Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cave Towers --Cedar Mesa Utah

About 60 years ago the Reader's Digest published an article about ancient, square, stone towers. The Anasazi built these supposably for defense. They showed signs of a fire. They found a lot of arrow points. Archaeologist seemed to think a battle took place and the people that survived left the area.

Sixty years ago my sister and I spent an evening eating buttered crackers, and drinking tea. We were reading the article about the stone towers. We wondered where the stone towers were and what happened to the defenders of the towers. This was a memory very firmly etched in my mind.

I opened my Archaeology magazine today and found a small article. Talking about Cave Towers also called Mule Canyon Towers. These are along the mesa tops of the Utah/Colorado border.

This ruin is not high on the list of developed sites. The site is very fragile and visitors are not encouraged. The archaelogist still haven't discovered the answers to my questions of 60 years ago.

The mystery continues and small articles 60 years or so apart still keeps my interest in the stone towers. I know where they are and that it wasn't my imagination that they do exist.

At times in the past I have often thought that it was my imagination that the stone towers existed. Now I know that they do exist. TTFN.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Music 1950

New Mexico is sunny and warm this year for December.

The first year I was married 1950 sunny southern California. I was certainly not feeling like Christmas. (I was use to the hussel and bussel of the music store. With Christmas song being played on the outside speakers so all the bus transfer people would it enjoy it. That also made them come in and buy the latest Christmas records.) The radio in the car was playing Christmas music, hubby and I were singing along. It began to feel like Christmas. We bought a puppy for our Christmas present darling red cock er. Unfortunately she had worms and didn't live too long.

Grandson found some old Christmas cassettes in among the Christmas stuff. Tennessee Ernie Ford's album. Brings back memories of driving to Long Beach to a barn dance and seeing him. It was way before he was popular,- but what a thrill.

Christmas treat for the Marine base was Bob Hope. I was allowed to attend with hubby we were on the first row of bleachers. Hubby had his feet strung out in front of him they were just seating people behind us. No one should have been walking up the aisle. Someone stumbled over his feet and almost fell we did know who it was until he went up on the stage. Hubby's claim to fame Hope Bob fell over his feet.

We are playing Christmas music at home now but I do miss the Four Freshman album that we played so much on the record changer in Colorado.

Saturday, December 04, 2010


My friend Shari tells me I live too much in the past. We were talking about decorating for Christmas. I would rather talk about what I did in the past to think about now. I feel like it is rather useless for me to decorate for just me. I can't see that that is living in the past.

Son's blog showed someone from India wanting to read his blog on Penni's Story. I turned to it and it was clip from Dallas Morning News. It was one I seemed to have missed. Of course I read and cried all the way through it. So much was sweetpea's reaction to what was going on and she even told the counselor about her grandpa and how much she missed him.

I so hope sweetpea can be the bubbly happy little one she was then. Penni would have wanted it that way.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Free again, Free again

I visited my heart doctor this week. He seemed to think I am doing better. He also told me I could stop using oxygen. I haven't talk to my lung doctor yet. I have been doing without since last Wednesday. I bought a gage to see how my lung oxygen level was. My level has only been really low once Heart doctor told me getting short of breath just encouraged me to make my lungs work harder.

I feel like I have been set free. Dragging that oxygen around was so debilitating life was not worth living. I am not sure anyone can talk me into using that again.

Grand daughter has been staying with me this week. She needed to get out of her house for awhile.

We had another girls day out. We all went to a craft fair they had 150 booths. It took us 3 hours to get through everything.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Cottonwood trees turning gold, yellow and red of others. Sunshine filtering through the leaves and the last days of summer. My favorite time of the year. Hubby and I had announced our intentions of getting married. Daddy with his new 16mm movie camera had to record this time for posterity at Mother's urging.

Mineral Palace park and its beautiful grounds, was chosen as a back ground for the occasion. Blocks of stone rock walls and walks courtesy of the great depressions public works. Roses, calla lilles, mums, goldenrod and lots of others. Hubby in is green Marine Corp uniform. I in the latest fashion the Gibbon Girl look, long skirts and blouses with billowing sleeves. Hubby and I strolling through the gardens was the theme of the pictures our engagement the subject.

My grandmother took advantage of the sunny day outing and came along for the ride. Daddy took lots of pictures of hubby and I strolling through the gardens, he also took pictures of Mother and Grandma. It was a glorious sunshiny day with all the days of our life ahead of us.

Today would have been our "Sixth" Wedding Anniversary.

Monday, October 18, 2010

I Hurt for my Sons

I have been a turtle with my head in the sand for awhile. Sometimes I just need to hid from the world. Reading my sons blogs today I can't help hurting for them. One retiring early. Escaping a school district that has forgotten its purpose of teaching. Letting a teacher teach instead of teaching to a test that means nothing. Hubby could have never survived in this kind of system. He is searching now for something to of with the rest of his life.

I know how that feels I went through that myself and I didn't do too well. I got sidetracked before I could find out what to do. I spent those years as a caregiver and time has passed me by.

