Thursday, October 01, 2009

One Day at a Time

Time is passing swiftly. One day melts into another. I have great friends that keep up with me. Some daily, some every few days.

Gloria was great she came Tuesday and helped me take a shower and wash my hair. I can't get my hair to do anything but stand straight up on end. Annie was down and spent a couple of hours. Folding clothes. I came home to piles of laundry. I'm so picky about my laundry I wouldn't let anyone do that. Shari has been doing my shopping. Gloria came another day and took the meat off of a chicken. Now I can have sandwiches easily. Pat has picked up my prescriptions and had them filled. Melissa came over today and went grocery shopping for me, she took my trash out. Tomorrow is the pickup day.

My new prescription has Tylenol in it. After two doses I seem to be thinking clearer. I have also had the strength to start walking in the house. I hope my night exercises go better.

I called to have the paper started tomorrow. Maybe I can join the living again.

Jimmy Carter was 85 today, I hope I look as good as he does at that age and have half the energy he does. Do I really want to live to 85? Not with the kind of pain I have been having. You know the last two doses of pain killer has worked better. Can this be turning around?

My home PT comes tomorrow we will see how that goes. She is suppose to help me get around without the walker. I seem to manage that during the day. I am a little less certain at night.

Time to take my 9 pm meds.

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