Sunday, January 01, 2006

A New Year

We have managed through New Years Eve without anyone setting fireworks off in our area. I was really worried about it we are setting in the edge of a wooded are and have a large gully behind use that is full of leaves, bushes, and small trees. Every thing is tender dry and just waiting for a spark. Dallas got up to 83 degrees today. It is good for our light bill we sure need it.

Michelle spent the day with us yesterday and it was so warm we went for a walk. We walked through the small woods in front of our house. It is suppose to go through to Highway 19 and I think we got far enough to see and hear the traffic on it. I can't see how it comes out on 19 but I quess I will walk around enough to see someday.

We have to take P to Dallas for chemo on Tuesday. She has to be there at 8:00 am I am hoping to talk Hubby into staying home. If you haven't been reading P blog, log onto a way to keep connected, is explains about her cancer and her treatments.

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mommy d said...

Happy New Year! Thanks for visiting and sharing your military history. My husbands deployment is fast approaching and we are trying to make the most of his time left at home.