Oldest son his blog is like reading a epitaph. He spent the first part of his life training to be a professor. He was a victim of greed not his but a few men who saw money and how they could get it. Then there need to control the masses, politics and change our country. Greed took over and bankrupted our country. But back to those first greedy ones, now they want to control our country. It looks like they are going to succeed.

I hurt for my sons that this time of there lives should have been more rewarding. They both have good kids and grandkids but they should have more satisfaction in their professional life.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

New Post

I haven't had anything to talk about. But reading every one's blog and facebook today has been very interesting.

Monica has postings on her facebook about the plastic in the Pacific Ocean it make you want to bury every piece of plastic you can find. It says it will take forever for it to disappear. A plastic patch twice the size of Texas is now in the Pacific ocean and the pieces are so small they can't be retrieved. What are we doing to our planet.

Pat has a good posting about our election going on. I tried a few years ago to get him involved in politics but it was a bad time and I wasn't around to push him. He has some good ideas about what needs to be done locally and nationally right now. I am going to try and get him involved with a couple of retirees groups and see if he has time to try politics. Momma thinks he would be good.

Pat went to lunch with me to meet Diane thursday. We didn't get to talk to Diane Dinish and all of my contacts are long gone. I will have to try and get some new one.

I have been slowed down with having to drag oxygen with me everywhere. Other people seem to do it without any trouble. I just have to try and figure it out for myself.

A helicopter is circling around and around my house. I hope they aren't looking for someone.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Deja vu

I have only experienced this feeling twice that was so strong that it is imprinted in my mind.

I don't understand the philosophy of previous lives. It might be something to explore sometime.

When I was about 9 years old I had two experiences that were explained to me as deja vu. The summer of 1941 my family took a vacation to several places and visited family along the way. I had measles the first week of the trip. The highlight of the trip was several days in New Orleans. My father hired a guide to drive our car with all the family aboard a neat trick as our family consisted of my parents, my material grandmother, my sister and I. We were crammed into a 1941 Plymouth green sedan. I was small enough to sit on someones lap. This would never be allow today. He drove us all over city of New Orleans. I remember the St Lewis Cathedral we had a tour inside. First time I had been in a Catholic church I was fascinated. We walked along some streets and could looked into tropical courtyards. How I thought that would be terrific to live in a place like that. I loved the sweet treat of pralines. We went to visit one of the homes of Huey P. Long. That name did not register with me I knew nothing of him personally or politically. My family was not involved in politics. My only political knowledge was what my father told me. Republicans were for the rich people and Demo crates were for the working people.

We walked from the house along a brick walk beside the courtyard out to the street. I kept wanting to go back to that walk and courtyard I had been there before. That is the first time of deja vu. I ask a million questions about the feeling of deja vu. It was the first time I had heard the term much less had it explained to me.

I must have been a horribly inquisitive youngster. I must have driven my father crazy on that trip. I don't remember a lot of it. My father was a big tease, there was a little black boy with his feet in the Mississippi river. We were walking on the dock. My father stopped to talk to him. He ask him if he was afraid he would make the river muddy. The river was already muddy and the little boy didn't under stand him. I am sure the adults near by did. It was a terribly racist comment but he just wanted to say sometime to the little one. How times have changed.

The next time I was visiting a friend who lived several blocks away from me. We had just heard on the radio that President Roosevelt had died. He had been President all of my life. That was a scary thing to a 9 year old. I was raised by a over anxious mother so I lived with fears that tore me apart. I was sitting on the curb of that apartment by where my friend lived. I again had that feeling of deja vu. How both of these were connected I don't know or if they are connected. I would like to explore some hypnosis some time to see if I have some previous life or lives that would account for these feelings. I had been in the apartment many times, but I had never sat on the curb. Why we were sitting on the curb waiting for someone or something I don't remember.

I never had those feelings again I don't know why. I have often wondered if I outgrew them. Were they related to dreams that I don't remember? Or just the results of a over anxious mother that I absorbed so much of. My daughter once told me she didn't see how I had become a some what normal human being, after my childhood. My daughter knew me better than anyone, how I miss her.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Labor Day 1971

We had just moved from Hendrix to Hermosa. Second son was senior in high school and was worried about getting to participate in sports at his old high school. I didn't have money for school clothes for P who was starting second grade.

My favorite place for fabric was TG&Y they had bolts of fabric but also a large table of remnants. I dug through them trying to find pieces large enough to make a garment. The bigger pieces were the wrong colors and prints for a little one. Grey, hunter green, and strange prints, pants were easy just like the PG pants. Tops were smocks that was the style for little girls her age.

Our new house had a screened in back porch which opened out into a walled small back yard. P was happy to play in the new backyard. I drug a card table, sewing machine,and small TV out to the screened in porch. Jerry Lewis my favorite comedian had a telethon on TV.

Labor day was spent cutting out and sewing 3 sets of pants and smocks. P spent the day in the yard and helping me watch Jerry Lewis's telethon. She wore them all year and loved them.

I wonder how we got through those years hubby was going to school and working. I was working. First son was in college and second son a senior in high school, P going into second grade. I was working and trying to keep every thing going at home. One of my favorite labor days.

