Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hey I'm here

I'm on my grandaughters computer, a bad, bad puppy dog chewed my power cord into. The battery ran down and I couldn't use my computer. I made the mistake of taking it to a local shop and of course they had to order the cord. We are still waiting for the cord to arrive. They have had my computer for 9 days I'm desperate.

Grandaughter living with us has a bad cold, she tried to go to school yesterday but I had to go get her. She is still home today. I've told her that she has to go tomorrow. Three days for a cold is enough.

P has gone to Dallas for chemo today, so I have to pick up Michelle from school. Hubby is doing better but of course the heat wave is done for the time being. I hope we are through with the 100 degree weather. I have turned the AC off for the last few nights.

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Greek Shadow said...

Nice to have you back up, even if it is on the other machine. Hope M gets better. Grinnygranny had this too, she's waiting for it to clear up, but it is lingering.