Monday, January 09, 2006

Computer maybe working

While I drove 118 miles to pick up the computer it worked fine at the shop. When I got home of course it didn't work. The key board was either not working or sending X's and M's in a long line and I had to turn the computer off to stop it. I tried everything including re-installing the keyboard driver that didn't work. I finally turned it off and went to bed. I decided to take it back today. I tried to use it again before we left still didn't work. After driving the 59 miles there the thing worked fine. The only option they gave me was to ship it off to California again. I couldn't go though that again. They suggested that I expand the memory. I had bought the memory back the first of December before the computer electricity decided not to work. I had tried last night to install the new memory but we couldn't get the screw out of the plate that holds the back on. We bought a screwdriver to take it off would you believe it cost $5.00 today. I got the back off and installed the memory chips twice and it still wouldn't work. I took it to D and he took the memory chips out and replaced them and would you believe it works.

I had to correct Tig's postings of his fathers life, he had the events alright but the timeline and items mixed up. Oh, well when you write about things before you were born and when you were too little to remember them. He just remembers the stories that were told.

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Greek Shadow said...

Glad everything is back to normal.