Friday, August 26, 2005

What a Mess

Because of moving I can't have SBC global anymore they aren't in Canton. In fact there isn't a DSL. I have to go back to a dial up. I tried to connect to People PC on line and that was a mess they took my credit card numer and I had a terrible time canceling it. I conacted NetZero and they were suppose to send me a CD. I got a CD in the mail the other day and didn't pay any attention and of course installed it. It was a PeoplePC not Netzero I promptly deleted it but I can't get rid of the home page. The People PC home page won't recognize any blogspots. I have to go the B and click on the replys to even get to my own page. I haven't been back to Canton to see if Netzero has sent me the CD. I won't have this e-mail after the first of September. My e-mail will be That is if I ever get the CD.

The front end of my Tarus was vibrating really bad it started when P was here last July 4th. It got steadily worse. Yesterday coming from Canton was really bad. I took it to Ford Dealer today. Problem was a seperated tire. I took the car in at 9:00 am they called me about 10:30 am I told them I would call them back. I did about 11:00 they were suppose to bring me my car. I finally got them to return it about 1:30 pm. (Why we changed to italics I don't know this computer is doing crazy things. The B doesn't work half of the time. ) Took the car to Discount tires for 4 new tires. We didn't need that expense right now. When we bought the car they put very cheap new tires on it. We got about 38,000 miles on them so I quess that was pretty good. A lot of people were in there with seperated tires, I wonder if it is the heat.

Finally chased down the maintance guy I have been chasing him all week. He finally took down my shelves and mirrors. It took him about 30 minutes while I was waiting for the car. I rolled up all my area rugs and tied them up. Just two more days until moving day. I can't wait.

Lets see 52 years ago I was in the base hospital at Cherry Point N.C. with a brand new baby boy. I couldn't wait until I could get home with him. One of the corp men was carried him down the hall like he was a football now you could see he then you couldn't. Corp man was a very large black guy I don't know how he wound up in the maternity ward. Babys older brother was thrilled to have someone to play with. Brother would crawl into his crib and share his rasins with him. I don't know how he survived. Lets see that birthday boy should write a book about military life in the early 50's. My friend Annie could give him lots of insights on the Air Force Life and I could add the Marine Corp. Life. Now that would be a story.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Four days before M day

Can't wait until we get moved. I have had to go to Canton every day since Saturday. That's a 50 mile around trip. We have to pick up Michelle today and check our mail at the post office. My computer is running very funny, I think I may have a bug or virus or what ever. I'm going to have to buy a new virus program.

I quess I waited too long to order wedding pictures I hope K can get some for me.

Helped P clean house yesterday it is hard to keep a place to show. If someone will only look at it, of course the minute you don't keep it ready to show. I keep forgetting how a 5 year olds bedroom gets. As I remember I had a 5 and a 3 year old at the same time double trouble to mess up things. P birthday is in a double of days. S birthday is just around the corner. I quess I need to get cards off to them.

Hubby is doing pretty good considering we are living amist all the boxes. Packed most of the closet this morning. I have been chasing the maintance man for 2 days trying to get him to commit to helping this weekend. I give up I found an add in the throw away paper I quess I will call him tonight. I quess I can take most of things down except the mirrors, quilt rack, and front screen. Boy am I not going to try and clean this place up, they are really being Sheety, around here.

While time to go after Michelle.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Lease Day

Today is lease day I'm suppose to go to Canton to sign a lease for the new house today. I woke up at 4:00 am and couldn't go back to sleep, now I'm sleepy. This apartment is not a good place to sleep. I hope the new house is better.

We went to Canton yesterday and stayed with Michelle while her daddy worked. She played with grandpa until he got tired. She really malls tigger around and he just eats it up. He didn't want to be bothered the other day and acted like he was going to scratch her. He didn't break the skin but it stung, she got the idea. She wanted to come home with us to go swimming so we brought her home and we spent about an hour in the pool. She is sure going to miss the pool. P came after her she looks pretty good but she was very tired.

Hubby has been very confused the last few days taking that one medication has helped but he still can't remember things. He has ask me every day for the last few day when P is going to Alaska. P has her doctors blessing in going, I'm glad I hope that will pick up her spirits. If she feels like it we are going to do something fun today or tomorrow.

Well the sun isn't going back to bed so I quess I can't.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

August 20,2005

Still packing, and trying to clean as I go. We bought a big black diamond watermelon. We took it to P so everyone could help eat it. They put it in the car for me when I bought it. I used Michelle wagon to take it into the house. P put it on the counter and cut it the 5 of us didn't eat even half of it. Where I bought it said it came from Tyler. I haven't seen one in a long time. Usually you just get the green stripe ones.

