Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Comments Fixed

I think I finally got my comments fixed. I couldn't figure out why no one was commenting and then I found out I had them turned off. So please people comment.

Hubby is at VFW meeting tonight he really likes that. We went to the educators retirees meeting this morning. I got the song and dance from the president that it was illegal for them to be political. That is the craziest thing I ever heard. NEA has a big political arm. No wonder the education system in Texas is so messed up. No one that knows anything about education is even interested in what legislation is pasting. I stuck my neck out and offered to help with membership recruitment they didn't have any idea what to do.

Time to go pick up hubby.


Greek Shadow said...

glad everything is up and running

Christopher said...

good! glad to see things are back up and going. thanks for you encouraging comment. prayers your way . . . Glad your husband has vfw; and that must be good for you as well.