Sunday, October 24, 2010


Cottonwood trees turning gold, yellow and red of others. Sunshine filtering through the leaves and the last days of summer. My favorite time of the year. Hubby and I had announced our intentions of getting married. Daddy with his new 16mm movie camera had to record this time for posterity at Mother's urging.

Mineral Palace park and its beautiful grounds, was chosen as a back ground for the occasion. Blocks of stone rock walls and walks courtesy of the great depressions public works. Roses, calla lilles, mums, goldenrod and lots of others. Hubby in is green Marine Corp uniform. I in the latest fashion the Gibbon Girl look, long skirts and blouses with billowing sleeves. Hubby and I strolling through the gardens was the theme of the pictures our engagement the subject.

My grandmother took advantage of the sunny day outing and came along for the ride. Daddy took lots of pictures of hubby and I strolling through the gardens, he also took pictures of Mother and Grandma. It was a glorious sunshiny day with all the days of our life ahead of us.

Today would have been our "Sixth" Wedding Anniversary.

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