Monday, November 28, 2005

Puppy Power

Michelle has been pestering me ever since Thanksgiving about a puppy. Every time I have her she wants to know if we are going to get the puppy. Thanksgiving Day we were watching the dog show on TV. I made the mistake of telling her that I would like to have a dog. That was a mistake, Michelle has been after me ever since.

I talked to the local animal shelter tonight and I quess tomorrow we can go look at a little terrier mix. Do I really don't know if I want a dog to take care of. I do miss having a dog and I do miss Harry. Hubby will certainly have someone to take for a walk.

Tomorrow is Jean's funeral I hate not being there, but I'm not sure I could make it through it.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Great Thanksgiving

Yesterday was a very good day. I was fortunate to have two of my children for Thanksgiving dinner. It was a peaceful, pleasant day, and I learned how to post pictures. Maybe I can get some more on in the future.

Today wasn't a day to go out anywhere so I decided to sew and spent the day making a poncho for Michelle.

Just as I finishing up I got a surprise call from Albuquerque my friend of 30 years just passed away. We have been out of touch for several years, her daughter thought I was a bad influence on her and didn't want us to keep in touch. I have felt bad about it a lot of the time but I couldn't fight both of her daughters.

Jean and I shared alot of our life. Getting kids though school. Getting kids married and having grandkids. Traveling in later years, our first cruise together. Jean could always make us laugh about something, she kept a lot of troubled times light. We always thought we would sometime live together. I knew she was living with alzheimers in the last few years, the same as I am living with alzheimers. Hubbys alzheimers doesn't act like what they discribe in all the books. Hubby is very quiet and sleepy most of the time. He was just happy to sit and watch every thing happen yesterday. I hated to have to tell him about Jean. Jean spent so much time traveling with us and living in the travel trailer. We have been so isolated here in east Texas that even old friends seem a great loss.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

I did it!

I just discovered the way to delete the duplicate blog.

I've been interested in watching P with Michelle and how she is making memories for her. P and P my second and third children. Tell me about some of their memories of growing up at home. I don't spend enough time with my oldest for some of those to come up.

When we moved from Albuquerque to Texas we just stuffed things in boxes and moved some strange things. One of the things that I brought by design was an old wine bottle. Just a little one with rattan on the bottom and a string to hang it up. After our move to Albuquerque, we discovered a restuarant out in the canyon. Bella Vista it doesn't exist anymore their sucess was there down fall. The menu was a simple one fried fish, chicken, cold slaw, and french fries and all you can eat. This was a blessing for a family with two growing boys and it became a favorite place for us to go for a treat. One of the times there hubby and I shared this small bottle of wine. We took the bottle home and it became a fixture for the middle of the kitchen table. Every odd candle found its way to the bottle for the kids to light and play with the wax running down the sides. Some place along the way we aquired a bunch of cheap plastic grapes that was added to the neck of the bottle. I couldn't part with the bottle so it came to Texas with us, the grapes were pretty gross so they went. P wanted it so we added a newer set of grapes and again was on the kitchen table. The rattan on the bottle was in pretty sad shape so that went, but the tradition continues.

These little things makes being a grandma a happy time.

Dressing vs Stuffing

Sorry about the double post, may be when B gets here he can show me how to delete the first one.

Just watched a dumb program on TV about the difference between dressing and stuffing. I have never stuffed a turkey just cooked the dressing seperately. It takes less time to cook a turkey unstuffed. So I can't call what I make as stuffing just dressing. I am disappointed that none of my children seem to like cornbread dressing. Yes, I continue to make it. It wouldn't be Thanksgiving or Christmas without it. I must remember not to make too much this year because I have a tendency to eat it all myself. I must go on a diet as soon as Thanksgiving is over. I picked up a book at Goodwill by Suzane Sommers on food combining. I think we will try it. We will give it a months try if it doesn't work we will know it by then. Former President Clinton was on TV the other night saying we have to change the fast food industry into more healthy food. That sounds like a good idea to me. Michelle would be happy to eat at McDonalds every day. I've got to find something more healthy to feed her when she is over here.

Any way my whole bog is please don't let cornbread dressing die out in this family.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Thanksgiving 1953

We were living at MEMQ P was about 3 months old, B was almost 2 years old.

Sargents in the Marine Corp. didn't earn that much money. Allotments came the first of the month not just before Thanksgiving. We had invited another couple to have Thanksgiving with us and of course I was buying and cooking for all of us.

My trip to the commissary was an adventure. We were stationed at Cherry Point, NC without a grocery store anywhere within 30 miles except the commissary. You know military invented the long lines everywhere all the time. I was standing in this long line with a 2 year old and a 3 month old baby. When it came time to get a turkey at the meat counter the little private behind the counter couldn't see me for looking at the Colonel behind me. The private picked up the first turkey he could get his hands on, wrapped it up and threw it at me. I bet the thing weighed 20 pounds and was going to cost me the entire amount of my funds for the whole dinner. I pushed the basket to the back of the store trying to figure out what I was going to do. I just happened to be in the frozen food section in 1953 there wasn't much in that section. I looked down and there was a frozen duck for about 1/3 of the amount of the turkey. A duck I had never tasted a duck much less cooked one. You can quess what I did the bad little sargents wife dumped the big old expensive turkey in the freezer and took the duck. That wasn't the end of the problems with that dinner. When I was making the dressing I didn't have any broth to use in the dressing as the duck was still cooking. I looked everywhere for something to use besides water (that wouldn't have any flavor). I had bought some canned orange juice to give to the baby. I added that to the dressing for the duck and I couldn't have planned it better the orange flavor just made the duck.

