Saturday, December 03, 2005

computrer problems

Will try to get a post in before it blinks off again. I have to take it back to Frys next week.

Yes, we went to see the dog last wednesday. He is a manchester terrier. Yes, we took him home. Only problem I am having is we can't leave him alone in the house he torn up a ventian blind just while we were gone to wally world. I keep taking him out to go potty and he can't smell another dog so he won't go potty. He hold it as long as he can and then we have an accident in the house. I can't figure out what to do.

Took hubby to alz doctor on thursday. He is doing very well. His alz is progressing very slowly. he had more trouble with the memory test. The dog as been good for him. He is taking more of an interest, not sleeping so much.

Michelle is wild about him she tells me she can be in an dog show now, she knows how from watching the dog show on Thanksgiving. She has been practicing runing him all day today. The poor dog is sleeping peacefully now. By the way his name is Hootie.

We have had a Harvey, Harry and now a Hootie and we didn't name any of them.

i may be off for awhile.


Greek Shadow said...

Now all you need is a goat or two. Glad to hear Dad's responding to him.

Aunty Pesty said...

Well having a pet is a good thing for people. It's funny how that comes to be. I have been buzy this month with school and R. R loves being a pest to me. He likes to chase me when I am dancing and singing. Hope P is doing well. Talk to you later. TTFN.