Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Talked with P while she was having chemo. Her CAT scan had not changed from the last one a couple of months ago. Her blood test showed the marker down a few points so every thing is steady. That it is not progressing that it shows, nor is it recedeing. So they are going to continue with the same chemo she has been taking for the last several months.

Hubby has been sleeping for the last two days on and off. He didn't get up until noon today. But he was awake and reading most of the night. Do you suppose he has his days and nights mixed up.

I'm am very tired of staying home. TV is getting very old.

Talked to my realestate agent in Albuquerque today. She is a good friend too. She was looking for the cabinet shop that made the cabinet doors for my kitchen in Albuquerque. Being as how that crazy guy Scott made the arrangements. I remember going down and picking out the doors I wanted but I don't remember the name of the place. I even looked for the income tax info from that year but I can't find it. I found everyother year back to the 1980's but not that year. The cabinets did come out looking great.

Today is weight watchers, I haven't eaten all day just drinking. But I still don't think I will show a 10 pound loss. I am really getting discouraged.

Silly puppy is costing up a lot of money. She has chewed up the cords to the massage motors in the leather couch. Yesterday she took hubbys hearing aide off his night table and chomped it. Now that needs to be redone, the hearing aide came from the VA but I doubt if we can get them to replace it.


Greek Shadow said...

That's one hyperactive puppy. Hope Dad has a spare somewhere. I know he lost one at the golf course with me a few years ago.

grandma1 said...

yes he has an extra but it is very old. Yes, he is a very hyper puppy only Michelle can wear her down.