Thursday, October 05, 2006

Week for Doctors

I gave up and called my primary care doc for sleeping pills. She sent me the Lunesta perscription they are over 1.00 per pill on my perscription plan. What on earth are they without a perscription plan. First couple of them worked pretty good. I skipped one night and went back and it didn't work so well last night.

M went back to dentist last week for finale cleaning we are going to have to have her teeth cleaned every four months for awhile. She has a small place to be filled we will do that the end of this month.

I decided I could put off seeing a chiropractor any longer. I went Tuesday to one that had been highly recomended to me. He was nice but all the talk, xrays, and xams but no treatment. I still have my headache, I go back to see him today.

Took M to Athens to doc spent two hours in her office. M seems to like her very much. I was impressed. She seems to have diagnosed M to a T. I am still trying to understand what this is and how do we deal with it. I quess it is one of those things you don't fix. You learn how to compensate for it and how to deal with it. I am reading on a website about this

M is going to be in a talent show tomorrow night. P has been working with her and I have been having her practice here at home. Keep your fingers crossed that it goes well. She has to do this as a spoof I know the kids will laugh I hope it doesn't hurt her feelings. P bought her a cowboy hat, P gave her, her old boots, with her demin skirt she should look cute. We would like to video tape it but can't find a camcord and I am not about to buy one. M seems to think the money pit doesn't have a bottom. Everybody is taking a camera so we can get lots of pictures.

P had a good report at her doc appointment her CA125 went down 10 points and the physical exam is the same. So they are still giving her doxil, she won't lose her hair for now. We never know how the chemo will effect her some times you hardly know she had any. The next time she has all kinds of weird systoms. P computer is still down and they have fixed the computer at work so she can't blog.

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