Thursday, December 29, 2005

Tomorrow is the Day 30th of December

December 30, 1951, 54, December 30, 1980, 25, December 30, 1999,6. I thought all the birthdays would be in January becuase both my mothers and hubby's mothers birthday was January 13, but the pattern of December 30 won't go away. One of my boys was born on December 30, one of my grandsons was born on December 30 and one of my granddaugthers was born on December 30 I don't know anything about numberology but certainly someone knows if this means something.

We will only be with one of them on this birthday. I tried to get them all together one year on their birthdays but everyone is too far spread out. You have special relations with every child or grandchild but these three are very special in there own way.

Well, to bring you up to date on the on going story of the dogs. We had to give the last one up also. When they fixed her they caused damage to her throat and she needed some medical care. We looked at first monday today but they didn't have anything we could afford,not sure I am up to a puppy. Michelle wants a puppy. P was looking for a billy and she didn't find one either. There should be more animals tomorrow. We definately have to get hubby a scooter tomorrow it was too far for him to walk today.

They put my dishwasher in yesterday what a mess, would you believe they installed a used dishwasher. Water has been leaking under my sink all day they didn't know how to install it. They didn't know it needed an overflow which it doesn't have. The unit is stained where it has leaked a lot in the past, it stinks to high heaven. I am sorry I let them put it in. Oh well what can you expect when you rent.

Sorry, to complain.


Greek Shadow said...

Hope everything works out for you on the dishwasher. sounds like a real mess. Too bad about the dog. I shudder to think of Dad on a scooter, but maybe it will work if he can't go too far.

Christopher said...

hey blog grandma, praying for this new year for you. it's tough having b-days so close to christmas . . . my bride's b-day is on new years eve. take care and know you're in my daily prayers.