Wednesday, January 18, 2006

More Houses

When I was 13 my parents sold the big rock house and bought a business building at the junction. There was a large business down stairs and a very large living quarters upstairs. My dad installed an electric lock for the front door which was at the bottom of the stairs. Three bedrooms, living room, two kitchens, one large bath and two sleeping porches. I slept in every room in that upstairs with the acception of one kitchen and the bathroom. They built a large walkin closet, in the room for me. Mother use to tell me that she dreamed several times that she couldn't find a place to put my babybed. Upstairs was a long hall with doors on both sides leading into the rooms and the were only one room deep on both sides. Well, I did sleep all over that place. That place was like a hotel just a place to sleep and change clothes. I was more comfortable in the big front room I spent a great many hours reading in that room. I think that was where I learned to love reading so much. I sometime would finish a book and run down stairs to Grove Drug Store and bought another one for 25 cents. I really liked Mickey Spillane at that time also I read a lot of Ridder Hagar very hair raising.

Well,I cheeted at WW. The first night I had a heavy jacket on and my heavy athletic shoes. I weighted a lot more, so this week I had a cape I could take off with ease and shoes I could slip out of and stand in my stocking feet on the scales. I felt ashamed when they made a big deal about me losing 5 pounds. We will see what happens next week.


Greek Shadow said...

I remember visiting Grandma and Grandpa. Going upstairs to their apartment. It always smelled of bacon. When I spent the summer between 7th and 8th grades there I stayed in that front room and that is where I read all three books of the Lord of the Rings for the first time. The paperbacks were 95 cents and came to a whole buck with tax.

Greek Shadow said...

L jusst sent me an e-mail. Greg Wolfe passed away. Thought you would like to know and let K know as well.