Wednesday, January 11, 2006

More Computer Problems

I couldn't get on the computer at all Tuesday. So once again we went to Frys today and took my computer back. They didn't want to give me a loaner, they also said I would have to pay for any repairs that weren't covered under the contract I bought. Why did I buy a contract if it doesn't cover repairs. He was a smart Ass he noted every scratch on the computer. But he didn't list all the problems with the computer that I listed. I don't think those stupid people believe the problems I am having. This is fair warning don't buy anything from Frys and don't buy a toshiba laptop. They will only work for 1 year then they are trash. Five trips to Frys 118 miles round trip and 3 hours of driving. There has to be a better solution.


Kim said...

We bought two laptops at radio shack three years ago and they are still working wonderfully...sorry you have had trouble with yours!

Greek Shadow said...

Take your computer over to Penni's and see if it works there. You may have an magnetic field by your place that would interfere, just a thought.