I have spent this labor day digging through paper work at home trying to get things cleaned out.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


I'm going to Las Vegas to spend sometime with my sister in law and her family. She has a new great gran and we haven't seen.

Grandaughter is going with me. She is going to help me with oxgen and misc. We are only going for a few days. She wants to see a show while we are there, maybe but it is very expensive.

I'm trying to get my secondary insurance to pay for that stupid ambulance ride last September. I've been trying to get medicare to pay it for ever. The packet of all the stuff to go to insurance is big enough to be a book. I need to have it weighted to see how many stamps it will need. I could have taken a taxi for about 10% of what they charged.

Doctors appointment have been everyday and forever. I hope some of this helps.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Friday, August 13, 2010

5th time in a year

Hospital again that makes the 5th time this year. I am not going again without kicking and screaming. This time they did every kind of test there is on my heart. My heart is good I still have the leaking valves but not too bad.

I never had a blood clot the other doc took a x=ray and said there was a 85 percent chance of a blood clot. So they just thought I did and told me I had a blood clot. They put me on blood thinners and I am tied up with having tests for that. I have an appointment with my primary doc next Thursday. I am hoping he takes me off of the blood thinners. I got all the medical records from the hospital for the primary doc.

I am dragging a oxgen tank around with me. I have put off as long as I can without taking oxgen. I can't get a smaller pack that I can carry over my shoulder until I see a lung doc. I am having trouble getting an appointment. I have one in about 10 days. That is better than Nov. when the hospital got me an appointment.

I am having strange dreams I don't know if the oxgen has any effect on that.

Second son went to Bible study with me yesterday. The ladies loved him he filled in so much history around our lesson and they took his word for gospel. That is better than the TV preacher that one of the ladies had some recording of. Isaiah was fortelling of the building of the Aswand Dam.

Yesterday was three years after hubby's death. I didn't think of it yesterday but today it came home loud and strong. It was not as hot yesterday or today like it was then.

Grandaughter is going to Las Vegas with me to help me lug the oxgen tank around. She is thrilled first airplane ride and first time in Las Vegas. She is old enough to get into the cassino's. The last time hubby and I were in Las Vegas we didn't gamble any at all. That was a couple of weeks before hubby was diagnosed with cancer.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Home from Hospital

I have had enough of hospitals to last me a life time.

I am really slow in getting back on my feet this time. But I am bound and determined to beat this thing. I have to get back on my feet a little bit at a time. I have so many things I want to do.

Eddie and company were over helping me today. They went to the grocery for me and we had lunch.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Greetings from theHospital

Last Thursday I felt very weak, when I first got up. I called son and we went to urgent care. That was a waste of time. We wound up at the ER in the hospital that I really despise. They ran tests and were ready to release me when I compained of chest pains. That was one of the original complains. They read another blood test and said I had a blood clot in the lung. So they admitted me and I have had first one thing or another and I am still here. They have started me on blood thiners and that lowers my blood presure and because I have low blood presure anyway. Well you can guess it makes my blood presure down to the high eightys. I can't even walk around when it is that low. I am trying to keep it up today so I can go home tomorrtow.

Will keep you posted.

I don't have my speller with me.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


I am having so much trouble with this lesson for Sunday. The 12th chapter of Hebrews.
I can't seem to separate the word discipline with punishment. Believe it or not my friend that knows the lest about the Bible has the best answer. She say discipline is guidance and punishment can be corporal punishments.

I had a little fender bender this week. The way the policeman wrote up the report I won't be able to collect from her insurance. Policeman says cause was in attention on both our parts. My car has a good size dent and her big suv has a scratch on the bumper.
I dropped the collision on my car some time ago and the dent is probably below the deductible anyway.

I used the last of hubbies life insurance to pay off the credit cards the interest was eating me up. The plan is to take what I was paying on the credit cards and put in the savings account. But, thing like this stupid accident keeps coming up.

I was turning right on a green light she was turning left on a green light and she hit me. She pushed me down the street and then continued chasing me trying to hit me again. It took a half a block before I could stop. She said I hit her and when I replied she hit me she started screaming liar, liar, liar, I tried to call son and he couldn't hear me for her screaming. When I was doing claims the person turning left was always in the wrong, but the way the policeman wrote it up she will probably get away with it.

I went to meditation class that night and it helped to calm me down. I felt worse the next day so I went to Urgent Care and my blood pressure was higher than it has ever been before. I think I am calmed down now but it still upsets me to think about it.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Pleasant Surprise

My oldest grandson moving from coast to coast per request of Uncle Sam stopped by to see me.

I was so surprise to get a phone call from my oldest grandson. The family here was excited to see him also. I don't think he expected so many relatives to descend on him at once.

I took him to my favorite New Mexican restaurant. He enjoyed the food very much or else he was very hungry. I took him for a tour of the volcanoes and the petroglyh park. When we arrived back home my grandson here and family visited for awhile. He got to play with the little great grand daughter. We spent a lot of time visiting and catching up. I don't remember the last time we had such a good visit.

