Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Height of Stupidity

I posted a long post before dinner and now I come back and find it went to never, never land. I'll try again.

TV is reporting that a 28 year art teacher has been fired for taking her 5th grade class to the Dallas Art Musem. The principal suggested that she take a field trip to the Musem and she did. Some parents complained that their students saw some naked statues. I'm not sure where the Texas AFT is the teacher had to hired her own attorney. Reminds me of the trouble hubby got into showing a TV program that stated with the outline of a person with lines running through it. You know you see it at the beginning of some of science program on educational TV. One of his students when home and said he was showing pictures of naked men. That principal was smart enough to take it for what it was and kid looking to get out of school. This school board was running scared that someone was going to be offended. I quess the statue of "DAVID" wouldn't pass mustard either.

I am so proud of Bill Clinton he finally took the present administration on for there uneccessary war and what it has done to America. Killing off all our young men and torturing people to make it acceptable to the American people. I am so sick of this stupid group of people running our nation and torturing people. I can't believe these people are calling themselves Christians.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Start of new week

We are starting new week, this one has lots of things to do, I hope we are up to the activities. We go for weeks without anything to do and everything comes in one week.

The ALZ group I have located is meeting this afternoon. I am going to try and go to that. Tomorrow is a luncheon with the retiree's of education.

We had rain yesterday afternoon and off and on all night. Sadie is unhappy about having to go out in the rain or on the wet deck.

We went to catholic church to a fund raising dinner with D mother, they had a cute rat terrier puppy they were trying to give away. Michelle was really taken with him she would have taken him home in a minute. D would have killed us. P came over last night to help M with her performance for the talent show. They didn't have the music or equipment over here so they went to P's. So... I don't know what is planned but I am trusting P to help her get something good going on for the show.

I got a new hearing aide for hubby, it has ear phones and a little box to project the sound loud enough for him to hear. It seems to be helping so I hope he will enjoy the luncheon tomorrow.

I have been trying to sort pictures I sorted for hours last night and haven't sorted half of the pictres. I don't know what I am going to do with them when I finish. I think I am going to try to seperate them and give some to each of the kids. I would shutter at the kids trying to go through them after we are gone. They wouldn't have any idea who some of the people are or why we have pictures of them. I should have a lifetime of work if I made scrape books out of some of them. I may only do the ones that are of their ancestors.

Exicted for my son that is getting his first book published. I know what everybody is getting for Christmas presents. I remember well when he started writting the book. He ask hubby, myself and a close friend Jean to read the script and make comments. We took turns reading and we read everywhere including in the motorhome in Fort Sumner where they were working on the motorhome. I hope some of our suggestions were of a help to him. I haven't read that script in sometime so I'm not sure how that one came out. I have read the one he has in a blog but not lately. Now he has started a new one that I am trying to read. I always wanted to write but have never had to courage to try. I did manage to do a pretty of good job writting for the ASCA newsletter but that is about all I every did.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Hey I have my computer back

I got my computer yesterday. I had called Frys (you know I was desperate to call them) they had a power cord for my computer. I went to where I left my computer 3 weeks ago and they had ordered a cord for me. They said they had received the cord on Friday but hadn't bothered to call me. I didn't have to drive to Dallas, but we had a rain shower and I couldn't use the computer.

I tried to blog some but i couldn't get son greek shadows blog to take a comment.

Hubby is doing lots better the biggest problem was the heat. We have had visiting nurses for the last couple of weeks. The doc in Kaufman thought he could use some physical therapy but that didn't work out. So the social worker did get some info for me. The visiting nurse just comes and takes his blook pressure and keeps up with his blood sugar. This will go on for another 6 weeks but I did get connected with a alz support group in Gun Barrel City. I will try them out next week.

Had trouble getting M up and out to school yesterday. But she was up and ready to go on her own today. Her school is having a talent show and the kids are encouraging her to sign up. P has volunteered to help her get a song ready. I hope she decides to do it. Hey pappa bear we went shopping with P on Sunday and some money would be appreciated. You can't take a teenager shopping and not spend money. A new t-shirt and a new top was the damage. I did buy a camisol at wally world the other day. Now she can wear any of her tops to school.

Steven has a dental problem so I get to take him to Tyler today to the dentist.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hey I'm here

I'm on my grandaughters computer, a bad, bad puppy dog chewed my power cord into. The battery ran down and I couldn't use my computer. I made the mistake of taking it to a local shop and of course they had to order the cord. We are still waiting for the cord to arrive. They have had my computer for 9 days I'm desperate.

Grandaughter living with us has a bad cold, she tried to go to school yesterday but I had to go get her. She is still home today. I've told her that she has to go tomorrow. Three days for a cold is enough.

P has gone to Dallas for chemo today, so I have to pick up Michelle from school. Hubby is doing better but of course the heat wave is done for the time being. I hope we are through with the 100 degree weather. I have turned the AC off for the last few nights.