Sunday, November 20, 2005

Dressing vs Stuffing

Sorry about the double post, may be when B gets here he can show me how to delete the first one.

Just watched a dumb program on TV about the difference between dressing and stuffing. I have never stuffed a turkey just cooked the dressing seperately. It takes less time to cook a turkey unstuffed. So I can't call what I make as stuffing just dressing. I am disappointed that none of my children seem to like cornbread dressing. Yes, I continue to make it. It wouldn't be Thanksgiving or Christmas without it. I must remember not to make too much this year because I have a tendency to eat it all myself. I must go on a diet as soon as Thanksgiving is over. I picked up a book at Goodwill by Suzane Sommers on food combining. I think we will try it. We will give it a months try if it doesn't work we will know it by then. Former President Clinton was on TV the other night saying we have to change the fast food industry into more healthy food. That sounds like a good idea to me. Michelle would be happy to eat at McDonalds every day. I've got to find something more healthy to feed her when she is over here.

Any way my whole bog is please don't let cornbread dressing die out in this family.

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