Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Health Care or the lack of it

Another trip to Dallas and just as fustrating. The doctor wanted me to pick up a copy of the MRI film and take them to him. After waiting for hour and a half I finally got in to see the doctor and then he wasn't interested. He didn't want to see the film after he had me get them. I tried to read the report and of course it was gooblebly gook. He kinda poopooed my back pain and said I just had a little bit of arthistis. I've had Arthistis for some time this isn't just arthistis. He wants me to take some physical therapy which is just another word for exercise. I have ask twice about a manogram he ignore me about that both times. There was a sentence on the report about my right kidney. It wasn't on his report the fax cut it off. He poopooed that too and wouldn't tell me what it meant. When I got home and found out what some of the words meant it scared me to death. He finally said I could do a ultra sound. I've put that off until after we move. I am certain now I need a new doctor. Where or where is a Dr. Like Dr. Gray that knew I was a intelligent human being and would discuss things with me.

Hubby found a van listed in the paper that he wants to see about. All we need is a vehicle that drinks more gas than this one does. Gas was 2.50 a gallon when I filled up this morning. I am scared to drive to Dallas without a full tank. We didn't get caught in a road construction on the way in just on the way home today.

Still packing there never seems to an end.


Aunty Pesty said...

Glad to see a new post. Every where you go people think that you are not intelligent and, with me, a blonde. It irriates me so to think that that is the way people are thinking now a days. That's why I like teachers. They think that you have some intelligence and that you can learn alot from them. The teachers that I have this year are nicer then before. Even with our new principle. We have not even got our agendas yet. We didn't get our agendas last year until September. Our Homecoming Dance isn't until October now. In a way that is good for most people who have to get the tickets for themselves and a partner. It is going to take a while to get E to start blogging, but when he does, you will be the first one we tell.

Grinny Granny said...

I know what you mean about gas prices, but they're higher in other places, over $3 a gallon. They have been as high as $2.59 here, but you can get it for a few cents less than than at a few places.

It really is hard to find a good doctor that doesn't treat you like you don't know anything. I need to call Cathy's office and see if they ever got my MRI.

P has a spot on his back that I didn't like the looks of, so I have made him an appointment with my dermatologist. I couldn't get him an appointment until October, though, so I'll keep an eye on that spot.

It's almost time for you to move! Be sure and get some help doing it. That kind of work would probably just make your back worse, so don't try to do too much.

I'm having aches in my wrists, thumbs mostly, I think it's arthritis, but I'm trying Pain-a-Trate and such things for a while to see how that works.

I am going to check out P's blog before prayer meeting in a few minutes. Talk to you later!