Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October 21st

I tried driving and it didn't work too well. So I am waiting for a little while. It is just very confining as I have to ask other people to drive me places. Annie is taking me to the doctor Friday morning and my real estate friend Pat is taking me to my hair dresser in the afternoon.

Mat is getting married Sunday afternoon, they brought the boys over last night and I altered their tux. The oldest boy is skinny, skinny like Pat use to be. I am anxious for the wedding to be over. Mat has been so busy we can't get him to finish anything.

Shari is having surgery shortly I have to drive when she comes home from surgery or rehab.

24th is my wedding anniversary, I can't help but feeling something about our 59th anniversary.
My friend Helen is celebrating her 50th so that keeps in the fore front of my thinking.

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