Monday, December 26, 2005

The Day After

Christmas was quiet and peaceful. Went to P and opened gifts with Michelle. She put on a fashion show and tried on all of her new clothes for us to see. D got sick, when he said he was cold at breakfast I knew something was wrong. We had a large, large dinner and fell on the couch to watch Star Wars III. Sorry, hubby and I slept off and on through it. We divided all the food up and came home to watch TV and go to bed.

Today was quiet I stripped both beds and and washed everything. Michelle came over in the afternoon and we played with her. D came to pick up Michelle and we talked awhile.

Our new pup is doing pretty well. She has warmed up to me, I had to hold her and watch TV for awhile last night. Then she wanted to sleep with me. She smells terrible but with her stiches keep us from giving her a bath. We are still working on potty training to the deck. She doesn't like to be attached to a lease so it's not easy to take her out front.

Trouble in Alb., and I am so troubled at how to help in any way. I quess really there is not anything I can do. I am so worried about E and R. I am afraid that D is violate and the house is full of swords.

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