Sunday, September 27, 2009

Questionable Blog

While I was in rehab they blocked my blog saying it had questionable content. I didn't know my musings about my life present and past could be considered unacceptable for people to read. Well, if you are looking for something X rated you are out of luck.

Always before I had Penni to look out for me while I was in the hospital. This time Pat didn't have any understanding how to keep things even for me. I have inherited low blood pressure. I passed this on to my kids as well. The boys have never been hospitalized so they have never faced this problem. If my blood pressure was low according to them. The nursing staff overrode all medical order for pain medication. The had just used a saw to cut off my leg in two places to put in the new knee. No pain meds because they decided I had low blood pressure. By the time I had screamed and yelled because of no pain meds. They took my blood pressure and of course it was up by then, so they gave me my pain meds. Why is it necessary to throw a fit to get pain meds that are prescribed for me.

While I was in rehab I fought the same battle every time I got a new nurse first thing in the morning. By the time I was ready to leave I found out how to get my blood pressure up in the morning. I would get up and walk down the hall and some time get cleaned up and dressed. That would raise my blood pressure enough to please the nursing staff.

I have just used the oxycontin today I haven't had to use the muscle relaxant. The muscle stuff makes me goofy. Melissa spent the night last night but I'm on my own tonight. I've been by myself today just had people popping in off and on.

I'm home and working on taking care of myself, I'm going to try and get my pain level down so that I can go to sleep.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

My profession of Faith

My boys are blogging about ancient history my story is really ancient. For some reason my Mother went to church with my friend Margie and I. This was very unusual. I was always taken to SS and picked up afterwards. I was asking questions about joining Church but no one really explained how to be saved to me. ( My grandmother helped me memorize the Lord's Prayer. I think about her every Sunday when we say it.) Anyway it was Easter Sunday and when the invitation was given my Mother ask me if I wanted to go down. So my friend Margie and I went down. I was just joining the church and I had no idea what it was really about. So and I baptized at the age of 11.

When I was about 15 or 16 I went to a church camp. I talked another girl at church in going with me. No one in the church was very interested in us going. One of the other mothers took us to camp but we didn't have a ride home. I had to call and get my folks to come after us. Mother fussed the whole way. Sunday was the only day they had off from the shop and I had interferred with it. I think I really understood what being saved ment at that camp. Where the camp was located was beautiful. I don't remember what the name of it was or where it was located. Somewhere around Denver in the mountains and the dirt single lane road through the pine was beautiful. Too bad Mother couldn't see the scenery.

When Hubby ask me to marry him I told him I definate ideas about how a family should be. We should say grace before meals and we would take kids to church not send them. Hubby told me that was find with him, he liked those ideas. He was sent to church too, on a church bus.

Hubby went off the base and joined the closest Baptist church because I was a Baptist. Well, I was baptized in a American Baptist Church and Hubby joined a Southern Baptist Church. We didn't understand the difference in those days. Hubby and I took a lot of Sunday night courses in what it means to be a Baptist. Some of the books that I used in teaching my boys came from those classes. Including the little red book "The Trail of Blood" that Bruce referrs to alot. That was in California.

Fast forward to Colorado when the boys were little we went to Denver to some kind of meeting. It was held in a Jewish Synagogue or a building that had been one. They played "I Surrender All" and I think that Hubby and I both surrendered all, at that time. I can't sing that hymn without seeing that church and crying a little. I really feel like that was when I was saved.

But as you can see God was working in my life for a lot of years before that time. I just had to understand and really surrender and surrender is a hard thing for me to do.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Scenes from the Past

Shopping in the Rio Rancho Target I ran into the youngest daughter of Minister at Mt Zion. Hubby and I were helping with this church when he came down with ALZ. Our lives have been combined with them for years.

The summer Penni was about 12 she was too old for a baby sister and too young to leave alone. I hired the Cates oldest daughter to stay with her. Maria started out making doll clothes with Penni. They moved on the clothes for Penni. Maria needed to help teach in Vacation Bible school in various churches around town. Penni went to school with them. I think we went to 4 graduation nights for the schools. It was fun to see that little blond in the middle of all those black little faces. Penni spent a lot of time with Annie, she is a couple of years older than Penni. She didn't know that Penni had passed away. Annie lost her mother to breast cancer the winter before Penni got sick. Annie's mother was so talented she could make the piano sing. Jo and I were very good friends. She called me from the hospital before she died I wasn't at home. Her phone didn't get disconnected, I could hear the family talking to her. I have always been unhappy that I didn't get to talk to her that last time. I don't know what she wanted to tell me.
Pastor Cates died a little while before Hubby did. Annie has two more littles ones that I didn't know about. I want to spend some time with Annie but when I see one of Penni's friends all I can do is cry. Annie has had a lot of death in her family too. I would like to try to be some comfort to her.

The summer Pat was the youth leader at one of our local churchs he gathered up some of the Cates girls. Queenie could play the piano like her mother. Just younger were the twin that were the life of any party. Pat gathered the girls up to help him with the youth group. He needed someone to play the piano for him. From the reports of the time they spent together it was fun. He still talks about it.

Cates had 6 girls and Annie was the youngest and had a terrific voice. She said she hasn't sang sence her mother died. Just as soon as I get home from having this knee done I'm going to call and see if we can get together.