themselves.

Hubby was 39 before he had his education to enable him to teach.  He was happy had a stable income to make us feel stettled.  My grandson has another 7 years to get his life in order.  I pray it doesn't take that long.