Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Yesterday I picked Michelle up from school and she wanted her friend B to come home with us. So I brought them home and of course in the car all they did was giggle. I was immediately back in Albuquerque, driving P and her friend Dottie back and forth between the houses for them to play. I never knew two little girls could giggle as much and P and Dottie. That was a friendship that lasted a long time. I wonder alot about what happened to some of those little girls. Dottie lost her father at a early age and I'm not sure what happened after school. Her family was a large family and Dottie was the next to the last. P stayed before and after school with them when she was little. They said she fit into the family so well that they even took her fishing on Saturdays. P lived in a family that was a lot older than her so it was good for her to be with a big family her age. Michelle is a lot like that she needs kids her own age. Her cousins will be here next week end that will be good for her.

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