Friday, December 22, 2006


Back to our hotel in New York, you have already read the saga of our flight back from New York. But, what I haven't told you is that my letter to the ATA airline resulted in a return letter giving hubby and I two free round trip tickets anywhere they fly in USA. I'm not ready for another adventure just yet. We are anxiously waiting for second son and family to get on the road to Texas. They are waiting for his books to be delivered so they can bring them.


Our last port, we walked off the ship again and this time we only found tents with local people displaying their crafts and products. We had to pay cash for these things and quess what I was running our of cash. I did manage to buy Melissa a basket to be used as a sewing basket. I bought Michelle a t-shirt. It was too far to walk into town and too hot to try to find other transportation.

Tortola was described as a pirates den and remained the haunt of the infamous pirates. The English planters were more interested in piracy and smuggling than agriculture. In the 1700s experienced planters and hardworking Quakers displaced them and made the island prosper with sugar, cotton, indigo and rum.



Dominica is halfway between Puerto Rico and Trinidad & Tobago in the group of islands known as the Lesser Antilles. It is often known as the nature island of the caribbean. This is another sugar plantation island.



We sister-in-law, her hubby and I walked off the ship to the shopping mall at the end of the pier. It was very, very hot. I found a very lovely pair of leather sandals got a good price. I tried to buy a diet coke, I gave the clerk a twenty dollar bill for a 4.00 diet coke. He tried to give me the local money Eastern caribbean dollar or Bee Wee, I knew I could never get rid of that and I wasn't about to pay 20.00 for a diet coke. I bought more nutmeg for the people in Texas. I braved the heat out side and found a table full of shells. I found one large shell and two smaller ones for only 7.00. I bought a lovely T-shirt for me with a bright red flower on the front.

We spent the rest of the time in port in the lounge on top watching the unfolding drama on shore. It is very interesting how many passengers push the limit past the deadline to be on board and then come wandering on the the ship at the last minute. I could never do that I would be afraid they would leave me.

Grenada was sighted by Christopher Columbus on his third voyage in 1498, french settled the island. This is another Bristish island.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


Sunbury Plantaton House is over 300 years old, and creates a vivid impresion of life on a Sugar estate in the 18th and 19th centuries. We had tea in the garden, cream cheese sandwiches along with tuna fish sandwiches, pound cake, shortbread and tea. One of the first settlers on the island Matthew Chapman, an Irisman build Sunbury House.

I quess I should be glad I got both pictures on the blog the first one is myself, hubby and Jim having tea in the garden.

Barbados is another British island, a very beautiful island. They have oil wells on the island which are working by the way. Most of the oil wells in Texas are not working. They have to send their oil to Trindad to be refined and then import it. They pay $7.50 a gallon for gas. Traffic was so heavy we were stuck in a traffic jam in down town Bridgetown on the way back to the ship, everyone was drives in Barbados. We drove through a part of town that never closes down, houses of the evening, bars and dance halls never close.

Houses were very small and seem to have several generations living in them. It takes them several generations to finish paying for a house. If a man takes out a mortgage it may be paid off by his grandson. Payments seem to be about $7.00 to $10.00 a month, very hard for us to understand.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


My sailing mates on this cruise!

This is the first of our British ports. We walked off the ship to a shopping area at the end of a very long pier. We sat at a little out door refresfment stand, as you can see we were drinking diet coke at $2.00 piece. While we were seated there someone started smoking mariwana (sp) you can't mistake that smell. D and I visited several shops one of them had name brand clothes Levi, Liz Clairborne and etc. The prices were out of this world. I quess the prices reflect the fact the conversion ration is $2.70 EC equals 1 US dollar. This was a very old wooden two story store. It smelled and reminded me of dry goods stores of my childhood in Pueblo. When we started back to the ship a little shower came up. D and I sat under a porch and waited until it stopped raining. It was all over with in about 10 minutes. Hubby and J walked back in the rain.

Island was developed with sugar cane as primary crop, using slaves as labor. Slavery was abolished in 1834. The way the name of the island is pronounced was in debate. British mispronounced it as "Antee-ga", most of us say "Antee-wa".

St. Thomas

Thursday, November 23, 2006

caregiver2: First Port

Our Cruise Ship
caregiver2: First Port

First Port

St Thomas was our first port. The only American port we touched on this cruise. Sugar Cane plantations settled this island in the early 1600's.

We took a van tour at this port. We had to walk about 3 blocks to get to the van, which was open and very warm. The van was driving on the left side of the road. Why this is an American port, but they drive on the left like the English. I was sitting on the last row and next to the traffic. It was very scary to see all the traffic coming at you from that side of the road. We did miss the school bus that appeared out of nowhere. The gift shop was the nicest one we were in for the whole cruise. Beautiful island, they had a hurricane that caused a lot of damage, most of the damage had been repaired. Van driver couldn't thank President Clinton enough for the help in rebuilding after the hurricane. Van driver pointed out the side of the island that Oprah, Tigger Woods and President Clinton stay at when they visit the island.

We found the lounge at the front of the ship. This is a lounge with lots of windows and comfy chairs. When the ship pulls up to the dock this gives you a great view of the port. Also, when we are at sea it is like looking out of the windshield as you drive over the waves. We spent a lot of time in the comfy chairs and watching port live and the waves.

Sorry, I tried forever to post some of my pictures, but I can't master it. We will have Thanksgiving tomorrow at P. P had to work today. I will try to get D to help me post some of my pictures.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Safely in the Hotel in NYC

We are safely in the hotel in NYC waiting in the lobby for D and J.

November 10, 2006 the 36 hour day from NYC to Dallas.

The day started well a early breakfast at the hotel about 6:30 AM. We caught the ever elusive shuttle to the airport. Porter took our luggage and wisked it away to check out. I over tipped him just for the shear joy of not having to handle that luggage. Checked in with the airline had a our boarding passes in hand and on our way to the gate. Everything was fine, we boarded the plane and were taxing out to take off 12 to 15 planes ahead of us so it took some time. About 2/3 of the way into the line we were ask to go back to the terminal. Something was leaking from the engine. We were ask to leave the plane and have a seat in the gate area. Hubby went to the restroom and I was left with both carryons. He took a very long time to return, I was very alarmed but couldn't leave the carryons or loose our seat in the gate area. He finally returned and said he had been lost. I then left him the luggage and went to the rest room and to buy us some lunch it was 11:30 AM. When I returned people were streaming passed me going somewhere. When I ask the gate personnel what was going on we were directed. "Go get your luggage and go to the ticket counter."

We went down to the baggage area, our luggage was off to one side with about 3 other pieces. People standing around no other luggage in sight the carrousel was not runing. We paid $3.00 for a cart and loaded our luggage on the cart found the elevator and went back to the ATA ticket counter. The line this time was all the way around the baggage x-ray area. Most of the people in line did not have their luggage. We stood in line awhile, a ATA woman personnel said no we were to go to a area opposited from where we were waiting for a ticket agent. She said if we had boarding passes and we could board our plane it was ready to go. A male ATA personnel helped us put our luggage through the x-ray again. When we arrived at the designated area to show our boarding passes, we were turned away. We were told once again to go get our luggage and go back to the ATA ticketing area. Went back to luggage area no luggage in baggage area, carrousel was not running people standing all over the place. I left hubby in the baggage area to retrive luggage, told him to stay there I would meet him at the carrousel when I had a flight for us to leave NYC. I was standing in the ATA ticketing line with an empty cart I had managed to catch. The ATA male person who had helped me load the luggage back into the x-ray machine ask me why I was in line with an empty cart. I explained hubby was down stairs waiting with the luggage while I was trying to get another flight out of NYC to Chicago. I explained to him that hubby had ALZ and he had already been lost once today. He was wonderful he went down to baggage area gathered up hubby and luggage and brought it up to me. We stood in line 2 hours when I was next in line to speak to ticket agent. The woman ATA agent who kept sending people on wild goose chases told us to put our baggage through the X-ray and go to the gate we were re-boarding the same plane. I refused because I was next in line to speak to the ticket agent and she had caused me so much trouble. We got into a shouting match and I stayed put. The ticket agent had a friend that was trying to get him to issue him a new ticket for his friend. I told him to wait his turn. Another ticket agent rushed up and tried to use his computer for someone ese. I told her to wait her turn and told the agent it was my turn I had been waiting for 4 hours. He then processed our tickets the second time and told us to put our luggage through the x-ray for the 3 rd time. We had to go through security again and they took our lunch away from us. This was now 2:30PM hubby has diabetes and had not had any thing to eat since 6:30 AM. I had purchased our lunch in the gate area but they still took it away from us. I had to purchase food again as we rushed to the gate to board our flight once again. Our flight was suppose to leave at 10:00 AM we left at 3:45PM. We either stood or ran up and down the terminal for 5 hours.

I appreciate the fact that the plane was not allowed to leave with a leaking engine. The perferable plan would have allowed us to sit in the boarding area where we had food, water and a restroom without our luggage to haul around until the plane was repaired and ready to leave.

When we arrived in Chicago in a thunderstorm. We sat in the boarding area with ATA gate personnel that kept us informed as to the status of our flight and waited for the thunderstorm to pass. The ATA personnel were so professional and helpful that the 3 hour wait was not that painful.

We arrived at DFW at midnight, we located our car and drove home, arriving at 2:00 AM not 24 hours from the time we left but it felt like 36 hours.

When I related this experience at the ALZ support group meeting yesterday, they thought I was brave to even attempt an airline flight or a cruise with ALZ hubby. I don't know maybe I am stupid to attempt such things but the cruise was great. Now that I have this horrible experience out of my system maybe I can tell about the pleasant part of the trip.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Gee Whiz Back on Dry Land

Arrived home at 2:00 am Saturday Novemer 11, 2006.

