Friday, December 25, 2009


Merry Christmas from cold damp North Carolina. We had Christmas or the opening of the presents last night. David has to work today. The house is small for 9 people most of the adults or almost.

Sweetpea has grown, she is almost as tall as I am. She is almost square like Steven was at her age. She and Steve keep a good house they work together well. They seem to be adjusting well. Michelle likes her school and has a good counselor. We spent one day in Jacksonville shopping. That girl can shop me into the ground. We found jeans and some underwear. I found some shoes and we had seafood for lunch in a grownup place.

David said he would go with us to Morehead City an Beaufort on Sunday.

David's new girlfriend comes with a large family. A grown daughter married to a Sailor and with a darling little boy almost two. They had to leave before Christmas to go to another base. They have a 14year old boy that is hyper big time. We all keeping trying to give him some coffee but he doesn't like it. This kid is bright, bright and likeable but the hyper is getting to me. A 16yearold girl complete with a boy friend. She plays guitar and will help Michelle with her's she got for Christmas. She has a crush on Steven and the two of them keep things lively. Momma is very likeable and so--- good to Michelle and Michelle likes her and hangs all over her if we let her. Michelle feels like they are part of her family already, if things don't work out it could be bad. This is all happening very quickly and we hope they will slow down and take it easy.

I need to go see about Michelle more later.

Friday, December 11, 2009

What is News

I haven't been watching the news very often it is depressing. Here is why.

CBS with Katie ran a section on "Climate-gate" about the e-mails that would lead people to think there is not any climate warming.
NBC with Brian ran a section the same night Dec. 9th about Kenya and showed pictures of water holes, and rivers drying up. It showed pictures of women and children dipping dirty water out of the water hole. How can people believe that we don't have a problem of climate warming after seeing those pictures. I am so discussed with news programs trying to control the news.

Our news paper is continuing to print everything possible how climate warming is a hoax. I can't believe how stupid people are today.

Saturday, December 05, 2009


I was pleasantly surprised this morning my grandkids and girl friend arrived to help clean house. I just have to finish putting things away. It's so difficult to keep things put away. The house looks so cluttered if anything is out of place. I took everyone to lunch and that was more expensive than if I had hired someone to clean for me. E and I worked on the garage I am so pleased to see every thing put away and swept clean.

Billie is coming for the night. ASCA is having their Christmas Party and we are looking forward to going. I have several Christmas Parties before I go to NC. David and I e-mailed back and forth a few minutes ago. It is really nice to do that.

Still trying to get things together to pack.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


If it isn't spelled correct forget it. I looked in 5 different spelling books and had a friend check her medical books and nobody came up with the correct spelling. Anyway I wanted to talk about that metal tube called a MRI.

A long time ago I read about taking snap shots in time in your life. When you find yourself in a place that is peaceful and calm, you take a snapshot for a future time. I have found myself in a few places like that. I have met God in some beautiful surroundings. I call these my snapshots in time. When I find myself somewhere I am having trouble with the present, I retreat to one of my snapshots in time.

Today when I was being pushed into that metal tube I looked for my usual snapshots. One is a meadow in the San Isabel National Forest up my San Isabel Lake. The other one is a rock I sat on over looking a northern New Mexico lake. Hubby and I had the travel trailer parked not far away and I had spent some time with my Bible on that rock. I couldn't get either one of them to stay long enough to drown out the banging of the MRI today. Another snapshot came to mind the cabin at Glorieta. Hubby use to drive the bus and I had dinner ready for the crew. We took the youth sking between Christmas and New Years. Pat was in college on a track scholarship. He went along to run in the high air of Glorieta. Pat kept the fire going all day long. He ran in the morning and again in the afternoon the rest of the time. We spent in front of the fire. One day it snowed all day and we watched it snow in front of the fire. I spent almost and hour in the MRI tube today watching it snow. It was great!

Scare Tactics

Oklahoma Senator Coburn is playing the scare tactics card. He wants the seniors to believe if we allow the medical bill to pass we will die sooner. Maybe by his scaring us to death. If we have to give up a little of our coverage so what. We have to get all of the uninsured people covered by medical care. I'm having trouble getting my ambulance ride from the hospital to rehab covered. I didn't know I had a choice they called the ambulance I didn't. If the hospital thought it was necessary why are they dining it. Bruce is into the fight for medical care.

Pat is in a dark funk. He just needs to get past today.

I'm trying to get ready to go to NC it takes forever to get clothes ready. I had my MRI today maybe I can get the shots to my back so that the plan trip won't be so bad.