Now I am looking foreward to this Thanksgiving, B called tonight he is coming for Thanksgiving. The rest of the family is going to McKinney. I'm really excited about Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

D Birthday

What a beautiful day, a little cloudy this morning but then finally just lots of sunshine.

We drove to Dallas to the aquarium. We thought they had the cafe named the Rain Forest. We found a tex/mex cafe. We found a sandwich shop. Finally we found a pretty nice cafe. Food from lots of countries. Food was good and we had a nice lunch.

We spent the next two hours walking through this amazing place. Beautiful, beautiful landscaping for monkeys, birds, fish, turtles, bugs, and everything else. It was crowded but it was so nice. They had a Mayan exhibt including dancers in costume. A terrific big pretty cat you just wanted to pet him. I am sure you would lose a hand or arm if you tried. I don't think I have ever seen penquins that close before. Pretty tropical birds and folage.

D seemed to like the sign Michelle and I made it says their last name and what year they were married. P has chemo tomorrow, D is going to take her so hubby and I will pick Michelle up from school. I may try finishing Michelle's baby dolls for Christmas.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Advanced Age Sucks

I can't believe I can't sew anymore. I am looking at the drapes and bedspread in my bedroom that I made not too long ago. I have a perfectly matched jacket hanging in the closet that I made ages ago. I use to make formals, dinner jackets, sports jackets, most of my clothes and most of P's.

I cut out a cape for Michelle for Christmas out of costume fabric, lousy fabric raveled like crazy. My sewing machine gathered it while I was runing the seams but I thought I could press them out. Wrong they wouldn't press out I clipped them and tried to press them out that didn't work. While pressing them I managed to melt a iron space on the front panel. I have rolled it up and stuck it in a Walmart bag ( something Walmart if good for). I have cut out a pair of baby doll PJ's for Michelle. I will try once more today. If that doesn't work P will have to do all the sewing.

I printed pictures out of the digital camera yesterday. They are beautiful the pictures I took of the lake at sunset are great. If I could just figure out how to get them on to the blog. We also have pictures we took of the lake when we moved in. Pictures of C graduation and graduation party. I quess I will have to start making scrapbooks. Mayabe I can manage that.

Today is another Michelle day. While I was sewing Michelle played with all the notion in one of my sewing boxes. She had so much fun with ribbons, cords, bias tape and etc. All of my sewing stuff is in such a mess. I need to spend one day doing nothing but sorting. That might be a good project for Michelle and I after school today.

Seeing my mother sew on the old treadle sewing machine (that P has) all my life. I couldn't believe that I couldn't do the same. When I was PG with P in North Carolina, I needed summer baby clothes. B was a winter baby, clothes at the PX the only place within 25 miles to buy clothes was too expensive. I needed to sew some things and I needed maternity clothes. I had seen a Singer truck runing through the housing area MEMQ. So I mailed a letter to New Bern and ask them to send me a sewing machine to rent. The guy showed up alright but of course he sold me a sewing machine. A feather weight portable (that weights of ton). I think the total price was $150.00 a fortune to me at that time. I paid that thing off at $7.00 a month for ever. Quess what I am still using it. It has traveled as much as I have and made many an item slip covers for the old wooden living room set (every one remembers that). I made B shorts and shirts he wore in North Carolina when it was so hot. I bought him one shirt and one pair of pants at the PX for church. The shorts and shirts were nylon crinkle the latest fabric called wash and wear. They had to be I didn't have a washing machine until after P was born. When P was going into the second grade we were living on Hermosa. Do you remeber the lovely screen in porch. I put the machine on the porch and the TV set on Labor Day and watched the Jerry Lewis Telethon. I made her 3 outfits that day, pants and smake tops. She wore them to school all that year by then they were double knit. Michelle's things are all cotten, but P and I still have lots of double knit in our sewing stuff, lots of cordaroy. I need to find something to do with cordaroy at least they say that is coming back. Well enough of the tale of the sewing machine. P would that make a good story the many trials and travels of a well used sewing machine.

Friday, November 04, 2005


gals left today, it has been a fun 3 days but I am so tired.

Wednesday night we drove to Kaufman to meet them at the hotel. When the sun went down the sky was a pretty pink. After dark the bugs came out and hit my car like rain. Boy does it need to be washed now.

Thurday the gals came by the house for a tour of the new place. We went out to breakfast and on to First Monday. We walked outselves to death. Hubby went to the potty about 1:15 and he was suppose to meet us in the next building. When he came out of the potty he went the wrong direction and got lost. Billie and I looked for him for an hour and couldn't find him. I had to leave to go pick up Michelle from school. While I was gone he found the place where we left the car and of course it was gone. Michelle and I came back and looked for another 30 minutes before I found him just sitting on a bench waiting for me to find him.

Today the gals called and hubby and I met them again. P and D came for a few minutes to say hello. I spent all morning with them and was too tired to keep up. I had told hubby to meet me at the food court and he was OK in this building. I found him and we came home to rest the rest of the day. Billie called as they were leaving out of town. It was so good to see them and talk to someone again. But they have too much engery for me I couldn't keepup with them.

Tomorrow is a Michelle day so I had better restup.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

November 2, 2005

Well, the gals got here today, they look very tired from 2 days of travel. We met them at the motel they treated us to sandwiches out of there many ice chests. We didn't stay long they were very tired.

They are meeting us here tomorrow to go to first monday. It was good to see all of them. I'm just glad I wasn't traveling for two days.