Thursday, December 29, 2005

Tomorrow is the Day 30th of December

December 30, 1951, 54, December 30, 1980, 25, December 30, 1999,6. I thought all the birthdays would be in January becuase both my mothers and hubby's mothers birthday was January 13, but the pattern of December 30 won't go away. One of my boys was born on December 30, one of my grandsons was born on December 30 and one of my granddaugthers was born on December 30 I don't know anything about numberology but certainly someone knows if this means something.

We will only be with one of them on this birthday. I tried to get them all together one year on their birthdays but everyone is too far spread out. You have special relations with every child or grandchild but these three are very special in there own way.

Well, to bring you up to date on the on going story of the dogs. We had to give the last one up also. When they fixed her they caused damage to her throat and she needed some medical care. We looked at first monday today but they didn't have anything we could afford,not sure I am up to a puppy. Michelle wants a puppy. P was looking for a billy and she didn't find one either. There should be more animals tomorrow. We definately have to get hubby a scooter tomorrow it was too far for him to walk today.

They put my dishwasher in yesterday what a mess, would you believe they installed a used dishwasher. Water has been leaking under my sink all day they didn't know how to install it. They didn't know it needed an overflow which it doesn't have. The unit is stained where it has leaked a lot in the past, it stinks to high heaven. I am sorry I let them put it in. Oh well what can you expect when you rent.

Sorry, to complain.

Monday, December 26, 2005

The Day After

Christmas was quiet and peaceful. Went to P and opened gifts with Michelle. She put on a fashion show and tried on all of her new clothes for us to see. D got sick, when he said he was cold at breakfast I knew something was wrong. We had a large, large dinner and fell on the couch to watch Star Wars III. Sorry, hubby and I slept off and on through it. We divided all the food up and came home to watch TV and go to bed.

Today was quiet I stripped both beds and and washed everything. Michelle came over in the afternoon and we played with her. D came to pick up Michelle and we talked awhile.

Our new pup is doing pretty well. She has warmed up to me, I had to hold her and watch TV for awhile last night. Then she wanted to sleep with me. She smells terrible but with her stiches keep us from giving her a bath. We are still working on potty training to the deck. She doesn't like to be attached to a lease so it's not easy to take her out front.

Trouble in Alb., and I am so troubled at how to help in any way. I quess really there is not anything I can do. I am so worried about E and R. I am afraid that D is violate and the house is full of swords.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Christmas 2003

I'm still thinking of Christmas's past. Two years ago we had our usual Christmas Eve with the family which left us free for Christmas Day.

We drove to Belen to spend Christmas Day with B and G and B's father Sam. B had fixed a great dinner and Hubby had a good time with G and Sam, they watched TV while B and I fixed dinner and cleaned up. B ex-husband and one of his friends came by after the kitchen was cleaned and B fed them. How many ex-wifes would still be friendly enough with their X's to feed them Christmas Dinner. This is truely an amazing relationship. It works well for them and certainly help their three kids and grandkids. We spent several years going to Belen for Christmas, Sam was an amazing man. He was a retired railroader with lots of interest in life and things around him. He has pasted away but we do miss the time we spent with him.

So many different times of Christmas's, each one of them to be remembered for something different. Last year it was just P, D, Hubby, Michelle and I, we had a very good Christmas and P was doing well on her chemo. We are looking foreward to Christmas this year with all of us again. The weather should be on the mild side, no snow but no rain just sunshine and warm breezes. P won't have any chemo until after the first of the year. Chemo is keeping her level without things progressing but it is not curing it either. That is very discouraging for all of us, we just have to keeping hoping and praying for a break through.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmas Past

I've been thinking about Christmas's past and one of ones that stands out was 68,or 69, or maybe 70. P was still pretty little. The movie "Paint your Wagon" was being released on Christmas Day. I got tickets for the whole family as our Christmas Day treat. We were all alone on Christmas that year no relatives around.

When I was a young married in my fathers music store had racks and racks of albums. One of the albums was "paint you wagon" with the original stage sound track. Now when Lerner and Lowe wrote that musical it didn't get rave reviews, in fact it was a great flop. The music was beautiful and I'll admit I had never heard of any of the artists that were singing on the record. I took one of the albums home and it played on the stero all the time. My kids grew up with that wonderful music. So I was really anxious to see the movie, yes I knew it had been re-writen but they had to keep all that beautiful music. Well the movie was funny and can you beleive they even had clint eastwood singing "I talk to the trees" such a great song to be mudered by him. "They call the wind Mariha" The kids loved the movie but I think we were all disappointed that a lot of the music was lost.

Now there is another movie coming out on Christmas I am anixous to see "The Producers" We are talking about doing a family Christmas movie once again.

I'm wondering if my kids the remember the movie? and the circumstances of seeing it? It has been on TV since then.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Quiet Weekend

we have had a very quiet weekend, neither of us have been feeling too well. Just on the computer and doing what has to be done. I think I have finally straightened out the checking accounts. It is hard to reconstruct 5 months of bank records. I need to try and make a copy of them so if something else happens I don't have to do this again.