For those of you who are curious, I am going to posting a serial travelog. Newspapers and Magazines use too publish serial novels, well mine is going to be the Last Vacation. But, I am going to start at the ending with the title the airline from HELL!!!!!

The September twice monthly telephone call from Aunt D and J a cruise was choosen. We were going Norwegian again, we had been pleased with the last three cruises with them. Our itinerary was New York City to board the cruise, two days at sea and the first stop was St. Thomas. Antigua, Barbados, Grenada, Dominica, Tortola and two more days at sea before we arrived again at New York City. The trip was great, weather was beautiful, spending time with family was wonderful. Hubby had a great time in spite of his failing memory.

I am going to be writting a letter to the airline about our return from New York City to Dallas on ATA Airline. I am posting this first to get the anger out of my system so that I can recall with you the pleasant cruise we experienced.

Cheap mama and grandma I went on line with Southwest knowing full well I couldn't book a flight from Love to New York City. The Wright amendment was cancelled about 10 days after I booked the flight. I toyed with the idea of cancelling my reservations with ATA Airlines ( I had never heard of them before, I'm such a frequent flyer). I was assured they partner with Southwest and that they were OK. I got a great deal senior discount and funfare too. OK so I can put up with no pillow or blanky or food or coke they only serve pepsi, but the price was right.

We set the alarm for 4:00 AM to get up and get out of here for the two hour drive to DFW. A friend had assured me even in the dark (with yellow glasses on so I could see) I could manage I-20 to 360 a right hand turn and the signs would lead me into DFW and the long term parking. First two thirds of the trip no problem, the last third (with white knuckle driving) we found the long term parking. Dumb me I should have unloaded the luggage at the shelter building and then found and parking place. I located a handicapped only 3 rows from the shelter and hubby and I tried to juggle two LARGE suitcases, two small suitcases, one medium bag (to carry hubby's full massage and heating pad) a tote bag apiece and a fanny pack apiece. Now the tote bags with medications (we have a small drug store in pill perscription bottles) reading material, umbrella, sugar tester, hand wipes, makeup, toothbrushes and etc. Fanny packs, money, picture ID's, credit cards, and passports. I had no illusions about the two of us being able to handle that amount of luggage. Airports do have carts for rent that tranport crazy amounts of luggage. I know that is an obscene amount of luggage but when you look at 14 days of underwear it requires a lot of luggage. Don't despair it is necessary for you to know how much luggage we had and why, also, you need to know how up tight I was about trying to move this mountain of luggage. Hubby just looks at the luggage as if it would move itself, he will help if I tell him (at least three times what handle to pickup and where to take it).

We arrived at the terminal 30 minutes early plus our two hours required time before flight. We had boarding passes in hand thanks to online registering. Our luggage was wisked away and I breathed a sight of relief, with my fingers crossed that it would arrive with us in New York City after we changed planes in Chicago.

One more challenge to get hubby through the security beeper. Hubby had been up sense 3:00 AM and dressed (he was so ready to go). I had carefully showed him what he was to wear and laid it out for him but you have to know. Hubby wants to wear as much military stuff as possible so people well stop and talk to him. I can't seem to loose the stupid cap they call a pisscutter. Hubby had on what I had laid out for him and also some loud red, white and blue supenders, a red, white and blue flag tie and his faithful pisscutter. I had bought him a new tan yachting cap to wear but of course, he would have done of that it was in the caryon. He did put his sweater over his shirt and supenders and then put on his jacket. Do you see what is coming? You know you have to pull your shoes off that made him angry, he started pelling off jacket, shoes, fanny pack, carryon, cane, watch and the alarm still went off. I tried to explain to the screeners that he was hard of hearding and had ALZ, he has a hearing aid and a penile implant. They kept pushing me away, they had caught a terriorist. Hubby was sent over to the side they kept running a wand over him and it kept going off. We found a stupid pedimeter (we haven't used those in 2 years) a pen in the pocket of his T-shirt, and the alarm still kept going off. They took his belt off and the alarm still went off. They finally pulled up his sweater to take it off and discovered the metal clips on his supenders. This terrible terrorist then had to have his bag inspected because we had his blood sugar meter in his carryon bag. It took us 20 minutes to get him dressed again and gather up our fanny packs and carryon bags.

The flight to Chicago and New York City were just the usual took many people in too small a space (with nothing to drink but pepsi).

Arriving in New York City we found our luggage (all of it) rented a cart and proceeded to ground transportation, shuttles. We found every shuttle but the one for the Holiday Inn Crown Plaza. Cold, wind blowing like crazy, trying to push that heavy cart around to find our shuttle. Hotel had assured me that a shuttle would meet us. I called the hotel where is the shuttle. " Oh, we don't go to the arrival lane anymore they are too croweded just go up stairs to the departure and the shuttle is there." "why wasn't I informed of this before I rented a cart and pushed it to the arrival lane?" Gee, I don't know why but if you want our shuttle you have to go up stairs." " I have 6 pieces of luggage, a husband with a cane, and I don't do stairs well. Do I have to carry all this luggage upstairs?" "Yes, if you want to use our shuttle, but it has left already on it way to the hotel." Needless to say we stood in line for 10 minutes in that cold wind to get a taxi. While standing in line a guy wanted to rent us a limo to go to the hotel only 55.00 a bargain to get to the hotel. Now you have heard about New York City Taxi drivers well we had some dozies but this guy was wonderful. He took us right down town NYC and when we had been driving about 10 minutes I said they told me the hotel was across the freeway from the airport. " You wanted to go the the Crown Plaza Inn didn't you? That's in Manhattan." I repeated "Holiday Inn, Crown Plaza Laguardia" "Oh that is out by the airport, there are two Crown Plaza's" He turned around and took some short cuts through some neighborhoods that I wouldn't have wanted to stop in. He appolized and said he's take care of the meter and only charge us $10.00 for the trip, the meter already read over $20.00. He was curious where we were from and ask a lot of questions about NM. He wants to take his son to Santa Fe. He was asking about Navajo Indians and I couldn't understand him the way he was pronouncing Navajo. He wanted to know If he could see them, I told him to visit Cochiti and Taos. My complaint to the manage of the hotel did not do any good they have so much business they don't care if they cause anyone any problems getting to there hotel.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hello from the high seas

Last full day of cruising on the sea. We interupted lunch to stop the ship and assist in retreiving 3 men from a sinking sail boat. We were in heavy seas and their sail boat was sinking. We were the closest vessel to them we had to stop and stand my until the coast guard arrived. The ship had to stop and turn sideways. The waves were up to the top of the windows on the 6th floor. We were having lunch and I took a couple of pictures of the hugh waves. I hope they come out.

I was trying to get boarding passes and southwest won't let me.

Post home when we get home Friday.

Friday, October 27, 2006


I need a vacation to recoup from getting ready for this cruise. I can't believe how much work it has been to get ready for this cruise and getting everything packed.

Everything is packed, manicure and pedicure yesterday. Haircut today.

I am anxious about getting to the airport and shuttle too the airport, and getting the shuttle to the hotel. I don't know why I am so anxious I've done all of this several times before and survived it.

Just have to get M packed up and moved to P, oh, yes Sadie has to go too.

Wll post more when we get back.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Good news

The check engine light came on in the car, I tried putting premium gas in to see if it would go out, it didn't. So I took it to a local auto repair, they said I needed a new ignition control motor. They ordered one for Monday, so I took the car back on Monday. They repaired my car in about an hour and a half. How great is that someone that did what they said they would and in such a great length of time.

Today I had 5 telephone calls with bluecross and blueshield in Alb. I send duplicate claims one for hubby for his insurance and one for myself for my insurance. Hubbys came back fine for 112.00 mine came back for $35.00. I spoke with three different people and got a half dozen reason. None of the reasons make any sense. Now the supervisor is taking it higher and will call me back. If it isn't resolved by friday I may have to take drastic action. New Mexico Retiree Health Care Authority, the Insurance Commissioner of new Mexico and maybe even prepaid legal. I am sick of them messing me around.

Hurrah!! I finally got my E-doc from NCL for the cruise. The last time I tried to get them about 5 days ago they told me to wait until closer to the sailing time. When I called complaining today they told me I had waited too long to request them. Nothing has gone right today. So now you see why I started my blog with good news something has been right this week.

M has taken two TAK tests this week she was feeling pretty good about the english on Tuesday. She had to write an essay on someone that made a difference in her life. She chose three a former boy friend, a school friend and her dead cat. She took the math test today and came home saying it was easy. She has two more tests one is science that one may be a problem. I am so pleased she is doing so well. She really inhaled the apples that her mom sent from NM. She did let me know today that she is just visiting and she will go back to NM for college or other schooling. I agreed with her that we just expected to stay for the school year.
Will you please tell me who has 14 pair of panties and 14 bras. I don't want to have to do laundry while we are gone. I'm going to have to go shopping. I couldn't come up with only 9 of each. It is taking a lot of planing and organizing to get everything ready for this cruise. I only have one more week to get everything together and pack. I've never had to pack for two weeks before. When we were gone for a long time before we had the trailer and it was easier. I have to remember that for two whole weeks I won't be a short order cook.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cruise here we come

Aunt D called Saturday she had found a 11 day cruise to the eastern carribean. The both of us spent all day Saturday on the telephone setting up the cruise, airfare, and hotels. I have new respect for travel agents. The hotel in our port city had a gal on the phone with mush in her mouth and I never could understand her. I had to wait until the next day to book the last day at the hotel. Low and behold the price of the same hotel room jumped 75.00 a day from reservations for Oct to Nov and from Sat to Mon. Because we booked the cruise through Travelcity the people at Norwegian won't talk to us. The airfare was done online with Southwest and was a breeze once I figured out there web site. I have my finger crossed that everything is finally worked out.

