Monday, October 18, 2010

I Hurt for my Sons

I have been a turtle with my head in the sand for awhile. Sometimes I just need to hid from the world. Reading my sons blogs today I can't help hurting for them. One retiring early. Escaping a school district that has forgotten its purpose of teaching. Letting a teacher teach instead of teaching to a test that means nothing. Hubby could have never survived in this kind of system. He is searching now for something to of with the rest of his life.

I know how that feels I went through that myself and I didn't do too well. I got sidetracked before I could find out what to do. I spent those years as a caregiver and time has passed me by.

Oldest son his blog is like reading a epitaph. He spent the first part of his life training to be a professor. He was a victim of greed not his but a few men who saw money and how they could get it. Then there need to control the masses, politics and change our country. Greed took over and bankrupted our country. But back to those first greedy ones, now they want to control our country. It looks like they are going to succeed.

I hurt for my sons that this time of there lives should have been more rewarding. They both have good kids and grandkids but they should have more satisfaction in their professional life.

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