Hubby was a little shakey on his feet before we left to go to P's. After a couple of hours at P he said he was light headed and wanted to come home. When we got home I checked his blood sugar and it was OK. His blood presure was a little low, he has been in bed ever since. I have push water all day, it has been so hot. I have given him a perscription for leg movement. That is the only different medication he has had this week. He has really been out of it most of the week. I hope stopping this medication will make a difference. I knew that the move would be a upset to him but I thought it would work out. Living in all these boxes hasn't been easy for either of us. Just one more week to go.

Talked to P and B both today. B and K are on there way to Hawaii. P and L are having troubles at work. I don't know why the closer you get to retirement the harder they make it for you to do your job. Maybe that is what it is all about you have to be so desperate to get out that you don't think about it changing the rest of your life. I know when I retired I thought I would never miss it but I did. I had to find something else to do a couple of different times before I got weaned away from working. Now I'm having trouble just keeping up with everything around here.

Missed seeing Michelle this week. She has been in school and I have been packing. I'm going to Canton tomorrow and take care of her while every one works.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Health Care or the lack of it

Another trip to Dallas and just as fustrating. The doctor wanted me to pick up a copy of the MRI film and take them to him. After waiting for hour and a half I finally got in to see the doctor and then he wasn't interested. He didn't want to see the film after he had me get them. I tried to read the report and of course it was gooblebly gook. He kinda poopooed my back pain and said I just had a little bit of arthistis. I've had Arthistis for some time this isn't just arthistis. He wants me to take some physical therapy which is just another word for exercise. I have ask twice about a manogram he ignore me about that both times. There was a sentence on the report about my right kidney. It wasn't on his report the fax cut it off. He poopooed that too and wouldn't tell me what it meant. When I got home and found out what some of the words meant it scared me to death. He finally said I could do a ultra sound. I've put that off until after we move. I am certain now I need a new doctor. Where or where is a Dr. Like Dr. Gray that knew I was a intelligent human being and would discuss things with me.

Hubby found a van listed in the paper that he wants to see about. All we need is a vehicle that drinks more gas than this one does. Gas was 2.50 a gallon when I filled up this morning. I am scared to drive to Dallas without a full tank. We didn't get caught in a road construction on the way in just on the way home today.

Still packing there never seems to an end.

Monday, August 15, 2005

August 15, 2005

Well, today was Michelle's first day at school. She was go excited and looked so cute. Her mom and dad took her and then went on to Dallas for P chemo. Hubby and I went to Canton and had lunch and picked her up. I wasn't the only grandma doing that chore.

Well, I packed some more, we can hardly move for the boxes. I am about out of boxes will have to get more. Can't pack tomorrow have to go to Dallas about the MRI.

I have got the phone and cell phone taken care of, electricy is taken care of now if I could decide what to do about the internet. I tried to download peoplepc last night and really screwed it up. There add says 30 day free trial, but I had to give a credit card number. I messed it up and it didn't down load so I called this morning to try and straigthen it out. I couldn't make my self understood to the heavy acent on the other end of line. I was transfer and had to go over it again and of course they again transfered me. I stayed on hold for over 30 minutes they kept telling me that it wouldn't be cancelled until I got a cancellation number. So I kept holding until the very end than someone I could actually understand tried to talk me into keeping the service. I never got downloaded and they are already charged my credit card. I didn't have that much trouble with netzero, I may try try them again. If I go the way D wants me to it will cost $300.00 to just seems like a lot of money. Maybe the speed and the convince is worth it.

Friday, August 12, 2005

August 12, 2005

Second day in a row for a trip to Dallas. Yesterday we sat at road construction for 20 minutes going 2 miles and hour. Today we went to Rockwall and down to Dallas. It takes 30 minutes longer and 10 miles longer but no construction. Yesterday I had an MRI that was very painful laying still on that hard table. It hurt so bad when I got up I could hardly walk. I had a lot of pain all day. Today hubby had an appointment with ear, eyes, throat guy. He has to have a cat scan in September. I put every thing off until after the move.

Went to Canton last evening so that P could go to Michelle's school and meet the teacher. I didn't remember how entertaining watching the goats were. They were standing on their heads trying to drink out of the buckets. I sent hubby out to wash out the buckets and refill them with water. They really spent a lot of time drinking after they got more water.

I have to decide if I am going to try and do DSL in Canton which will cost me $300.00 to install and about $130.00 a month. If I go dial up it will only be $140.00 a month, they both include telephone. When we are only leasing for 6 months I can't see the $300.00 installtion.

Well, I've been on the internet for a long while I'd better pack some more.