I spent all day Monday changing appointments not only are they mine and hubbbys. Now I have grandaughter M to change appointments for too. I am still trying to get her bus stop changed. M wil be staying with P while we are gone. I will be so much more at ease that she is with family and not alone. While P and D are gone on there cruise we will have Michelle. M and Michelle are going to have to get along for longer peroid to time.

We had Michelle all day Saturday, I planed a picnic and day at the park. It was so hot and no place to sit we managed two hours. Good thing as Aunt D was keeping he cell phone hot with plans for the cruise. When we got home M and Michelle had to entertain themselves while I spent the rest of the day on the telephone. M practiced driving somemore on Sunday. We have to drive 23 miles away to buy diet coke with lime..

Haven't posted about Sadie in sometime, this morning the weather radio woke me up letting me know Waco had a torrnado watch. I went in to be sure M was up and moving. While I was in M room my alarm when off. Before I could get in to turn it off Sadie raced in and jumped up on the bed and table and nosed the alarm and then looked behind it to try to find out where that noise was coming from. Maybe I can teacher her how to turn it off.

Went to my ALZ support group yesterday, only my second time and already I am feeling so close to these other two ladies and a man. The leaders hubby is in a nursing home sence the last meeting. Mans wife is in nursing home. Only one other lady an I are still taking care at home. Boy have I ever needed this group. I wish I had found it a year ago.

I have been going to a Sunday night study group at the Methodist Church. There whole approach as intellectual. The paster is young, young and says he is also a disinfranchised baptist. I took hubby to the Methodist Church Sunday morning and he did real well. We may try going some more. Pastors wife is ordained and helps with the service as well as communion. They were afraid it would upset us, I thought it was great. Pastors wife about to pop with her third child. LOVELY PEOPLE.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Week for Doctors

I gave up and called my primary care doc for sleeping pills. She sent me the Lunesta perscription they are over 1.00 per pill on my perscription plan. What on earth are they without a perscription plan. First couple of them worked pretty good. I skipped one night and went back and it didn't work so well last night.

M went back to dentist last week for finale cleaning we are going to have to have her teeth cleaned every four months for awhile. She has a small place to be filled we will do that the end of this month.

I decided I could put off seeing a chiropractor any longer. I went Tuesday to one that had been highly recomended to me. He was nice but all the talk, xrays, and xams but no treatment. I still have my headache, I go back to see him today.

Took M to Athens to doc spent two hours in her office. M seems to like her very much. I was impressed. She seems to have diagnosed M to a T. I am still trying to understand what this is and how do we deal with it. I quess it is one of those things you don't fix. You learn how to compensate for it and how to deal with it. I am reading on a website about this

M is going to be in a talent show tomorrow night. P has been working with her and I have been having her practice here at home. Keep your fingers crossed that it goes well. She has to do this as a spoof I know the kids will laugh I hope it doesn't hurt her feelings. P bought her a cowboy hat, P gave her, her old boots, with her demin skirt she should look cute. We would like to video tape it but can't find a camcord and I am not about to buy one. M seems to think the money pit doesn't have a bottom. Everybody is taking a camera so we can get lots of pictures.

P had a good report at her doc appointment her CA125 went down 10 points and the physical exam is the same. So they are still giving her doxil, she won't lose her hair for now. We never know how the chemo will effect her some times you hardly know she had any. The next time she has all kinds of weird systoms. P computer is still down and they have fixed the computer at work so she can't blog.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Height of Stupidity

I posted a long post before dinner and now I come back and find it went to never, never land. I'll try again.

TV is reporting that a 28 year art teacher has been fired for taking her 5th grade class to the Dallas Art Musem. The principal suggested that she take a field trip to the Musem and she did. Some parents complained that their students saw some naked statues. I'm not sure where the Texas AFT is the teacher had to hired her own attorney. Reminds me of the trouble hubby got into showing a TV program that stated with the outline of a person with lines running through it. You know you see it at the beginning of some of science program on educational TV. One of his students when home and said he was showing pictures of naked men. That principal was smart enough to take it for what it was and kid looking to get out of school. This school board was running scared that someone was going to be offended. I quess the statue of "DAVID" wouldn't pass mustard either.

I am so proud of Bill Clinton he finally took the present administration on for there uneccessary war and what it has done to America. Killing off all our young men and torturing people to make it acceptable to the American people. I am so sick of this stupid group of people running our nation and torturing people. I can't believe these people are calling themselves Christians.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Start of new week

We are starting new week, this one has lots of things to do, I hope we are up to the activities. We go for weeks without anything to do and everything comes in one week.

The ALZ group I have located is meeting this afternoon. I am going to try and go to that. Tomorrow is a luncheon with the retiree's of education.

We had rain yesterday afternoon and off and on all night. Sadie is unhappy about having to go out in the rain or on the wet deck.

We went to catholic church to a fund raising dinner with D mother, they had a cute rat terrier puppy they were trying to give away. Michelle was really taken with him she would have taken him home in a minute. D would have killed us. P came over last night to help M with her performance for the talent show. They didn't have the music or equipment over here so they went to P's. So... I don't know what is planned but I am trusting P to help her get something good going on for the show.

I got a new hearing aide for hubby, it has ear phones and a little box to project the sound loud enough for him to hear. It seems to be helping so I hope he will enjoy the luncheon tomorrow.

I have been trying to sort pictures I sorted for hours last night and haven't sorted half of the pictres. I don't know what I am going to do with them when I finish. I think I am going to try to seperate them and give some to each of the kids. I would shutter at the kids trying to go through them after we are gone. They wouldn't have any idea who some of the people are or why we have pictures of them. I should have a lifetime of work if I made scrape books out of some of them. I may only do the ones that are of their ancestors.

Exicted for my son that is getting his first book published. I know what everybody is getting for Christmas presents. I remember well when he started writting the book. He ask hubby, myself and a close friend Jean to read the script and make comments. We took turns reading and we read everywhere including in the motorhome in Fort Sumner where they were working on the motorhome. I hope some of our suggestions were of a help to him. I haven't read that script in sometime so I'm not sure how that one came out. I have read the one he has in a blog but not lately. Now he has started a new one that I am trying to read. I always wanted to write but have never had to courage to try. I did manage to do a pretty of good job writting for the ASCA newsletter but that is about all I every did.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Hey I have my computer back

I got my computer yesterday. I had called Frys (you know I was desperate to call them) they had a power cord for my computer. I went to where I left my computer 3 weeks ago and they had ordered a cord for me. They said they had received the cord on Friday but hadn't bothered to call me. I didn't have to drive to Dallas, but we had a rain shower and I couldn't use the computer.

I tried to blog some but i couldn't get son greek shadows blog to take a comment.

Hubby is doing lots better the biggest problem was the heat. We have had visiting nurses for the last couple of weeks. The doc in Kaufman thought he could use some physical therapy but that didn't work out. So the social worker did get some info for me. The visiting nurse just comes and takes his blook pressure and keeps up with his blood sugar. This will go on for another 6 weeks but I did get connected with a alz support group in Gun Barrel City. I will try them out next week.

Had trouble getting M up and out to school yesterday. But she was up and ready to go on her own today. Her school is having a talent show and the kids are encouraging her to sign up. P has volunteered to help her get a song ready. I hope she decides to do it. Hey pappa bear we went shopping with P on Sunday and some money would be appreciated. You can't take a teenager shopping and not spend money. A new t-shirt and a new top was the damage. I did buy a camisol at wally world the other day. Now she can wear any of her tops to school.

Steven has a dental problem so I get to take him to Tyler today to the dentist.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hey I'm here

I'm on my grandaughters computer, a bad, bad puppy dog chewed my power cord into. The battery ran down and I couldn't use my computer. I made the mistake of taking it to a local shop and of course they had to order the cord. We are still waiting for the cord to arrive. They have had my computer for 9 days I'm desperate.

Grandaughter living with us has a bad cold, she tried to go to school yesterday but I had to go get her. She is still home today. I've told her that she has to go tomorrow. Three days for a cold is enough.

P has gone to Dallas for chemo today, so I have to pick up Michelle from school. Hubby is doing better but of course the heat wave is done for the time being. I hope we are through with the 100 degree weather. I have turned the AC off for the last few nights.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I'm trying to paint this footlocker. I maybe having trouble because of the sponge brush I am using. I can't seem to keep the brush marks out. I may be trying to get things too smooth. I am trying to lay a smooth base so that I can tole some on the trunk. I haven't toled in a lot of years and I maybe biting off more than I can chew to try it again but I have to try.

Hubby is not feeling too well, his side is hurting again. They have x-rayed that area several times an he just has a twist in his intestines. He wants me to take him to the doctor again. I have just been giving him tynole and hoping for it to pass. He is sleeping most of the day every day, he is not to steady on his feet. I don't know if it is from sleeping so much or his equal liberal is off. He is losing weight, I haven't been too concerned as he has more or less been on weight watchers with me. He doesn't seem to be reading all of any book any more he reads off and on on two or three a day.

P has a cat scan again tomorrow, we are hoping for a good report this time. Her blood tests have been good but the last cat scan showed something the doc is not sure what.

Both grandaughters are in school. The highschooler seems to be doing good. She was offered a intership at our better italian restaurant. She was there last saturday and survived. She goes back next friday and saturday the pay is not good but maybe the tips will make up. She needs sometime more to do than hang around here and watch TV.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Once Again

Oh, no once again I am shopping for school supplies while wading through baskets, adults, kids and total madness. At my age why am I doing this again, M really needs this chance. She has two different calulators on her supply list, also welding gloves, leather toed shoes and a 30 yard measuring tape. She is so exited about school, today was the first day, she seems to be fitting in realy well and making friends. Teachers seem to be friendly to her, so maybe they will keep her interested.

