Sunday, January 15, 2006

Tig requested the following story

When hubby was stationed at Santa Ana he surrendered to preach at Bristol Street Baptist Church. It was a short time until he should re-enlist and he deceided to go to school. Riverside, California had just started the California Baptist College and hubby needed to go to school. The marine corp. let hubby out of the service early so that he could go to school. We moved to Riverside and found a small two bedroom house which needed paint badly. We offered to paint and the owner bought the paint and we painted including the living room floor. We painted it a light grey, I don't remember what colors we painted anything else.

I found a job in the sheriff's department as a warrent clerk. Hubby took both little boys to school with him, they had a day care at school. Hubby really enjoyed school. One of the teachers was a young man that had been a missionary somewhere. He challenged the class of young would be preachers that divorce was not a motal sin and that a minister could be divorced. This was scandalous. Funny I don't remember this mans name just what a tempest his ideas caused.

Hubby's favorite teacher was a Dr. Timothy Walker. Dr. Walker was a refuge from Russia, his father had been an officer in the Czars personal guard. His father was a Christian and passed his beliefs to his family. Dr. Walker had to leave Russia because of the danger to his family. He migrated to Mexico and was there sometime before he could get into the United States. He told me one time that he thought in Russian, translated into Spanish and then into English.

The first time I met him he was taking a group of students to see the movie War and Peace. He kept up a running comment all the way through the movie about Russia and the movie. Hubby and I can't remember what he taught. Hubby volunteered me to play the piano for Dr. Walker when he preached at spanish churches. My first exposure to playing out of hymn book in spanish.

After I lost my job at the sheriff's office because I objected to the sheriff putting a very young officer in the drug scene when his wife was pg. I thought this was wrong and was vocal about it. So I lost my job, why we thought this was so terribel I don't know. Any way we moved back to Pueblo and hubby went to work for my father in the music store. The music store was started when I was about 13 and I worked there while I was in high school.

When we were in Pueblo the SBC started a Spanish Baptist Mission in Pueblo. Our church ask for volunteers to help with the mission and hubby and I volunteered. A Don and Virginia Weeks were the home missionaries that were sent to open the mission. The mission was held in their home but sometimes in our home. When the mission wanted to do a revival we suggested Dr. Walker for the visiting minister. So Dr. Walker came and spent a week with us. Our boys fell in love with him and he was such an encouragement for hubby and I. He ask us to name our next boy after him. It wasn't until 1964 that we had another boy and of course he was name Timothy but unfortunately didn't live.


Greek Shadow said...

Thanks for writing about him. I need you to call me sometime soon.

Kim said...

Thank you for filling in the gaps and continuing tig's story. I love your family :)