Sunday, January 29, 2006


I just finished repairing the quilt I'm going to give it to Michelle. When I was little I remember seeing the stack of quilt blocks of little dutch dolls. I loved them they were so cute. My maternal grandmother told me that she and my paternal grandmother had quilted them for me. Some of them were of my clothes when I was little the rest of the blocks were from the families clothes. My paternal grandmother died when I was two so I don't remember her. My maternal grandmother lived with us all the time I was growing up. When "Snow White and the Seven Drawfts" came out I pested my mother to buy me some fabric that had them printed on it. She finally bought some and I had a dress that I don't remember. But my grandmother did quilt a block with that fabric. Years later one of Hubbys relatives got the quilt put togther and quilted for me. I should have put it away and kept it but I didn't I used it and it is a lot worse for wear. I have tried putting it back together and I am going to give it to Michelle. All the rest of the granddaughters have received afghans but Michelle doesn't need one her mom has made a lot.

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