Friday, December 16, 2005

Little Things matter

It takes so little to make a 5 almost 6 year old happy. The little kids are wearing lacy string poncho's. The hight of fashion these days. I decided to crochet one for Michelle so she could be in fashion. I dug out some left over yarn and made up my own pattern. Nothing fancy, just a couple of rows of double crochet with about 20 rows of loops. I made the mistake of leaving it out when Michelle was hear and she saw it. So when I finished it I gave it to her. She wore it all afternoon and evening and thought she was really dressed up, she thought it was great.

Michelle and I wraped Christmas gifts yesterday. She even wrapped some herself. She is so great at making up her own games with anything. This time it was a deck of cards, she called the game frog. She would put down two number cards and you had to add them together to get the cards. This must be something like the plusing game they play at school. I can't believe this kindergartener can add these things together and get them right 95 percent of the time. The only thing I remember about kindergarten was the rythmn band. Surely we did other things too but I don't remember them.

We are spending Christmas here in Canton. We will miss having Christmas at my sons but P doesn't have the time off for us to go. We should have a good time at P's. with Michelle, two cats, 8 goats. Last Christmas was good so this one should be too.


Greek Shadow said...

It's best to do as little traveling with Dad as possible. Here's hoping you have a good and safe holliday season.

Grinny Granny said...

I'm back! Check out my blog, I put some pictures on. It'll be a little different not having you here, but we will enjoy having R and E. Merry Christmas!

Aunty Pesty said...

I'm back! See my blog. I might put some pictures on there. Well I sure miss having you here, but I think we will do fine with R and E here with the two cats and two dogs. Well finals are over and I hope I did good or better. I gave my friends some presents and cards with the candy canes and I'll get my presents from them in January when school is back in. I hope that M, P, and D are doing well. Tell grandpa that I miss him. Well that is enough talking for me. TTFN.