Tuesday, August 02, 2005

August 2, 2005

Well, yesterday was another Michelle Day, but she took a 2 hour nap we got along today better. P didn't look as tired last night but it is still hard to see her hair all gone. I know it must be hard for her too. She has a lovely wig but it has been too hot to wear it. She has gone to Dallas for a blood test today. Pray that the new chemo is working. It is hard to see her have to take it but something has to stop this horrible stuff.

Hubby is still fussing for a new car. I did tell him that I was considering a hybrid. I got on line and found one for 17,000 and it gave me two locations. One of them here in Terrell so of course hubby had to go see about it on Saturday. Weather was 100 degrees and the place was packed too the gills. The salesman we were suppose to see had two more people ahead of us. We had been standing so long that my back was killing me. Salesman showed us a picture and said they had one but the price was 30,000. Hubby said he was interested, I know he didn't hear him say it was 30,000. so I told him how much. I told salesman we would see him some time when he wasn't so busy as the discount Ford has doesn't include hybrids. Hubby has come to the conclusion that we can buy a lot of gas for 30,000. When we get moved we won't use as much gas we won't be going 25 miles to Canton everyother day.

Massage gal ask about my breathing. You know I hadn't considered that, if we are getting as much black fuss on fans and vents. What is it doing to our lungs. We can't get out of here soon enough. I turned in our 30 notice yesterday. But I still have a lot of packing to do. But we can't move until the last Monday in the month.

Yesterday was hear from everybody day. Billie called and so did Dena. Good to talk to someone in person. Candi has a blog, and reading her blog reminds me so much of when Hubby and I got married and lived in a tiny trailer in the Movja desert. Barstow, California to be exact, that was a long time ago.

Bruce's blog on Mainstream is under so much attack. I am afraid that people won't want to read his blog because of the horrible things some people are commenting on it. I really feel bad for Bruce because he spends so much time and and engery on it. Everyone needs to appreciate it even if they don't agree with it.

We took the long way home from Canton today we can't stay in the little apartment all the time unfortunately it means spending money for gas. It is too hot to stay outside and you can go the shopping malls only so much as it is still 30 miles away.


Greek Shadow said...

D's flying, if E & R go they will drive, the Neon most likely as it would be better on gas for just two of them.

Greek Shadow said...

I went to the credit union today, showed them your letter and they will mail you a cashiers check today it should be to you by Monday.