I loved hearing about his time in Hebrew school and the birth of his little one. He carries on the family name and the traditional first name to go with the family name. His little on has the middle name of Joseph so they call him Jose. He has a little bit of the Hispanic feature and with Jose. It is so funny to me that he carries on the family name. My hubby would have loved it. I would so like to see the little guy.

I have been invited to visit when they have moved and are settled, but I am hesitate to commit to traveling any more.

Doctors now think my on going tummy problems is my arthritis medication that I have been taking for 4 years. In talking to my counselor this week it made since that I have had this problem for 4 years and I have been taking this medication that long. Why has it taken so long to figure that out. I am as slow as my doc's at realizing this. The week long bout of staying on the pot is so draining.

I managed to help at church yesterday for the big picnic. I had a good time visiting. My Sunday School Class has ask me to teach the next one or two lessons in the book on Hebrews. Our regular teacher which is great is going to to be out of town. I am honoured that they think I can do it, I just hope I can live up to their expectations.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June 1950

I have been told I live too much in the past. Maybe I do but I remember the day the Korean War started.

Beulah, Colorado a little village, Pueblo residence had summer homes located there. I shouldn't call them summer homes more like cabins or dormitories.

My boy friend's mother had one of the larger cabins that you could call a dormitory. Upstairs there was a kitchen with benches all around the room, cushions on them for the girls. Down stairs was the boys quarters with make shift beds, wall to wall.

That June Sunday, there were 2 couples of us with his mama as chaperon. I had just graduated from high school. We were learning to play Canasta, it was the latest card game out. Mama was fixing sandwiches for us. Music was playing on the radio until the announcement of the beginning of the Korean war. I didn't know how that would change my life.

Later after I was married to a Marine and had two little boys my father had a cabin. I do mean a cabin, a room with a kitchen and couch and a bedroom with a bed and dresser. The dresser was an antique with a marble top (too bad it was sold with the cabin.) My boys spent many a summer day playing in the stream that ran beside the cabin and running up and down the mountains around the place. We took them horseback ridding, once a summer. We had to rent the horses and that was all we could afford.

My fathers cousin who we called Uncle Frank lived in a small travel trailer on a lot in the main part of town. He took the boys and I places while hubby was overseas, He had the boys looking for gold in the rocks around the little village. They found lots of fools gold.

Hubby and I went back one of the last times we were in Pueblo and the place had grown up. My fathers cabin was still there but locked up. The outhouse was now considered too close to the stream for anybody to live there.

Lots of memories tied up to Beulah and the date of Korean War brings back lots of it.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Just read my e-mail from son-in-law. My sweetpea grand daughter won't get to come this year. She has summer school and David is getting married. He has a lot on his plate he is trying to work and go to school. Sweetpea has been a handful this year.
She has had so much happen in her life. 2007 hubby her playmate for all of her life died. Eight months later I moved back to New Mexico for reasons I have stated before. I had been a steady presence all of her life. Her momma died in 2008. She moved from the house and school she had known most of her life, last summer. I am not surprised she is having trouble in school. She has had so many disruptions in her life

I understand the financial problems and the time restraints. I feel like I don't have that many more summers. My oldest great gran isn't getting to come this summer and now my sweetpea. I am just devastated.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Brag on my Kids

First son is always in the news,radio and now TV (when they show it). I am kinda use to his exposure it just keeps growing. Last Monday night I went to Writer to Writers with second son. His speaker canceled at the last minute and he had to fill in. He couldn't have done better if he had been planning and working on it for weeks. It is good to see other people appreciate him as well. First son gets lots of appreciation and he deserves it, but I don't see second sons appreciation it is not that visible.

I have trouble talking to Penni's friends because they always want to tell me how much they loved and appreciated her. Today I had a conversation with a lady that doesn't know me that well and never met Penni. I was trying to tell, her why I don't like to look like my mother. So, I told her without thinking that because I didn't have a great mother God made up for it with my having a great daughter.

I never understood why my mother couldn't love more than one person in a family. In our family it was my sister. In my family it was second son. With grand kids I guess it was first grandson here, others were away and she didn't see them that much.
She missed so much in getting to know the rest of us that, she couldn't be bothered with and we missed having a mother and grandmother.

With my kids they are all special and have a special place in my heart. They have raised good families. I have tried so hard to see each one as a individual and I appreciate each of them.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

June 9, 1932

My birthday, some standout in my mind but most of them were just another day.

My 9th birthday my mother was busy getting a formal for my sister for her first formal dance. My birthday was completely forgotten. My grandmother reminded her of the day and she said. " well, I was going to get her some war stamps but I forgot."

My 18th birthday my boyfriend took me to dinner in a Colorado Springs restaurant which had been a old church. I had a special dress orange with white flowers down the side one of my special memories.

My 21st birthday I was pregnant with my second son. We were living in military housing, outside our house was a gardenia bush. Hubby brought me a flower off the bush.

My 75th birthday Penni gave me a garden party for my birthday.

This birthday was quiet and happy I had dinner with second son. First son called and we had a nice chat. I answered phones at the church all afternoon. I walked Missy when I got home before I went to bed.

