Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Height of Stupidity

I posted a long post before dinner and now I come back and find it went to never, never land. I'll try again.

TV is reporting that a 28 year art teacher has been fired for taking her 5th grade class to the Dallas Art Musem. The principal suggested that she take a field trip to the Musem and she did. Some parents complained that their students saw some naked statues. I'm not sure where the Texas AFT is the teacher had to hired her own attorney. Reminds me of the trouble hubby got into showing a TV program that stated with the outline of a person with lines running through it. You know you see it at the beginning of some of science program on educational TV. One of his students when home and said he was showing pictures of naked men. That principal was smart enough to take it for what it was and kid looking to get out of school. This school board was running scared that someone was going to be offended. I quess the statue of "DAVID" wouldn't pass mustard either.

I am so proud of Bill Clinton he finally took the present administration on for there uneccessary war and what it has done to America. Killing off all our young men and torturing people to make it acceptable to the American people. I am so sick of this stupid group of people running our nation and torturing people. I can't believe these people are calling themselves Christians.

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