Our first Christmas was spent in Barstow California. We had a funny skinny christmas tree without every many things on it. We had brought a puppy a cocker spaniel. Who later had to be put to sleep from heart worms. We named the puppy taffy. We didn't have him very long. We went to a dance at the highschool. One of hubbys friends was dating a high school girl so we went along. We were in sunday school a couples class that was really a highschool class. We didn't fit in anywhere else. Church was in a quanset hut?? they had wooden doors in the floor under the pulpit that was where the baptisal tank was. Hubby was baptizted there it was very cold when he was baptized. Here I am thinking about 55 years ago, P has me thinking about these things with his postings.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Little Things matter

It takes so little to make a 5 almost 6 year old happy. The little kids are wearing lacy string poncho's. The hight of fashion these days. I decided to crochet one for Michelle so she could be in fashion. I dug out some left over yarn and made up my own pattern. Nothing fancy, just a couple of rows of double crochet with about 20 rows of loops. I made the mistake of leaving it out when Michelle was hear and she saw it. So when I finished it I gave it to her. She wore it all afternoon and evening and thought she was really dressed up, she thought it was great.

Michelle and I wraped Christmas gifts yesterday. She even wrapped some herself. She is so great at making up her own games with anything. This time it was a deck of cards, she called the game frog. She would put down two number cards and you had to add them together to get the cards. This must be something like the plusing game they play at school. I can't believe this kindergartener can add these things together and get them right 95 percent of the time. The only thing I remember about kindergarten was the rythmn band. Surely we did other things too but I don't remember them.

We are spending Christmas here in Canton. We will miss having Christmas at my sons but P doesn't have the time off for us to go. We should have a good time at P's. with Michelle, two cats, 8 goats. Last Christmas was good so this one should be too.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I'm back

It only took 5 days for Frys to tell me to come and get a loaner. My lap top is on its way to California, I hope it enjoys the weather ours has been lousy. Frys gave me a brand new lap top off the shelf as a loaner. It has taken me another 3 days to get a copy of netzero so that I could get on line. Mine got lost in the move somewhere. The other things that are missing are the Christmas place mats and towels. Oh well with the move from Alb. to Canton, Canton to Terrell and back to Canton anything could happen.

Reading my sons blog about his father, I quess I need to update his health condition. The Alzhemiers doc says he has more frontal lob dementia. He has never acted like they say alzhemiers patients do. Sometimes he is as clear as a bell and then he can't remember what happened yesterday or this morning. The movie Notebook was a little too close to home. He is not that bad. Yesterday P went for chemo and they skipped this treatment so she could have a good Christmas. P was here to pick up Michelle and told us about it. This morning at breakfast we discussed that the cancer was not progressed but not going away either but she didn't have chemo yesterday. Tonight he ask me if P was having chemo today?

Update on Hootie: Hootie when back to CLAWS. When we left him alone to go to wally world he torn up a ventian blind. When the weather was 20 degrees and sleeting we took him to Tyler with us while I went to the doctor. Hubby had to stay in the car with him for about an hour. Saturday when we went to Frys for the loaner we left him on the deck. He had done fine on the deck before but this time he tore up the screen on the window to the dinning room. We will have to pay to have that fixed. There is no way we can leave him alone at all. I think I finally had him house broke but that was becoming a chore. We can't be tied to the house all the time so back he went. Michelle misses him but she understood how bad he had been. They promised to find us another dog.

Well, I did it again. Yesterday I put my pills and hubbys pills in little bathroom paper cups and put them on the table so we could take them with breakfast. I must have switched the cups and when I had taken about half of my cup I realized they were hubbys pills. I know I should have stuck my finger down my throat but I thought I had caught them in time. About an housr and a half later I was sitting on the couch working on quicken when I got so dizzy I almost past out. I made it to the bathroom in time for both ends to run and they did for about 3 hours. P had gone to Dallas to have chemo with D. I had to pick up Michelle and I knew I wouldn't be able to drive. I imposed on the manager of the village to take hubby to pick up Michelle. I had chills and sweats off and on for the rest of the day. It finally quite about 8:00 last night and I'm still weak today. I can't believe how sick those damn pills make me. But it has scared me if something happens that I can't be the caregiver I don't know what we will do.

So good to be back on line reading everybodys blog and talking with all of you.

Sunday night I had a weird dream about L. M was getting ready to go to kindergarten and the only one they had was at 3:30 in the afternoon. L and all of us were living in a library. Don't tell out senior in highschool I dreamed she was starting kindergarten. She thinks she is too grown up for that. I told you it was weird.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

computrer problems

Will try to get a post in before it blinks off again. I have to take it back to Frys next week.

Yes, we went to see the dog last wednesday. He is a manchester terrier. Yes, we took him home. Only problem I am having is we can't leave him alone in the house he torn up a ventian blind just while we were gone to wally world. I keep taking him out to go potty and he can't smell another dog so he won't go potty. He hold it as long as he can and then we have an accident in the house. I can't figure out what to do.

Took hubby to alz doctor on thursday. He is doing very well. His alz is progressing very slowly. he had more trouble with the memory test. The dog as been good for him. He is taking more of an interest, not sleeping so much.

Michelle is wild about him she tells me she can be in an dog show now, she knows how from watching the dog show on Thanksgiving. She has been practicing runing him all day today. The poor dog is sleeping peacefully now. By the way his name is Hootie.

We have had a Harvey, Harry and now a Hootie and we didn't name any of them.

i may be off for awhile.