Friday, May 28, 2010


Shari, tells me every time we talk about something I make a reference to Penni. I wasn't aware that I thought about her that much, but I guess I do. I have been trying not to do that but. This morning was I pulling weeds or goat heads in the front yard. Some of them had buds of little yellow flowers so it brought to mind.

When Penni first moved in the house they brought she was thinking about landscaping a very large back yard. The far top of the back yard was terraced and it was full of the prettiest little yellow flowers. Penni was so pleased that she didn't have to do something to that area. Until her father pointed out to her that the little yellow flowers were goat heads.

When I left a shop later in the day the radio, in the car, was playing you guessed it "Harper Valley PTA. Penni drove the boys crazy playing that song.

How do I not think of Penni when almost every thing I do is a reminder?

I took Missy and Shari's two dogs to the groomers today. It wasn't far over there but they sat up in the back seat just like I was there chauffeur. I wish I had a picture of that.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

I wasn't looking forward to Mother's Day this year. Hubby and Penni took care of that for me. When ever the commercial's on TV were talking about Mother's Day. I kept seeing a little piece of wrapping paper that Penni had used as a greeting card. She said something like thank you Mom and Dad I love you. Mom thank you for everything you do for me. Penni always signed her cards that way for me. Several days later I was half asleep about 3:00 AM I had been reading and was going back to sleep. I saw a ceramic piece in my mind. Hubby when he was working security at U of A had made me this mermaid on the side of a big shell. When he brought it to me the shell had water in it and daises floating in it. I remember how happy I was and how much I loved him. I felt like both hubby and Penni were wishing me a Happy Mother's Day.

P has already blogged about our day, I really loved going to Bosque Farms for Church and spending the day with his family. Oldest son called and we had a long chat I really enjoy talking to him and he has so little time to talk that I appreciate a long chat with him.

All and together this years Mother's Day was a good one.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Abby's First Birthday

Abigail is my only grand gran that's a girl. I love to see her every few days or weeks. She is walking now and is little and just runs around everywhere. We had her birthday at my house. (Grandma and Grandpa were sick so we move the party here.)

I love her little chubby cheeks and fat arms and legs. I can't see anything of myself in her or any of the family traits. She looks like her Mom which is great but I can't see my side of the family in her. Her mom was complaining about a little curl behind her ear that sticks straight out and won't be tamed. I was just as pleased as punch. That is the bane of my life I can't control that stubborn curl behind my ear. Penni had it and Michelle has it, now Abigail has it. I would love to know how far that goes back. I do not know where or which side of the family, I received it from. No one in my family had the curl to my knowledge.

I thought you would enjoy her picture.

I only see pictures of the other two boys that are great grans and were born last year.

James had his first birthday last month also. James carries my hubby's first and middle name's. His pictures look like he is full of fun and will be a handful to take care of, his momma may pay for some of her raising.

Jose carries on the family name and I know my hubby would be proud as punch of that and so am I. I have only seen picture of him and he isn't very old yet but I can't see any family resemblances there, but we couldn't see any in his daddy either. Jose's grandpa looks very much like my hubby.

Richie my 7 year old great gran looks like his dad and his grand dad. There is no mistaking the family resemblances.

It is funny to think of how many people owe there lives to hubby and I. We only had 3 kids and there are 6 grand kids, now we have 4 great grans. Sorry hubby didn't live to see this.

Great Gran


Wednesday, May 05, 2010

May 5,2010

My handyman friend was over today and did some things for me. He is trying to move to Tenessee so I don't get him very often. I fixed lunch and we had a good time. When he was leaving he told me that he was taking another lady in the neighborhood on a cruise. Needless to say I was disappointed. Everyone seems to be going some place but me. Oldest son going to his sons graduation in California. B and G when to San Diego. B called me and ask me to remember some of the places that we had gone together. A is going to another friends daughters graduation in NC. I probably shouldn't travel until I get stronger but I do feel left out.

I have spend another couple of days in the hospital since I last blogged. I guess the antibiotics got to me and with the runs for 12 hours I was very dehydrated. I have been weak since I got home but I am getting stronger each day. I finally finished all my test for my new heart doctor and I see him Monday.

I am anxious for Michelle and Richie to come for visits this summer. The weather has turned hot and I need to do some gardening. We are going after dog food tonight just waiting for Shari to call.

I sent another appeal off for the ambulance bill of last September. I have had two ambulance rides since then I wonder when I will get the bill for them. It seems as if the ambulance attendant put down that I didn't need to use a ambulance so medicare if refusing to pay for it. The doctor has sent two letters stating that I did need to use the ambulance but medicare believes the ambulance attendant, I have appeal it twice lets see what this brings. The bill is $500.00 so that is why I am fighting it.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

April 15, 1930

A baby boy was born today to a young couple he had been recently discharged from the Army. While in the army he boxed a little. He was having trouble providing for his new family so he boxed some as a civilian. Under the name of Soldier P------. He wanted his son named William. After all his name was William and he knew that his fathers name was William. He was orphaned at the age of 7. To keep the family's name carried on all the first born males should be William. This little family lived in Denver, Colorado. The depression and the search for finical security would take them to Arkansas and back to Colorado.

