Friday, August 12, 2005

August 12, 2005

Second day in a row for a trip to Dallas. Yesterday we sat at road construction for 20 minutes going 2 miles and hour. Today we went to Rockwall and down to Dallas. It takes 30 minutes longer and 10 miles longer but no construction. Yesterday I had an MRI that was very painful laying still on that hard table. It hurt so bad when I got up I could hardly walk. I had a lot of pain all day. Today hubby had an appointment with ear, eyes, throat guy. He has to have a cat scan in September. I put every thing off until after the move.

Went to Canton last evening so that P could go to Michelle's school and meet the teacher. I didn't remember how entertaining watching the goats were. They were standing on their heads trying to drink out of the buckets. I sent hubby out to wash out the buckets and refill them with water. They really spent a lot of time drinking after they got more water.

I have to decide if I am going to try and do DSL in Canton which will cost me $300.00 to install and about $130.00 a month. If I go dial up it will only be $140.00 a month, they both include telephone. When we are only leasing for 6 months I can't see the $300.00 installtion.

Well, I've been on the internet for a long while I'd better pack some more.

Look at Bruce's blog today some good stuff, but oh so scary.


MsPenni said...

just wanted to say hi, and yes,I have now joined my blogging family.
come visit me at

Grinny Granny said...

I forgot to tell you. I talked to B Moraga at the retreat last weekend. He said to tell you all hi!

Aunty Pesty said...

Well school has started and it has been a little slow. E has not joined us yet, but I will get him into it soon. E has new hours and he is going to be watching R from now on. Today I found out I wasn't the only student at WMHS that listens to Oldies.