Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cruise here we come

Aunt D called Saturday she had found a 11 day cruise to the eastern carribean. The both of us spent all day Saturday on the telephone setting up the cruise, airfare, and hotels. I have new respect for travel agents. The hotel in our port city had a gal on the phone with mush in her mouth and I never could understand her. I had to wait until the next day to book the last day at the hotel. Low and behold the price of the same hotel room jumped 75.00 a day from reservations for Oct to Nov and from Sat to Mon. Because we booked the cruise through Travelcity the people at Norwegian won't talk to us. The airfare was done online with Southwest and was a breeze once I figured out there web site. I have my finger crossed that everything is finally worked out.

I spent all day Monday changing appointments not only are they mine and hubbbys. Now I have grandaughter M to change appointments for too. I am still trying to get her bus stop changed. M wil be staying with P while we are gone. I will be so much more at ease that she is with family and not alone. While P and D are gone on there cruise we will have Michelle. M and Michelle are going to have to get along for longer peroid to time.

We had Michelle all day Saturday, I planed a picnic and day at the park. It was so hot and no place to sit we managed two hours. Good thing as Aunt D was keeping he cell phone hot with plans for the cruise. When we got home M and Michelle had to entertain themselves while I spent the rest of the day on the telephone. M practiced driving somemore on Sunday. We have to drive 23 miles away to buy diet coke with lime..

Haven't posted about Sadie in sometime, this morning the weather radio woke me up letting me know Waco had a torrnado watch. I went in to be sure M was up and moving. While I was in M room my alarm when off. Before I could get in to turn it off Sadie raced in and jumped up on the bed and table and nosed the alarm and then looked behind it to try to find out where that noise was coming from. Maybe I can teacher her how to turn it off.

Went to my ALZ support group yesterday, only my second time and already I am feeling so close to these other two ladies and a man. The leaders hubby is in a nursing home sence the last meeting. Mans wife is in nursing home. Only one other lady an I are still taking care at home. Boy have I ever needed this group. I wish I had found it a year ago.

I have been going to a Sunday night study group at the Methodist Church. There whole approach as intellectual. The paster is young, young and says he is also a disinfranchised baptist. I took hubby to the Methodist Church Sunday morning and he did real well. We may try going some more. Pastors wife is ordained and helps with the service as well as communion. They were afraid it would upset us, I thought it was great. Pastors wife about to pop with her third child. LOVELY PEOPLE.


JUST A MOM said...

you watch sillyville too!!!! i'll be back to read your post in a bit

Christopher said...

be sure to post the picture of your future trip...i did some time at the methodist church as well and really enjoyed the folks there... really enjoyed taking communion with the methodist; most baptists do it so infrequently and the deacons fumble the elements. glad your suport group is helping you. prayers your way