The bus comes about 7:30 in the morning and she gets home about 4:30 in the afternoon. We are practicing driving every time we get. She has driven on a two lane county highway twice. She has driven on a 4 lane state highway about 20 miles. She has driven from the drug store to the postoffice. She drove from Walmart to Burger King parked and backed out and drove us home. I don't know if they will make her paralel park but she does everything else pretty well. TV was saying that a teenager needs 30 hour of driving before you turn them loose. I'm not sure how many hours we have in. I made her pratice driving around the curving edges of first monday parking lot a couple of times to get use to controling the car.

I hope I have my finale dentist appointment tomorrow, it has been a rough two months. I just hope the bridge is more durable than the temporary has been, it keeps fallin apart. M goes back the end of September.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Counting down

We are counting down until school starts. We braved the stores at the outletmall for the tax free weekend. We bought panties and bras so that we don't have to wash every other day. We went to Ci ci's for pizza after shopping, that isn't going to help my diet. We had a good rainstorm on Sunday evening. The lights were out about an hour and half. M and I played Trivia by candle light, the game must be old, old we bought it at a yard sale and the questions seem to be about the 70's. We aren't doing too well but it was fun. We may have to try it again one of these days. M is having some down time before school starts next week. I' m desperate for someone to cut my hair so that I can take care of it. I would even have it done every week if I could find someone that was interested. I can't believe a place that you have to have lived here 20 years to get anything done. We soon will be here 2 years and we are still having problems. Oh, well maybe we will learn more and be more accepted with a teenager in the house.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

School registration

Boy what a difference having a teen-age grandaughter in the house makes. On the days we don't have Michelle, she goes to work. She is learning to be a receptionist, I hope it is working. We met with the counselor at the school on Tuesday and got a somewhat schedule, but of course we have decieded on a change already. She only needs two half years of english, of course they are the second semester. She needs one elective for all year. She has to take the Texas test to get a high school diploma. So she is taking a math class to be sure she passes that and I quess she should take the science class to get ready for that test as well. Because she is riding the bus she has to fill up 8 hours a day. So she is taking sewing they call it apparel. She is taking nutrion that must be cooking she needs both of the sewing and cooking. She is taking landscaping of all things. I quess she can landscape around our modular it doesn't have anything except the few things in pots and tubs I have added. Hubby keeps adding grass seed and watering but the only thing we get is weeds. But at least that is green from all the water hubby is adding Hubby waters morning and night it is something for him to do.

Grandaughter went to dentist to have her teeth cleaned and she has gum problems. We are going to try Melalueca for 6 weeks to see if that helps before we do the gum scrap. Monday dentist, Tuesday School for schdule, Wednesday to work P kidnapped her and took her to splash kingdom for the afternoon. Boy were they pooped when they got home. I spent Wednesday sorting out all the yarn that was in hubbys footlocker. I quess I have my mothers, my sisters, P and my yarn. I tried puttng it in a big bag that you can suck the air out of but of course it didn't hold. I put it on the shelf in the closet, I hate to throw it away but I don't know what to do with it would daughter-in-law like it for her plastic canvas? I want to paint the trunk and see if I am steady enough to tole it. We saw one at fist Monday that was really cute and expensive. We have had that stupid trunk hanging around for 56 years and hubby had it in the marines 6 years before that, does that make it a antique. I want to use it as a quilt trunk at the foot of my bed.

Question how do I go to school with a teenager in highschool and see that she gets registered correctly? She is not a 6 year old going into first grade. I have to let her be responsible. We finally got a bed frame for her bed. We now have a bed frame, metal springs, plywood and mattress. I am hoping it will be a god bed for her. P made a headboard for her kingsize bed and she has some plywood left over we may try one for M. We still need a mirror for her room I hope that is the last thing. We still need comforter and drapes does it ever end?

We have been practice driving that is driving me crazy, she is doing pretty good. Just needs lots of practice. Tomorrow she works again and this weekend is first Monday so we will go to that some. Lots of laundry and housework for the weekend. Michelle will be with us some saturday and all day sunday. D has a booth at first Monday this weekend hope it works out for him. P has chemo on Tuesday, Sara is setting up a date at the local teen hangout with her and a friend that goes to the highschool M is going too. We hope to have M a friend at the school before she goes the first day. Two grandaughters in the house are keeping me busy.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Better today

July 19 I had oral surgery the doc was so rough deading my jaw that I almost died. They had me upside down and forced the needle in so hard and fast that I was really tensed up. Of course that didn't help the deading progress. He then pulled the root out in three pieces. He said I was a good patient sat me up and escored me out to pay for his punishment. I was just so glad to get out of there that I paid up and ran out of the place. I was so shaky that I could hardly stand up. P managed to get me to the other dentist and they put in the partical. It was 12:30 before we got to cracker barrel to have lunch. I hadn't had anyting not even water for 12 hours.

Friday I started having pains in my right ear and behind my ear. I thought it would go away, I graduated from tyndol to hydrocodone all weekend. Monday I started about 1:30 am with diarhia that lasted unti 7:30 am after about 5 pills and sitting on the pot for 6 hours. I gave up and called P she took me to the GP. She gave me a prescrip for some pills. They made me so drunk I was afraid to take any more. My friend and massage gal. Came over Tuesday morning and worked some of the kniks out of my neck and back. That helped until about 10 last night so more pills until I got ahold of the doc about noon today. I'm back to taking the drunk pills today I slept for about 3 hours. I'm feeling a little rocky but the pain has slowed down considerabily. I quess the GP doc was right the oral surgeon damaged some nerves when he deaded my mouth. Next question do I have a case to sue the idiot for the damage and pain and suffering I am having?

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Another Week

Where has this last week gone. Tuesday we went to Athens clothes shopping for M. P and I went to weight watchers, the family here for a week has played hob with our diet. We promised we were going to be good this week, well, a couple of days I was. Wednesday D took P to Dallas for chemo, we had Michelle all day. M and Michelle can get along for about 5 hours and thing deteriate. Thursday M went to work for the first time, we went to Gun Barrel in the afternoon for hair cuts. M was great and looks so cute, it should be it was 50 bucks. I had hair color and a cut. My cut is for the birds. Friday M worked all day. Saturday M went to Michelles for the day and gave hubby and I a break. Today we moved a mattress for M so she isn't sleeping on a blow up anymore. We took two cars to Mesquite today we ate at Outbacks and did some shopping. When we came home M and I went to wally world the shelves were bare again. I got the last diet tea and we couldn't find the water that we usually get. M goes to work again tomorrow and I may go to Mesquite again with G and P.

We will go to Edgewood Tuesday and see about school for M. I am still trying to find out about the Alpha program in Mabank. We may have to go over there and see if we can chase that down. Next Thursday we go back to Athens to see about the community college and the possiblity of a GED. M will have to decide what she wants to do when we get all the info on what is possible. M, papa will have to come up with some money if it is going to cost. We still need to get a MV book so she can get started on learning to drive. I finally go to the oral surgeon on Wednesday P is going to take me and leave Michelle home with hubby and M. We have been so busy sence M has been here there is always something to do.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Still tired

Number two son and family wore me out while they were here. M stayed to help out with Michelle and hubby. I have found a job for her no pay but some experience, as a receptionist in our massage therapy office.

Enjoyed my family so much I knew I missed them but didn't know how much until they were here. We did keep a busy schedule while they were here.

I need a commission on the wooden trash bins, all three of my kids have one now. I really enjoy mine and I'm use they are enjoying theirs too.

We have an invasion of tiny ants, I put ant powder all around the outside of the house. I wanted to put some under the house but couldn't get under there. I have sprayed all around the inside of the house I hope it doesn't bother Sadie.

I bought some Bitter Apple the other day. I have sprayed some things, I also sprayed Sadies's mouth a couple of times. Sadies didn't like it but didn't throw and big fit. I hope it is going to work on the telephone cords and the house. She has been chewing on the side supports of the front door.

Monday, July 03, 2006

A few minutes

I have a few minutes. Number two son and wife are playing golf. Middle grandaughter is on computer in her room. Michelle is with momie. Hubby is snozzing. I'm trying to catch up on reading blogs. We have done First Monday for three days, boy was it hot and I am tired. Going to Dallas today P has appointment with her cancer doc at Baylor. We are hoping for a good report. We are going to Joe's Crab shack afterwards and maybe do Garden Ridge. We have been doing nothing but buy buy buy since the kids have been here. Sadie the hyper active dog has been super hyper active so many people to play with. Michelle has been having a great time with middle grandaughter here to play with her. They are teaching me how to play UNO I even won a game from Michelle yesterday. Michelle is becoming a super UNO player. P worked all weekend so we haven't spent anytime with her but we still have the next two days. Number one son is in deep trouble with the main bath in Okla. he won't be able to come down. Keep you posted later.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Just trying to straighten out the house, put everything away. I still am moving things around sence we moved. I spent all of yesterday re-doing the kitchen. Today I worked on the rest of the house. Still need to clean and buy groceries. Number one son and wife won't be here. Number one for just a day or two to see number two son. We are looking foreward to First Monday, Joe's Crab shack and just visiting with number two, spouse and daughter.