When this baby grew up he wanted so to be just like Dad so he joined the military but some of his friends were joining the Marines so the Marines it was for 6 years. He even joined the boxing squad, but that was cut short when the Sgt in charge found out he had just got married.

The baby born April 15, 1930 was my hubby. Our first born a boy was named William. Hubby now has a great gran son whose name is also William.

My hubby William now has 3 generation named William after him. So today would have been his 80th Birthday. He would have been so pleased that the name William has been carried out for him. Some people think, this is tax day but it is just hubby's birthday and for the generations of William's to remember him.

I am disappointed in one of Penni's friends she is into this teabag thing. Sorry I got in this facebook with her. I can't understand their way of thinking. My President is my President and deserves some respect. This President needs some time to prove himself. I can't believe people who profess to be Christians acting the way they are. Everyone deserves health care. If my daughter had had health care for a year before they found her cancer she would be alive today. No one can convince be differently.

I haven't been feeling too well today. My blood pressure must have been really low. I have just been vegging out on the couch.

I saw in the paper that my distant cousins wife died. He was the pastor of a local Baptist Church for a long time. He was a mainstream baptist before there was such a thing. He preached my Mothers funeral. I am going to the viewing with the family, just to let there daughter know I cared and recognize the relationship.

Son is working for a lawyer and loving it. He made the transition very smoothly. My retirement was more difficult.

I came back and rewrote some of this today. I felt so bad yesterday I didn't do the story of hubby justice.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Answer to Prayer?

God answers prayers in mysterious ways. I was fretting about no one to call and say let's have lunch today. Lets run away and do something silly. Go for a long drive,have lunch in a crazy place. Do something crazy and different.

I use to have a dear friend that was always up for just that kind of thing. She died before hubby. I couldn't think of anybody to call.

I was reading my morning e-mails and blogs. I was e-mailing with son-in-laws brother about something in the news. We had talked about lunch in a e-mail a week or so ago. He responded when would you like to go. I responded today so he decided the cell phone was better then e-mails. To make a long story short. We are going to lunch today.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Easter Season

I don't remember an Easter Season with so many new programs at church. They did the last supper re-enactment last year nor nearly as good as this year. Tonight was something called the Tenebrae Service of Lights and Darkness very effective. I had never seen that one before.

This new pastor has a lot going for him. He keeps things moving all the time. I guess that's what the church needed.

I haven't heard anything out of NC. I sent sweetpea a card for Easter, but I haven't heard anything.

I got birthday presents off today for my kids. I don't think I can manage anything for greatgrans but birthday cards.

I got my fed income tax back so I mailed off the state a check and that was half. So it left me trying to find enough money to pay for car repairs. I won't be caught that way next year I intend to have state tax removed ahead of time.

I have found John Grisham's books. I have found a bunch of them at the good will so I am reading about 3 a week. I am enjoying them but I'm not getting much done but read.

Happy Easter everybody.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Mine and hubby's friend and handyman is moving to Tennessee. He is remodeling a house there and moving a little bit at a time. He comes back every couple of months and spends a few days and back he goes with another load. He called yesterday and said he had just finished his taxes and I had just finished mine also. He ordered a pizza and I put a pumpkin pie in the oven.

We had a impromptu dinner. He stayed for over 4 hours we just had the best time just talking. We have been friends for over 15 years. It kills me to see him move. Those kind of friends don't come along very often.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Insurance Companies

Back in the late 60's I was working for a small Insurance Agency. I was really into learning to have my license for fire and casualty. I learned a lot of the history of insurance how it came about and what it was created for. I was really glad to be a part of a industry that helped people. I mean it really, really helped people.

A few years into working for small agencies. I really thought about starting my own agency. I just needed a steady income as hubby was going to school and trying to work also. I also had two in high school and looking at college, Penni was just starting school and needed me home as much as possible. It was a good thing I didn't. Many of the small insurance companies that I was use to working with were being bought up by corporations. I couldn't figure out why a corporation would buy an insurance company. Insurance companies had to keep a pool of money to pay claims. By law a portion of all premiums had to be kept for the insurance pool. Corporation saw all that money and if they owned that company they could get their hands on the money. All the small insurance companies began to disappear. That forced the combination of companies to get as large and AIG and they began to branch out into all other kinds of finance.

Now insurance companies are dictating if the American public can have health care coverage or not. How can they put profits ahead of people dying and not having any health care. I can't believe in the greed. I know by the insurance industry cutting health care loose it will put a lot of people out of work. I had try another kind of work. It took me 15 years to work my way up in public education. I couldn't work for insurance any more. All I see is the misery their greed is causing.
What happened to people who wanted to help their neighbors by pooling their money to form a insurance company.

I didn't bounce

I fell leaving Church Sunday. They had a long piece of plastic along the entry to the auditoium. This was not fastened down in anyway. I got my toe under the edge and got my foot caught under it and of course I went down. I fell on my new plastic knee. I had it x-rayed, I didn't break anything thank heavens. I guess that was the best way to fall if I had to fall. I have pulled some muscles so I am sore but I am alright.

