Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Princess Jeanne

Second house in Albuquerque still in Princess Jeanne. A sumprock house, it looks great on the outside but oh my G is it cold in the winter and hot in the summer. I'm not sure how many months we were in that house. I got PG for the last time there, we still had Hector. Hector was our first toy fox terrier, he would take on anything regardless of its size. I heard him barking outside one day and went to see what was going on. He had a big trashman caught between a small fence and the backyard fence and the back yard wall. He was jumping up and down barking like mad and the poor trash man was afraid to leave. He was small and fast and could have done some damage, I don't blame the guy for being scared. Hector was so small he could walk through the bars on the playpen that P was in and he spent a lot of time in there with her. They were best buds. P has never been afraid of animals maybe thats where she learned her love of animals. That house had a sunken living room I was glad that P didn't learn to walk there. The neighborhood had lots of kids so the boys were happy there. The school wasn't far away so I use to walk to school and take P in her stroller. I had hubby's boss to dinner there using the indian rugs on the parke living room floor. Funny I don't remember much about the house only things that happened while we lived there. Hector was quiet a stud I can still see him now climbing that six foot cinder block wall because there was a female in heat somewhere in the neighborhood. That house didn't have a personality that I recall.

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