Sadie is still being a pill, I understand this bred doesn't ever mellow out. P says she wants a hound dog that lies on the porch and sleeps. I wonder where I find one that is actually flesh and blood.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Bad Week glad it is over

Monday the trip to tyler was a bust. Tuesday we went to Dallas with P and Michelle for P to have medical test. We spent all day sitting in a Balor waiting room. I was so tried when we got home that I went to sleep about 7:30 and didn't wakeup until 12:30. Wednesday went to tyler with G and couldn't find a screen door, I have to try a mobile home supply store. We got home about 3:00 pm hubby had been without AC for three hours. The electric company had cut off our electricity. The electric company all of a sudden started sending the bill to the non existant street address. The post office was just stuffing them in an empty mailbox that no one has ever received mail in. After two hours on the telephone and the complex manager interfering for me they finally turned it on again about 7:30. We didn't have to sleep at P house with 95 degree heat you can't stay in the house without AC. The customer service guy at the electric company was so snotting, if I don't receive a bill just the time I think I should, I should call and see why I haven't received one. After all it is my reponsibility to see that the eletric company bills me at the correct address. We now know why electric and phone companies should be regulated. Both of the boys and spouse maybe here over 4th of July. NM son will be here with spouse and daughter. I can't wait.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Monday was a bust

We too all the troops to tyler on Moday hubby, Michelle, GrandmaG and me. The dental visit turned out to be a consult? I thought they were going to do the work. They put it off until July 12th. Took P to Dallas for tests yesterday, Michelle was going too. I am glad hubby and I went along to keep Michelle company in the waiting room. The tests took most of the day. Went to weight watcher last night I still keep going up and down about a pound and a half. I have to be real good until P and L get here. I don't need to go backwards. Trip to tyler again today need to pick up a screen door for P to put up while he is here.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Another Week

We are starting another week. We have to go to tyler today I am having oral surgery. I'm not looking foreward to that. P is working today so G and Michelle are going with hubby and me. I'm afraid that I won't be able to drive back. P and L are planing on coming the end of the month. I'm really glad they are coming we haven't seen them in a year. I'm glad that G agreed to go to Tyler with me today. I think I have finally discovered what my tummy upset has been. It has happened a few days after I have to take my pre med for dential work. I quess I just have to keep lots of stuff around to counteract the effects.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Update on Hubby

Friday we made a early trip to dallas to ALZ doc. I knew hubby's memory was going but I didn't realize just how bad it was. First hubby couldn't remember who we took cruises with, and who we were going to Okla to see. But when the doctor starting asking him questions he didn't know what the date was on Friday. Then hubby couldn't remember that it was my birthday. Hubby couldn't remember how many years he was in the Marines. Hubby couldn't remember what city we got married in almost 56 years ago. Hubby told the doc some crazy story about why he got out of the Marines. Yes, I was in the hospital when I was expecting B and I didn't have very good care but that was 5 years before he got out of the service. He did get early release to go the California Baptist College in Riverside, California. When we were driving into Dallas he told me that he liked the pink leaves on the trees. He was talking about flowering bushes. Hubby couldn't tell the doc whose birthday it was in Okla. that we went to, he kept telling him it was Jean's. We hadn't seen Jean in a year before we left Alb. and she has died sence then. He never realized who Jane was even after spending and hour and a half with her just two weeks ago. I never realized that he didn't know who we had gone to Okla. to see. Jean and I always thought we would wind up living with each other some day. I promised hubby I wouldn't put him in a nursing home until he didn't know who I was, now I am wondering how long that will be. I use to have a plan for how that would work out now I don't have anything. I know I can't live where I am there won't be enough money.

We went to church this morning hubby snoozed off and on all thru the service. The pastor tried to say he wasn't taking sides in the politics of the church but he said he was unhappy about people trying to say there was no difference in the creation of the Bible and science. Then he spent the rest of the sermon saying that the Bible was correct in every word, the dead sea scrolls proved it. No errors in the Bible every word was inspired. All of this to tell the young people that the Da Vinci Code was untrue. He admitted to seeing the movie. I think I have darkend the door of that church for the last time. I may become a methodist, I will have to try them out.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Things you find in strange places

I read alot, most of it is books from a paper back book exchange. No not romances they bore me to death. I found a new author Karen Harper, mysteries, the latest one is Dark Harvest. A mystery written about a Amish community. I need to quote a couple of paragraphs. Someone had been harrassing the Amish community mainly there young people. The undercover cop that was looking into the problem is quoted as saying about a far right group.

"I'd say they've made patriotism their religion. They see enemies everywhere in what's going on in modern society." "The Amish see things wrong with the modern world, too, but we don't hoard weapons and play soldier. I quess most folks around try to ignore the Knights, except when they have their Fourth of July fireworks show.

I just spent a long weekend with my oldest son, looking into and reading about the theocracy government that some legislators are pushing these days. Now even fiction is picking up the religion of patriotism. Can't I be a proud American without it becoming part of my Christian beliefs?

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Good to be home

Well I will start again I had a long blog ready to publish and my computer lost power.

We had a good trip to Oklahoma in spite of my sick tummy the whole time I was there. Good news I lost 2 pounds by not eating if I just don't gain it back. I have to go weight in tomorrow night. Traffic was not bad except around Gainsville. We got home about 2:30. While I was starting the laundry I noticed the sticky mouse trap beside the washing machine had a very pretty striped pattern. I wondered what cord fell on the trap. While I took a closer look I discoverd a small snake curled up and stuck to the trap. I thought well that is one way of killing snakes. My entire family will tell you their mom is snake phobic. They would be proud of me I didn't scream, I didn't run, I just called hubby to see what we had caught. We didn't touch it. I called the complex manager and ask her husband to come and see the snake. Boy, was he here fast, he picked it up and told me it was a baby water snake and then it moved. Then I did freak, but I didn't scream. Now how do I keep snakes out of the house I don't see anyway it got in. Will those sticky mouse traps keep the snakes out of the house and will the next one be poisonous.

It is impossible to carry on a conversation with hubby in the car he can't hear you. Most conversations with hubby leave alot to be desired, it only leads to more depression. So, I had a lot of time to think on the 5 to6 hour trip. I have been embarrassed to tell people that I am a Baptist and use to be a Southern Baptist by choice. Now I tell people yes, I am a Baptist but a mainstream or moderate baptist. Now I am embarrassed to be an american, I use to be so thankful that I was born in america an that my husband served in the Marines during Korean War, he was part of helping the South Korean people stay free. That time in America we didn't start wars to obtain oil no matter how much we depend on oil. Yes, I do feel the pinch at the gas pump and yes we do need to find another way to fuel our cars. Our country did not torture people or keep prisoners in jail forever without due process of law. Our country did not listen in on our telephone calls, or monitor our blogs. Hubby likes to wear his flag tie and wear as much of his military stuff as possible. I know why people notice him and talk to him and he likes that. I just have to suffer the looks and the way people think. It is just part of his memory lose and Alhezimers, if people don't like it they will just have to put up with it. Maybe I am just on overload from all the information son number one gave and showed me this weekend. I quess the cherry on the whole mess was the video that showed the ministers in germany helping hitler take over germany and start WWII. Now the same thing is happening here. How do we stop this insanity. It was interesting to hear son number one talk about a time that he first heard about what germany did to the jews. I quess that I am glad that somethings that happened when he was growing up effects the person he is today, that makes me very happy. I have had several of those moments with son number two, but not that many with number one.
It helps to know that somethings you did right in raising kids, so much in raising kids is just doing what happens at the moment.

I went after Sadie after we got home and Michelle wasn't at home. When I talked to her last night she cried because I took Sadie home she wants Sadie to stay at her house. They have 9 goats and are expecting another, they now have 4 cats, P wants a guinne pig. Michelle wants a dog so bad, her Dad just can't have one around.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Spent all day yesterday in Tyler, I had a coupon for some work on the Tarus. It took them 3 hours to work on the car anad wash it. The Tarus looks like new but it should have the wash job cost 20.00. They tell me the tires are out of round I haven't found out what that means. They suggested I take it back where I bought the tires. I'm not sure I can face another day of sitting in a waiting room.

We are planing on going to Oklahoma on Friday. I'm looking forward to going some place.

Hubby is getting more forgetful every day. He ask me today who we were going to see in Oklahoma? He also wanted to know who we went on the cruise to Alaska and Hawaii with?

I'm hoping our trip goes well.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Another Update

Well I have drapes up but not curtains, still working on putting pictures up.

P and D have gone to San Antonio for a couple of days. Michelle is staying with her other grandmother. We will have to see how that goes. I am suppose to stay out of it.

My depression is better I've been out spending money. We bought a gate for the porch/deck. Sadie is happier to be shut on the deck instead of chained outside. I'm going to give her a bath again in the special shampoo. She still is eating herself alive. I was hoping taking her out of the dirt and grass would help. The vet seems to think every visit should cost 80 to 90 dollars. Hubby and I bought some new clothes we have been loosing weight and things don't fit. If I lose some more that will mean more new clothes.

Had a nice weekend, P and M came over on Saturday and bought me a little wheelbarrel with a couple of plants. It is really cute, P had to work on Sunday so she could be off Monday and Tuesday to go to San Antonio. Son P called on Saturday and we had a nice chat. Hubby and I went to Wills Point and had dinner and went to a movie we saw RV with Robin Williams. We really enjoyed it, it was so funny. Drive home in the dark wasn't too bad.

I bought the new anti-virus D wanted me to get but I still can't get on line with it installed. So I am going without anything to protect my computer. I hope D can come to help before too long.

Hubby is getting worse. I have had to tell him twice just this morning that he doesn't need to water. It rained a inch yesterday morning. He doesn't go back to the doc until August.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Getting Settled

We have been in the new house about 10 days. I have most everything put away. I am trying to put up pictures today. I still need to put up drape rods, drapes, curtain rods, and curtains. I'm going to have to hire someone to put up two heavy mirrors. The walls are so thin that it won't hold a toggle bolt.

I've had a couple of days of depression, it is really bad at night. I'm fighting hard to get out of it. It is really bad when I can read my sons blog and cry because I wanted to go to the convention with him.

Hubby has been sleeping or reading ever since we moved into the new house. Unfortunately the move has been hard on both of our backs. We have another massage scheduled this week.

