Sunday, May 01, 2011

Trouble with IRS

Maybe I should title this trouble with H and R Block software. Or Just no matter how old you get, you can still do something stupid.

Using daughter-in-laws software for H & R Block for taxes. First clue don't use a program you are not familiar with. Smart me I thought I could just go step by step and everything would be fine. NO NO

I filed the federal, not feeling comfortable with the results. I had a return of $876.00. I thought that was fine. I had a lot of medical expenses as well as property tax and mortgage interest. Last year, I paid a couple of hundred dollars to federal. State last year was big, as I hadn't had any taken out. This year I had withholding taken out for state.

I filed the federal to get the monies back to pay the state which was $133.00. I didn't file the state until just before the 17th. So, I could use the federal return monies to pay the state.

State came back and said I owed a lot more money. So I went and got a Turbo Tax and redid both federal and state.

To make a long story as short as possible I owe federal $708.00. I need to return the $876.00 plus pay additional $708.00. Are you adding that is $1,584.00.

At the advice of number one son. I went to the local IRS office and tried talking to a tax adviser. She told him her computer did't recognize that I had ever filed a return and she couldn't help me until I filed a return. I tried to explain the problem to her. Her reply was that 700 from 800 was 100 and I only owed 100 dollars. I should have had her put that in writing.

I came home and cried on the shoulder of a friend, that use to do payroll for APS. She is smart, she had some one else do her taxes. They are more complicated than mine. She suggested that I get a book and forms and do the taxes my self.

I down load 197 pages of tax information and the forms to fill out. I came out with the same figures as Turbo Tax. Information I downloaded told me local office had HAD to help me with the problem.

Back to local office and luck was with me, I got a different adviser. A very nice Navaho ,middle aged, lady which took her lunch hour to help me fill out an amended return. I just needed to come home put my figures in form on line and print it out to send in. Along with an agreement to pay it off monthly, over the next year.

Only problem I can't print.

I made a visit to the retirement office and increased my federal withholding $175.00 and my state $30.00. That with the monies to pay back I am short $300.00 a month.

Just thought I would post my sad story. Maybe I can lay this to rest now. Doesn't mean I can't do something stupid again, but I hope not


New post

The last two posts went to an old bog. I had set up for sweetpea ages ago, about her cats. I haven't figured out how to transfer them to this blog. So I will just start over.

Number one son was here over night, while he was taking his daugther's car to her. We enjoyed him very much. The stay was much too short but I am hoping for more later.

Facebook tells me son-in-law and his new wife are back together. They seemed very happy in the pictures they posted. I'm am relieved that sweetpea is not sad, as she was in her last picture.

I am back in the political stuff for the state. I am not sure how I am feeling about that. I quess physically I am up for doing this, but do I want to spend the time. I am getting selfish with my time.

The weather is terrible windy and cold. I am ready for spring we were given a preview of.

Close friend was just fired for a really stupid reason. Sounds like age discrimintation.

I installed windows 7 and now I don't have a printer and can't find a driver on the internet. I am going to take it back to my computer guy and let him find it for me.