Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What If

On the way to Church Sunday a Sunday School bus passed me. I begin to wonder what if.

What if, a Nazarene Church in Pueblo, Colorado had not had the vision of a church bus? Hubby would never have receive a elementary taste of Jesus. His home was a good home but religion was not important. No one there would have been concerned about his knowledge of Christ.

He repaid that Church many times over by working in the Bus Ministry at First Baptist Albuquerque.

My grandmother was interested in reading the Bible little else in our household. Daily paper which I am sure she was not interested in. I slept with her so we spent a lot of time together. She taught me the Lord's Prayer when I was so small I don't remember not knowing it. My parent were both Christan and Baptist. They didn't fit in to the First Baptist in Pueblo so they stopped going. A smaller Baptist Church was convenient to sent me to. When I was too little to walk they took me and picked me up.

After my Great Aunt and Uncle moved to town and started going to the same church. I stayed for church. One Easter Sunday my mother who didn't usually go to church with me, went to church with me and my girl friend. I had been asking about going forward at the end of the service and on that Sunday my mother ask me if I wanted to go forward. So Margie and I both went forward and were Baptised that evening.

When Hubby ask me to marry him I told him I had some idea's, he may not agree with. I wanted us both to go to Church not just send our kids like we were sent. I also wanted to say grace at meals. Hubby which was home from the Marines said that sounded OK to him. He didn't like being sent to Church either. After I agreed to marry him, he went back to the Marine Base located at Barstow,California. He joined the local Baptist Church. He was Baptized after we were married. The church was in a Quonset hut. He was Baptized in a stock tank in the Quonset hut, winter time cold, cold. We started going to classes on Sunday night to learn what it meant to be a Baptist.

Now all of our children are Christian oldest son in Ministry. Daughter held on to her faith until her last breath. Second son is a good preacher but he doesn't preach often. All of our grand children but one have made professions of faith.

What If is a big question.

I am praying hard for the Lord to send someone to witness to the littlest one. I could use some help praying.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Year 2011

Hurray!!! I received a post other than from my son. I sometimes think no one is out there.

I had a very pleasant new years eve. I was at son's house playing a game. One I remember playing with him many years ago. The game's date was 1984 son said I was living on Hermosa, when we played the game. Oh yes, the name of the game was Bible Trivia. I do remember he beat the sox off of us and I was disappointed how little I knew.

Three and a half hours of snacks and soda's. Four of us and I won. Can I crow a little bit. Son and I were neck and neck but I edged him out. Some of the questions were so simple. The rest of them were very difficult.

Son just said I had many more years of study than the rest of them. Son had 4 years at Wayland and one at Southwest. His years of study, were lots of years ago. I have to excuse him on that account but the winning was sweet.

Hope everyone has a great New Year. 1 01 2011 or 1/1/2011 or 1/1/11 has to be a good new year.