P and I have been doing good with Weight Watchers. It is slow but we have both lost about 15 pounds. About a pound a week, it is hard to stick with it. Michelle was hear today playing with Sadie. They have a good time together.

Talking about going to Oklahoma over memorial day weekend. Friend is having a 70th Brithday party. It sounds like fun to drive up and see everyone. Michelle is having surgery a couple of days before and may not feel like taking the trip. But I think we will go up anyway.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Yeah!! I have internet again.

D got my internet up and running today. I still don't have a telephone. I called Verizone which is the only telephone company in this area. I gave them a weeks notice that I would need a line run from the Pole to the house. They gave me a date of April 27th between 10 and 12 for the line to be run. At 12:30 I called Verizone again and they told me someone would be out during the day. About 3:00 guy came out and said someone would have to run a line from the mainstreet down to the house. He but a telephone box on the side of the house that connects to nothing, no line to a pole, no line to inside of the house just a box on the side of the house. They called back later and said someone would come out on Wednesday. I got a call on the cell this afternoon asking how to get to our street. Someone was going to come out to bury the line? I ask when they would be out, tomorrow (Wednesday) only if it was necesary. I wasn't very nice it has now been two weeks since I requested a new telephone line. They assured me that they will be here tomorrow. How can they bury a line that hasn't been run?

Electrical line on my dryer didn't match the plug in the wall. I got that fixed easily but the dryer wouldn't work. I called an appliance repair company out that was $65.00 to find out that the plug on the wall is installeed improperly. I was suppose to have a fence for the mutt. I still don't have a time line for that to be done. I am having to put Sadie on a chain which I hate. I'm getting up at 6:00 AM to walk Sadie. Love the house and the room but boy have we had the problems.

Good news we got moved, we are busy unloading boxes and getting things setup.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Frys returned my computer to me on wednesday of last week. Computer cashed on thursday. Friday returned computer to Frys after two hours of trouble. The gave me a new computer a COMPAC??. The pits of all computers. Netzero won't let me stay online long enough to post every much.

Movers come tomorrow to move us. We won't have a telephone. Only Cell phone. I don't know when D will get over to connect satilite and computer connection. I will be out of touch for awhile.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Continuing saga of the computer

I received a postcard a week ago telling me my computer was ready at Frys. Why they didn't call me, they had two phone numbers listed for me, both had answering machines. Anyway I drove to Garland on Wednesday to pick up the computer. California had taken all the programs off so I couldn't see if the computer would even work. Yes it turned on and off but that was about it. I brought it home and it worked pretty good on Wednesday night for about 45 minutes. I got Quicken on and netzero. Checked my e-mailes and some of the blogs. Thursday morning I decided to pay all the bills I could find. I got on line and paid bills, when I started checking blogs computer crashed. I never could get it to turn on again. I spend most of Thursday on the phone trying to find out what options I had.

Frys and California had the computer 3 times over 5 months. I made 8 round trips to Frys that is a 150 miles round trip. I finally got to talk to the Customer Service Store Manager after I had to scream obscenities at the telephone operator. The only option they gave me was to return the computer to the store so they could see it. Now they have had this computer 3 different times over a period of 5 months. The only thing Frys did was ship it to California. Now they want to look at it, what good was that going to do.

Friday we went back to Frys with the computer Customer Service Manager looked at all my paper work and tried to turn it on. I woudn't turn on. Another man was there trying to talk to the Customer Service Manager, he was a upset as I was. He had brought a $5,000.00 big screen TV and had a service agreement just like the one I had. Something was wrong with it and the repair company was refusing to go out to his house to fix it. His service contract said they would go to the home to repair within 40 miles. He had a map and could prove he lived 21 miles from the store. They were having to call California to try to reconcil his problem.

After a hour and a half of standing around while they decided what to do. The east indian guy in charge of the repair department came and and now the Customer Service Manager turned it over to him. They told me they would replace it with a new computer of equal something. As it turned out it was not financial value. They were trying to say it was really an upgrade as the computer was newer and had more hard drive space. But quess what it was a Compaq the pits of computers. I paid 1,300.00 for my computer in January of 2005. The new one they gave me, sticker price on the box 780.00. I had also paid 300.00 for a 5 year service contract. Now the servce contract is fulfilled with a new computer. The new computer does not have a service contract. So I really paid 1,600.00 for a computer that is worth 780.00. And I didn't even get kissed.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hey my baby picture is posted.

B and K were here over Friday and Saturday. Saturday was hubbys birthday, yes it was his birthday long before it was tax day. Also before it was hubbys birthday it was the day that Lincoln Died.

B posted one of my baby pictures for me. The picture was taken in front of the brick house my folks lived in when I was born. That is the house that has the big pine tree in the front yard. As you can see the picture was before the pine tree was planted. Does that tell you how old I am. The year was early 30th's and during the great depression. My parents wanted a boy when I was born, so I quess that is why they dressed me as a little boy. I am sure that I was the only little girl of that age that was dressed as a boy. My sister 5 years older was small and had dark hair and bright blue eyes with the perfect irish coloring, when she was born. I was large with a bald head and blue eyes. What hair I had was blond and not visible. I now wonder how this idenification confused me. Too bad people can't blame that for me not being gay All of my kids were mostly bald when they were born and they were blond, blond, blond with blue eyes. Only the boy that we lost had dark hair and I never saw him. Only my mom and hubby saw him.

I quess it was a cold I came down with over the weekend, boy has it been tough, the cough is killing me. I spent all Easter in bed after B and K left. I slept most of the day, I am having trouble packing and moving. We managed two loads yesterday in 100 degree weather. We have moved one load already this morning. The temperture is suppose to be 100 degrees again today. I need to load the car down again this morning, I don't know when we will feel like unloading it.

Anyway enjoy the picture of grandma1.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

We have started

Well we have started moving. I am having to clean before I can even put down shelf liner. They are still waiting for the AC coil, so boy is it hot in there. I have one little fan that we put in the kitchen. I turned on both exhaust fan in the bath rooms. All the shelves in this modular home are pressed board. I have n3ever seen board like this. It is large spliners of wood glued together, I am sure under pressure, but the large spliners are coming up. I can't believe people even used these shelves. The spliners would tear up anything you put on them. We have cleaned out a lot of the closets. We have to leave enough clothes for the next couple of weeks. We also took a load of dishes down, packing them in linens. We have about 5 small boxes that we are loading moving, unloading and bring back to repack. The boy that has been cutting our grass is going to help carry boxes. He is off on Friday so I have to have enough packed that he can carry them for me.

I finally found the denfensive driving class that I use to take to get the discount on our car insurance. It is the 8 to 12 for the next two days. It will cut into my
moving time but I am use it will be well worth it. That leaves Friday afternoon and all day Saturday. I have the movers coming the 27th that only leaves the 28th for me to clean. The new people want to move in on the 29th and 30th. I am not sure how well I will clean this one. I am having to clean so much of the new one. I am glad I won't have the sea of boxes I had last time. I am also putting everything away when it is moved so the unpacking and putting away will already be done.

We went Monday and bought Michelle an Easter Dress, we also bought a couple of little school dresses for her. She loves to dress up in dresses for school so much. She is such a joy.

What is this education program that Bill Gates is pushing? Are they into the voucher thing or is this public education? I can't tell from what is on Oprah.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Well I'm going for it.

Made the decision to move, the end of the month. The new house is much larger, newer, double pane windows. Larger heater and AC, seperate office. It is going to be expensive but I think the added room will make up for all problems. Hubby will have a large enough room to have a recliner. He spends so much time in bed watching TV that he can at least sit in his recliner. I'm going to start moving things a little at a time. I will leave the furniture to a mover.

I am having fits with my turbo tax this year. I have put the same information in twice. One time we owe $190.00 the next we owe $45.00 the figure are the same. I have decided to put it away and look again in a few days. The first time I did it they said I didn't have enough deductions take the standard deductions. Now it says I have more than enough deductions. The figures are the same, that I input, what is going one.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

I need your help

I was thrown a curve yesterday. The manager of the lakeside village we live in offer me a much larger house in the edge of the woods. I have been watching them move it in set it up everything in it is new. It is in a beautiful place and the front of it overlooks the lake.

Seperate Office(P) Work of Moving(C)
More Rooms (P) No Pantry(C)
Larger Rooms (P) No big tub(C)
New Heater and AC(P) Smaller Shower(C)
Wood on Back of House(P) Expense of Moving(C)
New Carpet(P) More monthly rent can handle(C)
More Kitchen Cabinets(P) No front screen(C)
More bathroom cabinets (P) Need gate on deck for dog(C)
Evening Shade on deck afternoon & evening(P) Car port farther from house(C)
Double pane windows (P) Eight steps up to Porch instead of 4(C)
Traffic for work on expansion of park
in front of house we presently have(P) Need fence to corrale dog(C)
Possibly cooler in summer because of woods(P) Change electric & phone(C)
Possibly warmer in winter tighter
windows & doors(P)
New Paint(P)

Do the Pros out weight to Cons? What should I do?

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Talked with P while she was having chemo. Her CAT scan had not changed from the last one a couple of months ago. Her blood test showed the marker down a few points so every thing is steady. That it is not progressing that it shows, nor is it recedeing. So they are going to continue with the same chemo she has been taking for the last several months.

Hubby has been sleeping for the last two days on and off. He didn't get up until noon today. But he was awake and reading most of the night. Do you suppose he has his days and nights mixed up.

I'm am very tired of staying home. TV is getting very old.

Talked to my realestate agent in Albuquerque today. She is a good friend too. She was looking for the cabinet shop that made the cabinet doors for my kitchen in Albuquerque. Being as how that crazy guy Scott made the arrangements. I remember going down and picking out the doors I wanted but I don't remember the name of the place. I even looked for the income tax info from that year but I can't find it. I found everyother year back to the 1980's but not that year. The cabinets did come out looking great.

