Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving 1950

I was a newlywed at this Thanksgiving, we had only been married about a month.

Hubby was a Marine at Barstow Marine Base in California. He had many friends among the other Marines his best friend was a Marine by the name of Homer Wittwer. (Strange I can't remember what my telephone number in Texas was, but I remember his name.) He was engaged to a local girl and we spent a lot of time with her family. Hubby and Homer had entered a turkey shoot and won a turkey. Homer's girls mother volunteered to cook the turkey. I had no idea how to cook a turkey. We had Thanksgiving dinner at their home and spent the evening on the dessert

Homer had a dunebuggy that we spent a lot of time driving all over the Mojav Dessert. The stars were so bright and close it looked like you could reach up and pick them. The weather was great a light jacket was all you needed. We played hide and seek , hidding behind some bushes that dared to grow in the sand.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Loma Linda, California

Watching Ophra yesterday, a city from my past was highlighted as the one place in the US that people live to an extended life some over 100 years of age.

When hubby first left the service and started to California Baptist College at Riverside, California. The boys were little and Pat had suffered with one ear ache after another all the time hubby had been home from Japan. The Doc suggested that he have his tonsiles out. The closest hospital was in Loma Linda. Loma Linda was the neighboring city to Riverside and Pat had his tonsils out there.

Hubby's great aunt and uncle had retired and moved to Loma Linda because it had a large Seventh Day Adventist settlement. Hubby's grandmother had become a Seventh Day Adventist later in life along with her brother George and wife Vashiti. We were invited to stay during the day that we couldn't get in the hospital with them. We partook of several meals with them. This was greatly appreciated as we were a young stuggling family with hubby in school. We were served tofu hamburgers and hotdogs. Hubby was a big meat and potatoes man and of course tofu was very new and different. He called it ersatz meat and it became a joke of the family that nothing was as bad as ersatz hamburgers.

The life style of the Seventh Day Adventist has been paying off for them as the proof of the advanced age of their members. We have been in the midst of Thanksgiving so all I could think of was a tofu turkey. Hubby would have veto that in a hurry

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Settling in

I'm still trying to get pictures up and all the little things that I like to suround myself with. All my wall space is up so high that I would have to use a ladder and I am not sure I trust myself on one. I keep grandson busy on Saturdays but I always have more for him to do.

Mixed blessing that I am going to be great gramdma again. These things never happen at a time that is working for us. We will g et to have number one great grand for Christmas. If every thing works out he will be staying with me. My son's house is full and overflowing.

I am having such strang Sunday's church is at 8:00 AM then Sunday School. I am coming home to a empty house at 10:30. Shari is working and son's house is busy on their Sunday schedule. I am going up at 3:00 to have lunch with Shari it gets her out of the store for 30 minutes. I need to pickup a perscription anyway.

I called and talked to Penni she was having a good day. Last week was bad for her, but her tummy is open and flat for the time being. She is continuing to lose weight. We all feel so helpless that nothing can be done. I marvel at her cheerful attitude in spite of everything. Her goats have new playmates it is not just a sleepover. They have a young male in the mix so more babies are in the picture. Jingle bells was protecting floppy. I am so happy that they are accepting floppy finely. Floppy thought Penni was her mommie for a very long time.

I'm so disappointed to read that Georgia has some racial problems. The election of a our new president has brought out children chanting for the assassination of Obama. This is not something they thought up by themselves. I have lived though the terror of a president being assassinated before that I should never do that again. Poor losers, all of us have lived with losing out on our choice for the last 8 years. Can't they live with our choice for the next 4 hopefuly 8 years. I have such high hope Obama, God protect him and let him try to clean up this mess. I have grandkids and now grandgrands that need a good econmy.

Sunday, November 02, 2008


Just a update on moving. I finished planting my bulbs I bought a couple of months ago. It is hard work pouring potting soil into containers potting soil is heavy and trying to lift it up to pour is hard work.

Number two son helped me post some pictures on my web site. But darling daughter tells me she can't get to my site to see them. I hope she gets her computer fixed soon.

The day lillies that I planted some months ago are coming up that isn't suppose to happen until next fall. I hope the winter doesn't kill them I am so looking foreward to day lillies.

I have decieded that I need a dog. I have been looking on line to fine a dog to adopt but nothing has clicked. I quess I will have to keep looking at the ones for adoption in the paper.

Today is Melissa's Birthday. We are having dinner at her mom's so that boy friend can be there. He is a really nice guy, he has a strong back and he was a big help in moving. Poor guy he came home from school two weekends in a row to help move and put up with this screwy family. Moving is not easy at the best but this move was so unorganized and hecktic that I don't know how we did it.

I am still unpacking boxes and my be for the next six months.

Well Happy Birthday to Granddaughter Melissa.