Sunday, September 27, 2009

Questionable Blog

While I was in rehab they blocked my blog saying it had questionable content. I didn't know my musings about my life present and past could be considered unacceptable for people to read. Well, if you are looking for something X rated you are out of luck.

Always before I had Penni to look out for me while I was in the hospital. This time Pat didn't have any understanding how to keep things even for me. I have inherited low blood pressure. I passed this on to my kids as well. The boys have never been hospitalized so they have never faced this problem. If my blood pressure was low according to them. The nursing staff overrode all medical order for pain medication. The had just used a saw to cut off my leg in two places to put in the new knee. No pain meds because they decided I had low blood pressure. By the time I had screamed and yelled because of no pain meds. They took my blood pressure and of course it was up by then, so they gave me my pain meds. Why is it necessary to throw a fit to get pain meds that are prescribed for me.

While I was in rehab I fought the same battle every time I got a new nurse first thing in the morning. By the time I was ready to leave I found out how to get my blood pressure up in the morning. I would get up and walk down the hall and some time get cleaned up and dressed. That would raise my blood pressure enough to please the nursing staff.

I have just used the oxycontin today I haven't had to use the muscle relaxant. The muscle stuff makes me goofy. Melissa spent the night last night but I'm on my own tonight. I've been by myself today just had people popping in off and on.

I'm home and working on taking care of myself, I'm going to try and get my pain level down so that I can go to sleep.