Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sold House in Sunset Park

When the house sold on Sunset Park it was a few weeks before school was out. We rented a trailer next door to my mom and dad. They were living in a travel trailer on the north side of Pueblo. When school was out hubby arrived from Albuquerque and we moved down. Hubby had found a rental house in a recent subdivision called Princess Jeanne. Three bedroom with attached garage. The front yard was about 45 degree slop down to the street. We were way out at the east edge of town. About 2 blocks east of us was desert sloping up to the Sandia's. The city was busy building a 4 lane street from Central on north. I couldn't figure out way anyone would want such a street out in nowhere. Hubby and my mom and dad moved us in and promptly went off and left the kids and I to cope. I don't remember much about the house we were only there a few months. The people that owned the house moved back to town and wanted there house back and we had to move. We moved down in June and boy was it hot. The air conditioner worked great so we stayed in a lot. B was so bored that he spent a lot of time play with P on the floor. P was 6 months old and the boys had been playing with a cigar box full of color crayons. The boys had colored all over the outside of the box so it had a lot of pretty colors on it and P wanted that box in the worse way. B kept moving it so she couldn't reach it, so P just kept trying until she learned to crawl. I was so lonely while we were there that in the afternoon that I had the boys invite the neighborhood kids in. I served popcorn and koolaide to the neighborhood kids for something to do. I had to go to the real estate office to pay the rent. I looked in the phone book at the map to find the real estate office and how to get there. While the kids and I drove for 3 hours and couldn't find the street. The main street I was suppose to go down to the other street dead ended before I could get to that street. Well, they built a big shopping center across the street I was suppose to go down. But, they didn't change the map in the telephone book. I soon learned to go shopping after dark it was much cooler. One late afternoon I took the kids grocery shopping, when we left the store I could see a big black cloud moving fast across the sky. I knew we were in for a gully washer. We raced home and used the garage opener to get into the garage just as the cloud burst. We stood at the front picture window and watched the street in front of the house ,that ran down the street steeply, turn into a river. I was glad we were up so high the water never go anywhere near us.

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