Saturday, November 17, 2007


Melissa doesn't like to hear my stories, so I quess I will just have to post them here.

When Hubby came home from overseas, the boys were about 2 and 4. Hubby was stationed at El Torro in California. We lived in town Santa Ana for awhile and then moved into base housing. Old barracks type of apartments three or four apartments downstairs and the same up stairs. We lived in the middle with aparments on both sides of us. They gave us a three bedroom apartment the boys had one room and we had another and the third was used as a storeage room. This was the last stop for us in the military.

We very seldom went out at night we couldn't afford a babysitter and most of the time one was never available. But, we did go out one night with several other couples to Irving California. We had red wine and pizza. I had never had pizza before and had never heard of it. We had a great time. Little old Pueblo Colorado hadn't heard of pizza. Hubby didn't come back from Japan talking about pizza. I'm sure some interprizing guy brought the idea from back east some where. Just a small little pizza joint serving wine or beer with pizza. About 10 miles from a very large Marine Airbase.

Well that's my stupid little story for tonight.

Monday, November 12, 2007


My walking at First Monday has really done me in. I at first thought that I could walk out the soreness from my walking, but walking has just made it worse. Saturday I went to workshop for missions at Mineola. I forced myself to walk in a large room several times. When I got home I was in so much pain I couldn't walk. I tried the heat and cold all Saturday night it helped very little. Sunday morning I even tried a epsom salt bath. That is a difficult operation in a bathtub as small as ours. I tried calling my massaage gal but didn't get in touch with her. I tried today my bone crusher, it seems to have helped. I'm still moving slow but in less pain than before. I've been doing two pain pills during the day.

Saturday, November 03, 2007


The last few days my friends have been here from Albuquerque. That really shows you good friends when they come all the way to see me. Thursday we went to I-Hop to meet them for dinner. Friday morning they came for breakfast, it was teriffic. Melissa and I had to make quiche on Thursday night because the bakery didn't make the quiche.

Friday was Melissa Birthday and because she had to spend it with a bunch of old ladies her attitude was lousy. The Girls bought her a smell bear that smelled like lavender. She thanked them but not very well. We all took her out to dinner to celibate. She told me later it was a terrible Birthday. She much prefered last year because she got presents. I offered to buy her what she wanted but she didn't want anything.

Saturday morning we went back to First Monday Melissa now wants to buy everything in sight. I have trouble keeping a handle on the money I took. She is going to have to re imburse me for part of the money that was spent.

The little town of Canton was so logged with cars that we couldn't even go after the mail today.

The afternoon was just down time at home. I have been trying to do laundry and hem up some pants I bought. Melissa has spent most of the afternoon sleeping I have insisted she wake up but she has been watching TV and do nothing. I have been trying to account for the money spent, it has been difficult.

It has become event that Melissa cannot stay with me any longer, it has become impossible to get her to do anything. I can no longer put up with ther attitude.