Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Second House Pueblo

Why do we let employers dictate our lives. We were doing fine in our little house until hubby went to work for IBM. Why we thought it would be forever and that we should follow every suggestion (comand) they issued. First they had to take hubby out shopping and approve of his suits, shoes, shirts, ties and etc. Then it was the car we were driving and the house we lived in. The car had to be a new one not a 4 year old model. We lived in an older neigborhood with a lot of retired people, but the houses were slowly being sold to younger families. We had to live in an newer up and coming neighborhood. Belong to the clubs in town they approved of.

We found a house that was almost finished in the new neighborhood of Sunset Park. When I was a kid the land the subdivison occupied was the airport. A small three bedroom two baths with a full basement. The contractor that was bulding the house on speculation was having an affair with someone elses wife. The jealous husband, shot the contractor in the front yard of the house. A lot of little things in the house were not finished. None of the windows had hardware to lock them or pull them up and down. The first time I tried to use the build in oven the whole oven fell out of the hole in the cabinet.

We were temporary residents in that house and our life changed so much in the short time we lived there. The biggest change was the birth of little girl she changed our lives forever. The IBM Selectric was developed and hubby sold so many that it was going to take 9 months to get delivery on them. Commission were not paid until the typwritters were delivered. We were facing large car payments and a much larger house payment. I was expecting could not work and had a premature baby. We were facing 9 months without an income. Hubbies statment to IBM "I was looking for a job when I found this one". The boys and hubby worked very hard puting in the landscaping. We transplanted pine trees from Beulah unfortunately they did not live.
President JFK visited Pueblo, hubby was helping with crowd control and was able to get the boys front row seats.

Hubby got a new job with Gates Rubber Company the catch. We had to move to Albuquerque, New Mexico. We sold the house without any trouble, we sold it ourself.

We moved to Albuquerque when P was six months old. We wouldn't let the boys move to Albuquerque until they learned to spell it. Two little boys would work very hard to learn to spell that very hard word.

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Marty said...

Hi grandma1,

I tried to find the book you told me about "Who is really running the ?". I looked on amazon.com, but can't seem to find it. Who is the author? Any idea where I can get a copy? Also FYI, Dan is a friend, he's not a heckler. He has been very supportive of me. He's a good guy.

By the way, these are interesting stories about your family you've posted. I enjoyed reading them.