Look at Bruce's blog today some good stuff, but oh so scary.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

August 8,2005

Another Michelle day, she was really wound up today. The weather has been raining on and off so the swimming pool was out of the question. She has so much engery that she makes us tired.

P goes to she her doctor tomorrow, we have to keep praying that this chemo is working. She is suppose to have more chemo on the day that Michelle starts to school. We will have to pick her up from school. I know that is disappointing to P.

I've decided not to take the cat with us. Both of us are having lots of alergies. I now need to see if I can find a good home for Miss Puss. Captain Midnight and now Michelle is calling her Katrina. Poor cat has never had a name and now she has three.

Hubby thought that the barbque beef was bacon today. I'm not sure how his thought process is going today.

Didn't get any packing done today maybe tomorrow.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

August 7,2005

Well I just experiened my first tax free shopping weekend. How wild do you get. Thank goodness P was driving I would have been freaked out with the traffic. We did manage to get some things for Michelle, we found her a winter coat, a light weight jacket, some night gowns, -socks, a denim skirt a couple of t-shirt. The weather was only 96 degrees but the heat index must have been 110. I didn't think we would ever make it we only visited 3 stores. We did have lunch at a steak house it was great. No more tax free days too many people.

Talked to B for awhile this morning he wants me to read a book. Something like the second Pearl Harbor. He said it scared him so bad that he can't sleep. I'm not sure I want to read it. With my state of mind I don't know if I can handle it.

We finished our week of doctors appointments but of course that doesn't do it. Hubby has to go to a Ear, Eyes and Throat doctor. I have to have a MRI.

D unhooked some of our CD players and VCR players so that I can get them packed. Three more weeks to go and still lots of packing to do. I'm sure I am going to run out boxes before everything is packed. Now I just have to see if I can get all the utilities turned on and services switched.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

August 4, 2005

Waiting to take our 1 1/2 hour trip into Dallas. Hubby needs to see Alz doctor today. He has been doing pretty good until lately. I don't know if the move is bottering him or it is just the progress of the disease. He got mad at me because I wanted him to wear something besides, nylon sweats and T-shirts. He is forgetting more and more of things that happened yesterday. He gets things confused about who is doing what.

I managed to pack 4 boxes yesterday. Now the bedroom is getting crowed too.

Have you found Candi's blog yet, it reminds me of 1950 and when I first got married. It is really scarey that my granddaughter is going through the same thing I did almost 55 years ago.

Wendys -- is E finally working, sorry it isn't a better job but he has to start somewhere.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

August 2, 2005

Well, yesterday was another Michelle Day, but she took a 2 hour nap we got along today better. P didn't look as tired last night but it is still hard to see her hair all gone. I know it must be hard for her too. She has a lovely wig but it has been too hot to wear it. She has gone to Dallas for a blood test today. Pray that the new chemo is working. It is hard to see her have to take it but something has to stop this horrible stuff.

Hubby is still fussing for a new car. I did tell him that I was considering a hybrid. I got on line and found one for 17,000 and it gave me two locations. One of them here in Terrell so of course hubby had to go see about it on Saturday. Weather was 100 degrees and the place was packed too the gills. The salesman we were suppose to see had two more people ahead of us. We had been standing so long that my back was killing me. Salesman showed us a picture and said they had one but the price was 30,000. Hubby said he was interested, I know he didn't hear him say it was 30,000. so I told him how much. I told salesman we would see him some time when he wasn't so busy as the discount Ford has doesn't include hybrids. Hubby has come to the conclusion that we can buy a lot of gas for 30,000. When we get moved we won't use as much gas we won't be going 25 miles to Canton everyother day.

Massage gal ask about my breathing. You know I hadn't considered that, if we are getting as much black fuss on fans and vents. What is it doing to our lungs. We can't get out of here soon enough. I turned in our 30 notice yesterday. But I still have a lot of packing to do. But we can't move until the last Monday in the month.

Yesterday was hear from everybody day. Billie called and so did Dena. Good to talk to someone in person. Candi has a blog, and reading her blog reminds me so much of when Hubby and I got married and lived in a tiny trailer in the Movja desert. Barstow, California to be exact, that was a long time ago.

Bruce's blog on Mainstream is under so much attack. I am afraid that people won't want to read his blog because of the horrible things some people are commenting on it. I really feel bad for Bruce because he spends so much time and and engery on it. Everyone needs to appreciate it even if they don't agree with it.

We took the long way home from Canton today we can't stay in the little apartment all the time unfortunately it means spending money for gas. It is too hot to stay outside and you can go the shopping malls only so much as it is still 30 miles away.