Sunday, December 18, 2005

Quiet Weekend

we have had a very quiet weekend, neither of us have been feeling too well. Just on the computer and doing what has to be done. I think I have finally straightened out the checking accounts. It is hard to reconstruct 5 months of bank records. I need to try and make a copy of them so if something else happens I don't have to do this again.

Our first Christmas was spent in Barstow California. We had a funny skinny christmas tree without every many things on it. We had brought a puppy a cocker spaniel. Who later had to be put to sleep from heart worms. We named the puppy taffy. We didn't have him very long. We went to a dance at the highschool. One of hubbys friends was dating a high school girl so we went along. We were in sunday school a couples class that was really a highschool class. We didn't fit in anywhere else. Church was in a quanset hut?? they had wooden doors in the floor under the pulpit that was where the baptisal tank was. Hubby was baptizted there it was very cold when he was baptized. Here I am thinking about 55 years ago, P has me thinking about these things with his postings.

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