Today is weight watchers, I haven't eaten all day just drinking. But I still don't think I will show a 10 pound loss. I am really getting discouraged.

Silly puppy is costing up a lot of money. She has chewed up the cords to the massage motors in the leather couch. Yesterday she took hubbys hearing aide off his night table and chomped it. Now that needs to be redone, the hearing aide came from the VA but I doubt if we can get them to replace it.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Strang Week

Weather has been crazy, it was 70 degrees one day and the rest of the week we are trying hard to get into the 50's. We have watched a lot of TV and embroided. I have spent some time sorting pictures. I finally found the one that I want to put on my blog. Now I just have to find someone to help me put it on.

D has been sick all week. P finally got him to the doctor today maybe the new medication will get him on his feet. P goes to the doctor Tuesday we are just waiting to find out the results of the CAT scan and blood test. D wants to go the Dallas with her Tuesday.

Michelle has been upset this week, having her other grandmother there and daddy sick has been hard on her. She made grandmother there call me so that I would come and get her. She felt more comfortable here and she has Sadie to play with.

Maybe this weekend I can get back to blogging about the houses.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Comments Fixed

I think I finally got my comments fixed. I couldn't figure out why no one was commenting and then I found out I had them turned off. So please people comment.

Hubby is at VFW meeting tonight he really likes that. We went to the educators retirees meeting this morning. I got the song and dance from the president that it was illegal for them to be political. That is the craziest thing I ever heard. NEA has a big political arm. No wonder the education system in Texas is so messed up. No one that knows anything about education is even interested in what legislation is pasting. I stuck my neck out and offered to help with membership recruitment they didn't have any idea what to do.

Time to go pick up hubby.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Rain Rain and more rain

It has been raining for two days with more to come. Our front yard is a lake, thank heavens we are on blocks and up 4 steps. Oh, for a little sunshine.

Nobody is talking to me on my blog, am I that boring? Or is there something wrong with my blog?

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Trip to Dallas

We had a family outing to Dallas yesterday. Michelle is out on spring break she has a cold or allergys she wasn't feeling well. P drove, her mother in law, hubby and I. P had her CAT scan it took about two hours. We went to Saltgrass for lunch and on to Garden Ridge spent too much there as usual. We got home just in time to go to weight watchers. P made her first 10 pound lost. I'm about 2 ounces short of my 10 pounds. We just started our 10th week. I would have thought we had lost a lot more we both at the stomach flu this last week. Blogs sounds like everyone has had it too.

We have to wait until the end of the month to find out the results of P cat scan.

I'm going back to doc tomorrow my right side has been killing me up most of last night and couldn't do anything today for the pain.

Hubby goes back to nose doc friday he seems to be going fine.

They finally put a better dishwasher in the house. It's still used be it looks like it might work. The guy that put it in did a lot of damage and went though the house. They had a flood so he went through both bathrooms looking towels to soak up the water. When we were driving in all I could see were the towels hanging over the railing on the deck. I would never dream of spreading towels over the railings it looked terrible. He couldn't get the screen open that D put up on the inside of the back door so he tore it down. The rug in the kitchen was wet and they didn't turn the cold water back on under the sink. I had to crawl under there with my side hurt so back today to turn it on. John came up apologized today he will be here to fix the problems.

Saturday, March 11, 2006


D finally got my wireless connection up and running. He was here Wednesday morning until he ran out of cable. He finished today it took him quiet awhile. Thank heavens it wasn't too hot. It has been overcast and the hummity was high. D said P has had tummy problems like I've had. I had some problems Thursday and thought I had gotten over it. I felt fine until about 7:00 PM last night then I couldn't leave the potty until about 2:30 this morning. I didn't sleep much last night. I was awfully weak this morning. D went after medication for me what I had was very old and I don't think it was working. I took lots of it last night and it didn't seem to work at all. I don't know how we both came down with it at the same time. I thought maybe we had ate something.

My new wireless connection is working great and is so fast it is unbelievable. The only problem is that when I get my computer back we will have to set up the wireless all over again.

Maybe I'll be stronger in the morning.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Princess Jeanne

Second house in Albuquerque still in Princess Jeanne. A sumprock house, it looks great on the outside but oh my G is it cold in the winter and hot in the summer. I'm not sure how many months we were in that house. I got PG for the last time there, we still had Hector. Hector was our first toy fox terrier, he would take on anything regardless of its size. I heard him barking outside one day and went to see what was going on. He had a big trashman caught between a small fence and the backyard fence and the back yard wall. He was jumping up and down barking like mad and the poor trash man was afraid to leave. He was small and fast and could have done some damage, I don't blame the guy for being scared. Hector was so small he could walk through the bars on the playpen that P was in and he spent a lot of time in there with her. They were best buds. P has never been afraid of animals maybe thats where she learned her love of animals. That house had a sunken living room I was glad that P didn't learn to walk there. The neighborhood had lots of kids so the boys were happy there. The school wasn't far away so I use to walk to school and take P in her stroller. I had hubby's boss to dinner there using the indian rugs on the parke living room floor. Funny I don't remember much about the house only things that happened while we lived there. Hector was quiet a stud I can still see him now climbing that six foot cinder block wall because there was a female in heat somewhere in the neighborhood. That house didn't have a personality that I recall.


Yesterday I picked Michelle up from school and she wanted her friend B to come home with us. So I brought them home and of course in the car all they did was giggle. I was immediately back in Albuquerque, driving P and her friend Dottie back and forth between the houses for them to play. I never knew two little girls could giggle as much and P and Dottie. That was a friendship that lasted a long time. I wonder alot about what happened to some of those little girls. Dottie lost her father at a early age and I'm not sure what happened after school. Her family was a large family and Dottie was the next to the last. P stayed before and after school with them when she was little. They said she fit into the family so well that they even took her fishing on Saturdays. P lived in a family that was a lot older than her so it was good for her to be with a big family her age. Michelle is a lot like that she needs kids her own age. Her cousins will be here next week end that will be good for her.

Computer problems

Once again my computer is back to Frys and I am using a loaner. I am so tired of putting programs and information on off of computers.

I am so ready to buy a new computer or else go get my old desktop and set it up again.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Hubby is much better, he has very little discharge today. Hubby got up at 3 am yesterday he wanted so much to go to Dallas. We took P to Dallas to get her chemo. The doctor didn't have very good news. The chemo she is taking now is not holding her cancer. Her blood work is up too high again. She will have another cat scan in a couple of weeks. They will decide what to do from there.

We have a new doctors appointment today to get a new primary care doctor. Keep your fingers crossed that this one will work out. This new doctor is with Presbyterian in Athens about 30 minutes away.

We are out of books to read so we need to go to the bookstore in Willis Point. P has started reading the cat series so I need to pick up some books for her. I need some black low heel shoes to wear with pants. I may look at Tangers when we are there. I hope it isn't too late to look for black anything.

Sadie is slowly learning to be house broke. She is a mess she wants to grabe everything and chew on it. Klenex, and anything hard. I have to put all my shoes up on the bookcase or she runs off with them. She stayed on the back deck all day yesterday and did fine. She does require a lot of affection, she gets so excited when we come home or anyone else comes. Her teeth are so sharp they are like needles. She is really filling out and growing. I hope she doesn't get much bigger. I have to pick her up alot to put her out and etc.

D is supose to come over tomorrow and install my wireless connection. I will have a new e-mail address then. I will post it when I get it. Maybe he will teach me how to post pictures. B showed me at Thanksgiving but I forgot. Today is Aunt Corkys 79 birthday. I made a small scrapebook of pictures an sent to her I hope she has it by now.

Friday, February 24, 2006


Yesterday Hubby had his nose surgery. He did alright but we had trouble getting the bleeding to stopped so we could get home. I left him alone while I went to get his medication and he started bleeding very heavily. P had to come and help me get it stopped. It really hemorrhaging from 6 pm to almost 10 pm. He is better today but I can't keep him from blowing his nose. They had told us over and over that it will cause more bleeding. He is now hidding from me so he can blow his nose.

I quess from the anesthetic he is so fuzzy and he will not listen to me. If he starts hemorrhaging again. I am going to take him to an emgergency room and leave him.

They say my computer is ready I hope Hubby is alright to go to Dallas tomorrow to pick it up.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

February 22, 2006

Weather has been terrible, rain, fog, ice and bitter cold.

Fry's called and said my computer is back from California. I can't go pick it up until Saturday. I quess I will have to try it very long time before I am convinced it is fixed. I hope it isn't going to cost any money as I am fresh out this month and checks don't come in until Monday.

Hubby has his out patient surgery tomorrow. I quess he is having it we still don't have a time for his surgery. I supose they will call at 6 in the morning and say be here in 30 minutes. It takes and hour and a half to drive to Dallas. Oh, well I quess I will try calling today to see what is going on.

Weight Watchers is going slow but some weight loss.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Update on Hubby

Things have been so calm with hubby lately that I forgot that this disease is progressing. Last Sunday hubby ask to go to church that was fine. We were ready to go out the door when hubby anounced that he was going to go down to the front of the church during the invitation and tell everybody that he was a minister. He was wanting to join the church he didn't care which one just so he could tell them he was a minister. When I tried to talk him out of joining the church he said he wouldn't go if he couldn't join his way. So we didn't go. I feel guilty keeping him from church but I don't know what he will do. I have been trying to get ahold of the pastor at First Baptist Canton to talk to him about how we can go about this with the littlest hoopaloo. Now I am having second thoughts about how we will be received. The pastor is from the southern part of New Mexico, he knows L and I'm sure B by reputation. He also knows my former boss when I was youth secretary at FBC Albuquerque. The church isn't into the fundy stuff so much they still belong to the Baptist General Convention of Texas so that is a plus. Every time we meet someone and they find out we are baptist they invite us to FBC of Canton. Well, he called and I will see him tomorrow afternoon.

