Tuesday, February 07, 2006


S was here for a few days it was good to see him. I didn't get to talk to him much he was busy working on his other grandmothers little house.

Michelle went with me to Athens to look for a dog. It was so difficult, there was two that we liked. Michelle liked the little puppy that was part chichuawa (?). He was a sweet and mellow puppy and Michelle really liked him. But I found what they called a rat terrier, she looks a lot like our toy fox terriers. She is full of beans and so active, she is a mess to keep up with. She was suppose to be puddle pad trained. Well, she seems to have forgot all about that. We are working on that. She does seem to know what she is suppose to do when we go outside. Now I am introducing her to the deck and see if she would go out there. I was going though pictures yesterday and found pictures of Charlie our toy fox terrier. Sadie looks so much like him. When I get my own computer back I will post some pictures. Michelle almost convinced me to get two of them. Sadie really loves her and kisses her all the time.

I also found pictures of lots of our houses. I really miss the one on 67th I didn't think I would miss it that much. I knew I really missed Hermosa because we were there so long and so much of our history is tied up there.

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Aunty Pesty said...

Well I am back. I'll try to blog as much as possible with the schedule this year at school. Right now I am helping a friend out with her grades so she can graduate with me and my friends. M seems to like all the really messy dogs. Well I will talk to you later. TTFN.