Saturday, August 20, 2005

August 20,2005

Still packing, and trying to clean as I go. We bought a big black diamond watermelon. We took it to P so everyone could help eat it. They put it in the car for me when I bought it. I used Michelle wagon to take it into the house. P put it on the counter and cut it the 5 of us didn't eat even half of it. Where I bought it said it came from Tyler. I haven't seen one in a long time. Usually you just get the green stripe ones.

Hubby was a little shakey on his feet before we left to go to P's. After a couple of hours at P he said he was light headed and wanted to come home. When we got home I checked his blood sugar and it was OK. His blood presure was a little low, he has been in bed ever since. I have push water all day, it has been so hot. I have given him a perscription for leg movement. That is the only different medication he has had this week. He has really been out of it most of the week. I hope stopping this medication will make a difference. I knew that the move would be a upset to him but I thought it would work out. Living in all these boxes hasn't been easy for either of us. Just one more week to go.

Talked to P and B both today. B and K are on there way to Hawaii. P and L are having troubles at work. I don't know why the closer you get to retirement the harder they make it for you to do your job. Maybe that is what it is all about you have to be so desperate to get out that you don't think about it changing the rest of your life. I know when I retired I thought I would never miss it but I did. I had to find something else to do a couple of different times before I got weaned away from working. Now I'm having trouble just keeping up with everything around here.

Missed seeing Michelle this week. She has been in school and I have been packing. I'm going to Canton tomorrow and take care of her while every one works.


Aunty Pesty said...

Keep a positive mind going and then it will be over soon. I am surprised that Michelle is disappointed about having no homework. I was that way last week. I hope Michelle doesn't turn into a Hermione from the Harry Potter books and movies. Do P and D have the Harry Potter movies? Mistress is happy that E is home and he seems fine. I will be happy as long as he stays away from D, but she can still see R.

Grinny Granny said...

Just one more week to go! Then you can take your time getting things put where you want them.

E and R got home the same time we did last night after golf. R seemed glad to be back. The cats missed them.

This morning, E said the trip was worth it because he and D got some things clarified between them. He said D is already engaged and they will get married in 2007, old high school boyfriend.

M stayed home, trying to get over a cold. Hope she can go to school tomorrow. She's been taking medicine and drinking lots of green tea.

Greek Shadow said...

Recuperating from golf today, it was tiring, but what I needed to get my mind off things, slept like a rock last night.