Friday, March 24, 2006

Strang Week

Weather has been crazy, it was 70 degrees one day and the rest of the week we are trying hard to get into the 50's. We have watched a lot of TV and embroided. I have spent some time sorting pictures. I finally found the one that I want to put on my blog. Now I just have to find someone to help me put it on.

D has been sick all week. P finally got him to the doctor today maybe the new medication will get him on his feet. P goes to the doctor Tuesday we are just waiting to find out the results of the CAT scan and blood test. D wants to go the Dallas with her Tuesday.

Michelle has been upset this week, having her other grandmother there and daddy sick has been hard on her. She made grandmother there call me so that I would come and get her. She felt more comfortable here and she has Sadie to play with.

Maybe this weekend I can get back to blogging about the houses.


Greek Shadow said...

If you have the picture on your computer give me a call and I'll walk you through posting it.

Sum kinda princess said...

Hey there Grandma in East Texas. We're in Tyler. It's a neat thing to have a blog huh? My grandmother would never take the time to learn how to do it. And, my mom doesn't even know how to do comments on my blog. Oh well, sounds like you have a great family to play with. Lots of grandkids keep a person young I hear. Thanks for commenting on my blog.