Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Hey I have my computer back

I got my computer yesterday. I had called Frys (you know I was desperate to call them) they had a power cord for my computer. I went to where I left my computer 3 weeks ago and they had ordered a cord for me. They said they had received the cord on Friday but hadn't bothered to call me. I didn't have to drive to Dallas, but we had a rain shower and I couldn't use the computer.

I tried to blog some but i couldn't get son greek shadows blog to take a comment.

Hubby is doing lots better the biggest problem was the heat. We have had visiting nurses for the last couple of weeks. The doc in Kaufman thought he could use some physical therapy but that didn't work out. So the social worker did get some info for me. The visiting nurse just comes and takes his blook pressure and keeps up with his blood sugar. This will go on for another 6 weeks but I did get connected with a alz support group in Gun Barrel City. I will try them out next week.

Had trouble getting M up and out to school yesterday. But she was up and ready to go on her own today. Her school is having a talent show and the kids are encouraging her to sign up. P has volunteered to help her get a song ready. I hope she decides to do it. Hey pappa bear we went shopping with P on Sunday and some money would be appreciated. You can't take a teenager shopping and not spend money. A new t-shirt and a new top was the damage. I did buy a camisol at wally world the other day. Now she can wear any of her tops to school.

Steven has a dental problem so I get to take him to Tyler today to the dentist.

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P.M. Prescott said...

Nice to have you back up and know that the new Beta blogger won't allow comments. I guess I'm going to use my classroom blog, since APS has put a filter on blogger and I can't use it in the classroom anymore.