Monday, August 22, 2005

Lease Day

Today is lease day I'm suppose to go to Canton to sign a lease for the new house today. I woke up at 4:00 am and couldn't go back to sleep, now I'm sleepy. This apartment is not a good place to sleep. I hope the new house is better.

We went to Canton yesterday and stayed with Michelle while her daddy worked. She played with grandpa until he got tired. She really malls tigger around and he just eats it up. He didn't want to be bothered the other day and acted like he was going to scratch her. He didn't break the skin but it stung, she got the idea. She wanted to come home with us to go swimming so we brought her home and we spent about an hour in the pool. She is sure going to miss the pool. P came after her she looks pretty good but she was very tired.

Hubby has been very confused the last few days taking that one medication has helped but he still can't remember things. He has ask me every day for the last few day when P is going to Alaska. P has her doctors blessing in going, I'm glad I hope that will pick up her spirits. If she feels like it we are going to do something fun today or tomorrow.

Well the sun isn't going back to bed so I quess I can't.

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Aunty Pesty said...

I did go back to school today and I am making up the work that I missed. R is being a brat again as usual. Everything is back to normal. I got a complainment today. I didn't even have makeup on.