I bought a new Quicken mine was about 8 years old. I haven't kept up with my Quicken this past year and doing my taxes was a pain in the neck. I have installed the new Quicken and it won't let me go back to the old one without wiping out the new one. I am trying to reconstruct all this years bank items. I have two checking accounts. Two savings accounts, 5 credit cards, and one mortgage. I can keep everything on Quicken except mileage. I should be able to figure out how to keep that too.

I am getting money back from Federal but I didn't pay any State so I have to pay that. Bummer it is going to take half of my Federal to pay the state. I was planning on having the car repaired with the Federal.

I am going to physical therapy so I should be back in shape in good time. I can't seem to get it all together. Things keep happening all the time to set me back.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hippy Hopppy Home Again

Be it ever so humble there is no place like home.

Granddaughter is staying with me a few days to help out.

We tried to go out to eat after we left rehab. I did fine for about 30 minutes and then it was like I hit a brick wall. I almost didn't make it back to the car. Yesterday I just laid around and took it easy. Today we got up and started in we have laundry going. We cleaned out the refrig. Loaded the dishwasher and are just resting.

I have caught up on e-mails. Ordered a embroidery piece that will be a challenger for me.

I need to fold some clothes so that M can put them away.

I am not as strong as I thought I was I need to work on that.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Last night in rehab

My 10 days in rehab have been a good experience. I have made some good friends in the staff and patients. Maybe my prayer for some friends that are retired and don't work is being answered. I am going down to another room in a little while for a chat before bed time. These ladies are still here for awhile but live in the same general part of town that I live in.

I'm so happy to see pictures of my great grans on face book. One in California the other in Mississippi. I would never get to see them some of them are even moving that is great to see one get his first taste of solid food. The other one taking a bath in his grandmothers sink.

Next blog from home.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hello from Rehab

Son told you on his blog how I wound up here. The week in the hospital was terrible. Rehab is better the doc's are listening to me about medication. When you have been on pain killers and shills med for 4 years. Your body goes into withdrawal. I have been taking 10 codine and 325 tyendol. Lyrica is for the shills med.

I kept trying to tell them I was in withdrawal and the pain was intense. Hospital doc wouldn't believe me. They cut me down to 5 codine and 500 tyendol. Doc's have told me that much tyendol was danergous for my kidneys. Anyway I fought the entire week I was in the hospital.

When I arrived in rehab they immediately listened and started with the correct doseage. I had a little trouble getting pills scaped out to my usual ones but that is working alright.

Rehab is working well I am walking twice a day besides that they have me doing. Friends have been good in coming by so I see family or friends once or twice a day.

Number one sons bog is keeping me up on all the news. I am appaled at Baylor's choice of president. Is all the colleages and seminaries preaching funday teaching today. No wonder young men and women are staying away in bunches.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Busy Weekend

I have had two friends pushing me to come more involved and do something outside of the house. They think I spend too much time watching old movies and doing handwork. So I have agreed to work at the church office on Wednesday afternoons. Out of the last three weeks I have only worked once. I spend one afternoon at the hospital with granddaughter. Last week I was sick with my on and off again spell of problem staying the the bathroom for two days.

The church has lead to being involved with the Womens Missionary group. They just elected me treasurer, and now I am helping decorate for the Sox Hop we are having.

Candy had me get elected last year as precinct chair and now they want to me take over the Ward. That has turned into a royal bough ha ha and now I am tied up for the next two months with that.

Finally today I went to a rubber stamp class for Valentine's and had a lot of fun. They want to me to join a rubber stamp monthly class. That is sure temping, I really enjoy that.

Now I am so busy I don't have time to clean house much less watch TV or do any needle work.

Anyway just to let you know I am busy and doing lots of different things. If my tummy would just leave me alone.

I have been in touch with Dr. Downs again and he has me on a soft and st rick diet I hope it works.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Granddaughter out of Hospital

Granddaughter is out of the hospital and seems to be better. I am still puzzled why it took so long to get something done. It seems to me like they waited until almost the last minute before they decided to do something.

It took 3 units of blood to get her up on her feet and a D and C to stop the bleeding. She still is very weak but we are encouraging her to start fighting back. Maybe she can get some of her strength back in a few days.

I missed working at the church yesterday. I spent the afternoon at the hospital with my daughter in law while granddaughter was in surgery.

I am feeling so much better that I am afraid to try to do to much. I am waiting for my weekly or monthly sick spell. I can't believe I am getting through a week feeling alright.

I took my bad dog to the vet today. She has a ear infection. Boy was that trip expensive. I'm glad it is only once a year. We start to school next week. If I can't learn or she can't learn to stop jumping up on me. She will have to go back to the pound. Her new thing is to jump on me from the back. She has almost knocked me down a couple of times. She was so good riding in the car today. She lay on the back seat going across town and beside me coming home. She is a lot of company and I do enjoy her but the jumping has got to stop.

This is stupid stuff to write about so I'll stop.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Third World Medical Care.

