Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Hubby is much better, he has very little discharge today. Hubby got up at 3 am yesterday he wanted so much to go to Dallas. We took P to Dallas to get her chemo. The doctor didn't have very good news. The chemo she is taking now is not holding her cancer. Her blood work is up too high again. She will have another cat scan in a couple of weeks. They will decide what to do from there.

We have a new doctors appointment today to get a new primary care doctor. Keep your fingers crossed that this one will work out. This new doctor is with Presbyterian in Athens about 30 minutes away.

We are out of books to read so we need to go to the bookstore in Willis Point. P has started reading the cat series so I need to pick up some books for her. I need some black low heel shoes to wear with pants. I may look at Tangers when we are there. I hope it isn't too late to look for black anything.

Sadie is slowly learning to be house broke. She is a mess she wants to grabe everything and chew on it. Klenex, and anything hard. I have to put all my shoes up on the bookcase or she runs off with them. She stayed on the back deck all day yesterday and did fine. She does require a lot of affection, she gets so excited when we come home or anyone else comes. Her teeth are so sharp they are like needles. She is really filling out and growing. I hope she doesn't get much bigger. I have to pick her up alot to put her out and etc.

D is supose to come over tomorrow and install my wireless connection. I will have a new e-mail address then. I will post it when I get it. Maybe he will teach me how to post pictures. B showed me at Thanksgiving but I forgot. Today is Aunt Corkys 79 birthday. I made a small scrapebook of pictures an sent to her I hope she has it by now.

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