Hubby has also been very bossy with Michelle. They were drawing last week and Michelle wasn't doing it the way hubby wanted her to so he took everything away from her and made her quit. I tried to explain it to Michelle but she doesn't understand. Hubby is in to reading the last month he has read everything we picked up at the second hand book store. He is re-reading the Zane Grey books and today he was out of reading again so he was looking through the books in the office. He has started walking around the lake once or twice a day. That should be helping him. He likes the new dog sometimes and sometimes he thinks she is too much trouble. He has been loosing his most recet memory.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sold House in Sunset Park

When the house sold on Sunset Park it was a few weeks before school was out. We rented a trailer next door to my mom and dad. They were living in a travel trailer on the north side of Pueblo. When school was out hubby arrived from Albuquerque and we moved down. Hubby had found a rental house in a recent subdivision called Princess Jeanne. Three bedroom with attached garage. The front yard was about 45 degree slop down to the street. We were way out at the east edge of town. About 2 blocks east of us was desert sloping up to the Sandia's. The city was busy building a 4 lane street from Central on north. I couldn't figure out way anyone would want such a street out in nowhere. Hubby and my mom and dad moved us in and promptly went off and left the kids and I to cope. I don't remember much about the house we were only there a few months. The people that owned the house moved back to town and wanted there house back and we had to move. We moved down in June and boy was it hot. The air conditioner worked great so we stayed in a lot. B was so bored that he spent a lot of time play with P on the floor. P was 6 months old and the boys had been playing with a cigar box full of color crayons. The boys had colored all over the outside of the box so it had a lot of pretty colors on it and P wanted that box in the worse way. B kept moving it so she couldn't reach it, so P just kept trying until she learned to crawl. I was so lonely while we were there that in the afternoon that I had the boys invite the neighborhood kids in. I served popcorn and koolaide to the neighborhood kids for something to do. I had to go to the real estate office to pay the rent. I looked in the phone book at the map to find the real estate office and how to get there. While the kids and I drove for 3 hours and couldn't find the street. The main street I was suppose to go down to the other street dead ended before I could get to that street. Well, they built a big shopping center across the street I was suppose to go down. But, they didn't change the map in the telephone book. I soon learned to go shopping after dark it was much cooler. One late afternoon I took the kids grocery shopping, when we left the store I could see a big black cloud moving fast across the sky. I knew we were in for a gully washer. We raced home and used the garage opener to get into the garage just as the cloud burst. We stood at the front picture window and watched the street in front of the house ,that ran down the street steeply, turn into a river. I was glad we were up so high the water never go anywhere near us.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


S was here for a few days it was good to see him. I didn't get to talk to him much he was busy working on his other grandmothers little house.

Michelle went with me to Athens to look for a dog. It was so difficult, there was two that we liked. Michelle liked the little puppy that was part chichuawa (?). He was a sweet and mellow puppy and Michelle really liked him. But I found what they called a rat terrier, she looks a lot like our toy fox terriers. She is full of beans and so active, she is a mess to keep up with. She was suppose to be puddle pad trained. Well, she seems to have forgot all about that. We are working on that. She does seem to know what she is suppose to do when we go outside. Now I am introducing her to the deck and see if she would go out there. I was going though pictures yesterday and found pictures of Charlie our toy fox terrier. Sadie looks so much like him. When I get my own computer back I will post some pictures. Michelle almost convinced me to get two of them. Sadie really loves her and kisses her all the time.

I also found pictures of lots of our houses. I really miss the one on 67th I didn't think I would miss it that much. I knew I really missed Hermosa because we were there so long and so much of our history is tied up there.

Sunday, January 29, 2006


I just finished repairing the quilt I'm going to give it to Michelle. When I was little I remember seeing the stack of quilt blocks of little dutch dolls. I loved them they were so cute. My maternal grandmother told me that she and my paternal grandmother had quilted them for me. Some of them were of my clothes when I was little the rest of the blocks were from the families clothes. My paternal grandmother died when I was two so I don't remember her. My maternal grandmother lived with us all the time I was growing up. When "Snow White and the Seven Drawfts" came out I pested my mother to buy me some fabric that had them printed on it. She finally bought some and I had a dress that I don't remember. But my grandmother did quilt a block with that fabric. Years later one of Hubbys relatives got the quilt put togther and quilted for me. I should have put it away and kept it but I didn't I used it and it is a lot worse for wear. I have tried putting it back together and I am going to give it to Michelle. All the rest of the granddaughters have received afghans but Michelle doesn't need one her mom has made a lot.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Second House Pueblo

Why do we let employers dictate our lives. We were doing fine in our little house until hubby went to work for IBM. Why we thought it would be forever and that we should follow every suggestion (comand) they issued. First they had to take hubby out shopping and approve of his suits, shoes, shirts, ties and etc. Then it was the car we were driving and the house we lived in. The car had to be a new one not a 4 year old model. We lived in an older neigborhood with a lot of retired people, but the houses were slowly being sold to younger families. We had to live in an newer up and coming neighborhood. Belong to the clubs in town they approved of.

We found a house that was almost finished in the new neighborhood of Sunset Park. When I was a kid the land the subdivison occupied was the airport. A small three bedroom two baths with a full basement. The contractor that was bulding the house on speculation was having an affair with someone elses wife. The jealous husband, shot the contractor in the front yard of the house. A lot of little things in the house were not finished. None of the windows had hardware to lock them or pull them up and down. The first time I tried to use the build in oven the whole oven fell out of the hole in the cabinet.

We were temporary residents in that house and our life changed so much in the short time we lived there. The biggest change was the birth of little girl she changed our lives forever. The IBM Selectric was developed and hubby sold so many that it was going to take 9 months to get delivery on them. Commission were not paid until the typwritters were delivered. We were facing large car payments and a much larger house payment. I was expecting could not work and had a premature baby. We were facing 9 months without an income. Hubbies statment to IBM "I was looking for a job when I found this one". The boys and hubby worked very hard puting in the landscaping. We transplanted pine trees from Beulah unfortunately they did not live.
President JFK visited Pueblo, hubby was helping with crowd control and was able to get the boys front row seats.

Hubby got a new job with Gates Rubber Company the catch. We had to move to Albuquerque, New Mexico. We sold the house without any trouble, we sold it ourself.

We moved to Albuquerque when P was six months old. We wouldn't let the boys move to Albuquerque until they learned to spell it. Two little boys would work very hard to learn to spell that very hard word.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

To own a home

Every house before 1958 didn't belong to us we were temporary residents. When we returned to Pueblo we started looking for a house to buy. Having left the military and hubbby spending one year in school and no job. My father purchased the house we wanted and sold it to us on a contract of sale.

This was a bugalow house with the living room, dinning room on one side and a bedroom with bath between the second bedroom on the other side of the house. The kitchen was a small tacked on item behind the dinning room. This was a fun house and one we were living the Cleavers from Leave it Beaver life in. Lots of fun things to remember happened in that house. My boys both started school, school was 3 blocks away so the boys walked to and from without a parent. Bruce knew all the names of the little girls in his class. I was beginning to think he was in a class of all girls. Also a teacher told him he couldn't sing and to just mouth the words to this day he won't sing. Pat first discovered he wasn't his big brother, teachers kept saying why aren't you like Bruce, because he was almost two years younger but following only one year behind him in school. This started the competition of all competitions.

I decided to paint the kitchen, the boys turned over the gallon can of paint. I spend the rest of the day sopping up jade paint with a rag and wringing it back into the can. I needed the paint to finish painting the kitchen. I also decided one time to paint the railings and floor of the front porch. I enlisted the aid of two little boys to help. What can go wrong painting the floor of the porch. Wrong even the dog in the back yard had paint on her and she never left the back yard. That is still a mystery. Then there was the time I decided to lay flag stone in the area in front of the garage. Bruce got his finger stuck under one of the heavier ones and almost pulled his fingernail out. A trip to the emergency room to remove the rest of the nail. To make Bruce feel better Pat and I decided he needed a dog. We went in search and found a darling little toy fox terrier. Promptly named Hector. The boys loved that dog so much he slept with them. Every time I started one these projects was when Hubby was out of town so it was just the boys and I. Both the boys got bikes for Christmas while we were there and learned to ride them. Pat got hit by a car and had his foot in a cast.

Does this sound like June Cleavers life well it wasn't. The nation was going through a resession and there wasn't enough money to go around. Hubby and my arguments were all about money or the lack of it. During one of arguments hubby ask me why I didn't get a divorce and marry someone that had more than he did. I seriously considered that and in all honesty answered. Why would I do that I would just get someone worse than you. This of course tickled my hubby and we both wound up laughing our selves silly. About that I time I decided I needed to go to work to help with the finances. Now my mom and dad were in our business constantly. My sister could work and run the music store but I had to stay home and take care of my kids. It's funny my sisters and my kids were not delinquents and are functioning and respectable adults now and we both worked.

One of my most pleasant memories of that little house was laying in bed watching the snow falling on the pine tree outside our bedroom window. That house was pleasant and warm and very friendly to a small disfunctional family.

Silly things your kids remember from that time. One year for our anniversary there wasn't money for a babysitter and a dinner out for hubby and I. I decided to celebrate at home. I bought steaks to broil, frozen strawberries for strawberry shortcake. I had the boys help set, I thought elegant table. I made them dress up like going to church and I dressed up. We had a great dinner all four of us to celebrate our anniversary. The boys kept asking me to do it again for a long time.