My granddaughter here has been having what the Bible calls a issue of blood. This has been going on for 6 weeks. When I took her to get a blood test yesterday she almost passed out on me. I yelled at Pat that something had to be done. Her primary doc left so she doesn't have a doc. I took her to see someone filling in last week. He gave her pills that didn't work. I had her call back and all they wanted her to do was come take another blood test. That is when she almost passed out on me. Today they finally called and said she needed a blood transfusion. So her mom told me they have her in the hospital overnight. They took a test and said she has a cry st. They are going to do a D and C.

Our third world medical care is getting scary. Now TV is saying that our health bill for the us is doomed. I don't know how we can make the Republican's understand how urgent this is.

Saturday, January 16, 2010



Long before our Nation's independence, weary settlers sought refuge on our shores to escape religious persecution on other continents Recognizing their strife and toil it was the genius of America's forefathers to protect our freedom of religion including the freedom to practice non at all. Many faiths are now practiced in our Nation's houses of worship, and that diversity is built upon a rich tradition of religious tolerance. On this day, we commemorate an early realization of our Nation's founding ideals: Virginia's 1786 Statute for Religious Freedom.

The Virginia Statute was more than a law. It was a statement of principle, declaring freedom of religion as the natural right of all humanity -- not a privilege for any government to give or take away. Penned by Thomas Jefferson and championed in the Virginia legislature by James Madison it barred compulsory support of any church and ensured the freedom of all people to profess their faith openly without fear of persecution. Five years later the First Amendment of our Bill of Rights followed the Virginia Statute's model, stating, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.."

Our Nation's enduring commitment to the universal human right of religious freedom extends beyond our borders as we advocate for all who are denied the ability to choose and live their faith. My Administration will continue to oppose growing trends in many part of the world to restrict religious expression.

Faith can bring us closer to one another, and our freedom to practice our faith and follow our conscience is central to our ability to live in harmony. On Religious Freedom Day, let us pledge our constant support to all who struggle against religious oppression and rededicate ourselves to fostering peace with those whose beliefs differ from our own. In doing so, we reaffirm our common humanity and respect for all people with whom we share a brief moment on this Earth.

NOW, THEREFORE I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United State of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United State, do more hereby proclaim January 16, 2010 as Religious Freedom Day. I call on all Americans to commemorate this day with events and activities that teach us about this critical foundation of our Nation's liberty, and show us how we an protect it for future generations here and around the world.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this fifteenth day of January, in the year of our Lord two thousand ten and of the Independence of the United State of America the two hundred and thirty-fourth.


Does anybody know this exists or do they even care. My Bible study group was all upset about the Day of Prayer being canceled and this is even more important. I'm going to hit them with this Thursday. But I may get the responds from I did from a friend just now. She said so its OK for the Muslims? I was so shocked I didn't follow up with yes but it means its OK for you to do the dumb Fundamentalism stuff you seem to believe in.

Why are all the papers not carrying this on the front pages. Why do I have to find it buried in a blog?

Friday, January 15, 2010

Tired of this old stuff

I spent another night in the bathroom running at both ends. This is getting old. It seems like it is once a week now. It was once a month now once a week. It completely destroys my life. I can't plan on anything. Son has had his land line disconnected so I haven't tried getting him on his cell in the middle of the night. But his phone doesn't work all the time. I ques I am going to have to find someone else to call when it gets too bad.

I have all the tests they can think of. My primary care ran a bunch and sent me to the GI doc and she didn't have any answers either. My friend Shari is pushing for alternative medicine. I would try but I don't know who to see. Dr. Downs isn't practicing anymore.

Sorry, I am just having a bad night.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year, New Direction

Well, I did yesterday what they tell all military men not to do. I volunteered to answer phones at the Church one afternoon a week. I haven't done that since the early 70's. I really enjoyed that. I was secretary to the music minister, youth minister, and bus minister.

David is posting on facebook about Penni, Pat is posting about the past and living on Hermosa, Bruce is posting about a book that I couldn't read without a dictionary in hand. I need something to do besides watching old movies and embroidery. Maybe volunteering is not something bad.

Monday, January 04, 2010

New Years Sunday

My decision to go back to the Methodist Church was the right one I even survived the 8:oo services with 24 degrees outside.

I took my December the 30th grandson and family to lunch food was terrible but the company was good.

Driving home I was very sad about my other December 30th kids and families I ques I was really feeling sorry for myself. I wasn't looking fore ward to the rest of the day my myself. Sundays are hard for me. I happened to see my friend Rich's car in his driveway. He has been in another state getting a house ready for him to move. We have been friends for over 20 years. He has completed most of my handyman work. We became friends through the Neighborhood Association. Shari, Rich, Mary Ann and I were the Neighborhood Association for a long time. Anyway I called and he said he was getting ready to leave again today. I said if you have time for a chat come over. He called a few hours later and said I have a piece of Pecan Pie for you and Shari. I said bring it over and I'll call Shari and make tea. We had a three hour tea party and caught up on all our lives. We also solved all the problems of the world.

How great to have such old friends that we can discuss anything with and no one gets angry. So we don't agree with everything but we can discuss it peaceably.

I don't know when I enjoyed an evening so much. I can't stand it that he thinks he has to move to another state.

New Years off to a good start.