Saturday, October 24, 2009

October 24, 1950

Beautiful sunny fall day in Southern California. My parents, Bill's mother and I had traveled by auto to Barstow Marine Corp base. Bill in is marine uniform (good looking guy) with the urgency of the Korean War. We had traveled to Barstow so that Bill and I could be married. My parents wanted to see the Pacific Ocean. We traveled to San Bernadino to be married. We called several Baptist Church's asking for someone to marry us, no one was interested. Finally one minister ask us to come talk to him. We spent several minutes talking to him and were getting no where. We mentioned that we had parents with us and he changed his tone. Everyone was invited in and a wedding was planned. We went into the sanctuary and were married.

As we walked out into the bright sun light school was getting out at the elementary school across the street. We drove on to Los Angeles to spend the night, still not seeing the ocean. We spent the night at the Admiral Hotel, parents on one floor and Bill and I on another. We spent the next day trying to find the ocean. I don't think we ever found the ocean before we had to go back to Barstow.

I spent the first several months of married life in the Mojave Dessert.

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